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Assistant to the Director


Provides general administrative support for the Director, and other senior staff (departmental managers of business, marketing, and editorial). Responsibilities include coordinating administrative processes, both mundane: managing calendars and booking meetings, phone coverage, travel arrangements, and expense reports, attending meetings, taking minutes, and distributing them, editorial tasks, and data entry; and higher level work involving writing and generating reports, research and tasks associated with rights and permissions, assistance with contracts, licensing, and other subsidiary rights matters, fundraising and grant writing, maintenance and management of the press database, and university outreach and communications, and alerts supervisor of critical issues and upcoming events.

Coordinates administrative processes and prioritizes, directs, and responds to business matters involving administrative functions associated with education, research, and/or operations.  Creates and maintains associated documents, spreadsheets, databases, meetings, special events, etc. and alerts supervisor of critical issues and upcoming events.

Specific Responsibilities:

Documents & Databases

  • Independently responds to and composes correspondence. 

  • Creates and maintains standard spreadsheets and/or databases.

  • Prepares queries, reports, statistics, tables, charts, etc. based on information compiled from various sources.

  • Determines format, elements, trends, etc.


  • Maintains websites and/or blogs.

  • Creates new web pages and/or updates standard information/data within the application’s content management program.


  • Approves appropriate expenses, purchases and reimbursements per budget. 

  • Creates and maintains financial records.

  • Prepares forms.

  • Verifies appropriateness and accuracy of charges.

  • Processes and reconciles expenses, accounting transfers, and/or appropriation changes.

  • Updates financial transaction spreadsheets and databases. 

  • Generates summary reports and statistics.  

  • Processes routine payroll actions. 

  • Maintains accounting balances for grants/contracts.

Human Resources

  • Initiates full range of HR actions such as new employee dept orientation.

  • Resolves hiring, termination, etc. processing problems.

  • Drafts job descriptions.

  • Explains HR procedures.


  • Manages supervisor's and/or dept calendar.

  • Manages registration and travel. 

  • Organizes and coordinates events which may include creating timelines.

  • Collects agenda items and background materials.

  • Creates registrant profiles.

  • Coordinates complex itineraries involving domestic and/or international travel, etc. 

  • Prepares annual event, conference and/or meeting budget.

  • Verifies invoices and expense reports; and/or reconciles to budget.


  • Screens and prioritizes incoming calls. 

  • Responds to inquiries.

  • Provides basic interpretation of policies and procedures. 

  • Researches information to resolve problems or issues.

Student Services

  • Provides a variety of administrative support for student services such as recruitment; admissions; applications; curriculum; program evaluation.

  • Recommends alternatives for course requirements. 

  • Reviews administrative processes and procedures regarding student services and recommends changes.


  • Coordinates work of receptionists, program assts, temporary/work-study students, secretaries, research/clerical assts, interns, etc.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent required.

  • 4 years of administrative support or other relevant experience required.

Minimum Competencies: (Skills, knowledge, and abilities.)

  • Computer Skills: Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook. Highly skilled in database management, record keeping and email. Adapts to new technology and uses computers to improve productivity.

  • Organization: Plans, organizes and schedules in an efficient, productive manner; anticipates contingencies and pays attention to detail; targets projects or initiatives that require special attention and focuses on key tasks when faced with limited time and/or resources.

  • Organizational Savvy: Operates within the organization's formal and informal structures, builds allies and relationships across departments, uses allies to build consensus and create results, is appropriately diplomatic, understands others' roles and perspectives, can sell projects and ideas across the organization

  • Communication: Balancing listening and talking; communicates effectively one-to-one and in groups; writes precise, well-organized emails and proposals while using appropriate vocabulary and grammar; gives clear and manageable instructions. Communication efficiently with a variety of customers, such as authors, scholars, and members of the university community.

  • Confidentiality: Ability to professionally handle sensitive documents and information.

  • Collegiality: Being helpful, respectful, approachable, and team orientated; building strong working relationships and a positive work environment.

  • Judgment: Demonstrates logic, rationality and objectivity; shows common sense; uses all available information to make educated decisions.

  • Collaboration: Facilitates open and effective communication, cooperation and teamwork within and outside of one’s own team; respects the needs and contributions of others.

  • Efficiency: Planning ahead, managing time well, and pays attention to detail. Identifies and resolves concerns and problems in a timely manner. Demonstrates ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Meets deadlines.

  • Adaptability: Works effectively in an environment in which the parameters may change daily; adjusts behavior to meet the needs of different people and situations.

  • Coachability: Being receptive to feedback; willing to learn; embracing continuous improvement.

  • Initiative: Exhibits energy and desire to achieve; sets ambitious goals and acts decisively; takes action that no one has requested to improve or enhance job results and avoid problems.

  • Innovation/Creativity: Explores alternatives to existing products and services; identifies opportunities to improve procedures and practices; shows imagination.

  • Quality/Compliance - Striving for excellence with work processes and outcomes, honoring University policies and regulatory requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience where similar knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired. Graduate degree highly preferred.

  • Project management experience

  • Knowledge of academic publishing.

  • Administrative experience in a university setting

Job ID: 35267

Job Title: University Press Assistant

Primary Job Location: Evanston, Illinois

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