Position Description
Press Indiana University Press
Manuscript Editorial
Project Manager/Editor


From its offices in Bloomington, Indiana, the project manager/editor manages the book production process, from the copyediting stage through typesetting, author review of proof, and indexing to completion of the printed book. Ensures that each book meets Indiana University Press standards in terms of editing, structure, and organization, and placement and reproduction of illustrations, while coordinating with authors to ensure high levels of quality and satisfaction. Oversees and evaluates the work of independent contractors such as proofreaders, copyeditors, designers, typesetters, indexers, and identifies and finds solutions if work does not meet the Press’s requirements and high standards of quality. Coordinates project schedules with lead project manager and director of publishing operations, authors, and independent contractors to meet marketing and financial obligations. Answers questions from a broad range of internal and external stakeholders about projects and offers creative solutions to problems that arise at any stage. Maintains database records; writes progress reports; and collaborates with colleagues across the press to establish and refine procedures to improve book development. Assists in interviewing, selecting, training, and providing direction to temporary employees. 

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