AAUP-Trajectory Program

Trajectory Logo stacked RGBWe are pleased to be working with Trajectory to offer their innovative discovery tools,  global distibution network, and metadata translations to AAUP member publishers. Trajectory has developed and deployed a series of algorithms that are being used to address the ‘book discoverability’ issue facing the global publishing ecosystem. This special AAUP-Trajectory Program brings the power of these tools to the high-quality international scholarship published by AAUP members.

Trajectory Features

  • The creation of a broad range of statistical data for each ebookincluded in the Trajectory Index such as:

- Number of words, unique words, parts of speech

- Most frequently occurring words

- People and Places

- SAT Words

  • Translations of designated keywords into multiple languages including Chinese, German and Spanish, available on Trajectory.com and through the Trajectory distribution network to make ebooks more discoverable to global readers.

  • Recommendations based on the unique characteristics of a book when compared to other ebooks offered through Trajectory.

  • Broad distribution through a global network of ebook retailers, libraries, education distributors, subscription services and alternative channels. 

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