Book Donation Programs

Sabre Foundation

For more than 25 years, the SABRE Foundation managed successful book donation programs around the world. In 2013, they suspended these book donation programs. Many university presses worked with SABRE in the 1990s bringing needed books to libraries in Bosnia. In addition to programs inĀ  Africa, former Soviet states, Central Asia and elsewhere, SABRE was involved in getting books to Afghan universities and Iraqi libraries.

Books for Asia

Books for Asia is a program of The Asia Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to the development of a peaceful, prosperous, and open Asia-Pacific region. It has fifty years of experience on the ground in Asia, and 17 offices around the region, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. Books for Asia has conducted extensive work with communities and institutions in Afghanistan.

Other Book Donation Resources

The University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library maintains a searchable wiki of book and educational material donation programs from around the world. The reference list is annotated with institutions' specific subject needs.

The American Library Association (ALA) maintains an extensive directory of both general and regional international book donation services. The ALA staff also continually updates a list of both domestic and global donation programs through

University Presses and Disaster Relief

In addition to the work AAUP and its members have done with the Sabre Foundation in Eastern Europe and other regions, university presses have responded to university and library needs in the face of human and natural disaster.

In 2002, a number of initiatives were undertaken to rebuild university libraries in Afghanistan. Purdue University entered into a partnership with Kabul University to assist with the rebuilding of the Afghan institution. Efforts were undertaken to donate books both through Purdue and the Purdue Press and directly to Kabul University. Columbia University Press donated a new edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia to replace the university library's famously bullet-ridden copy.

In 2004, university presses responded to appeals from Books for Asia, Bridge to Asia, and other organizations for donations to help rebuild libraries and institutions in the nations ravaged by the Asia tsunami.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, AAUP members sought ways to help repair and rebuild libraries and archives harmed by the storm and the floods. ALA and the American Booksellers Association spearheaded many programs, and state library associations in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi created a number of programs to direct assistance and materials where it was most needed.