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General Information

Publisher Alley is a web-based business tool that assists book publishers in making better editorial, marketing, sales, and financial decisions as well as managing their overall relationship with YBP Library Services and Baker & Taylor. With a Publisher Alley subscription, publishers can analyze how your titles are performing through YBP Library Services and Baker & Taylor. Publishers are able to view frontlist and backlist sales; sales by market and submarket, current and historical demand; and linventory levels. This data is available for both a press's own titles and competitors' titles.

Publisher Alley includes unique tools designed to assist university press publishers in researching and analyzing comparative titles. These tools include special search filters that leverage the metadata gleaned from YBP Library Service's book-in-hand profiling process as well as searches for titles features in AAUP Books for Understanding.

Specifically, Publisher Alley allows you to:

  • Verify title data submitted to YBP and B&T. Submit corrections as needed.
  • Track and forecast frontlist and backlist sales by market and submarket.
  • Research competitors' titles, including sales.
  • Perform and save searches for hot titles by category.
  • Uncover sales trends and market niches.
  • Prepare frontlist buy recommendation reports for B&T buyers.*
  • Monitor sell-through of units shipped to B&T.
  • Generate summary sales reports.
  • Prepare and email reports as Excel worksheets.

*In many cases, preparation of a buy report from Publisher Alley is a requirement for pre-publication ordering by B&T.

These capabilities allow you to evaluate titles for acquisition, improve pricing and reprint decisions, review returns from B&T, and analyze marketing results. Used strategically, a Publisher Alley subscription can pay for itself many times over. For some tips on how university presses can make to most of this service, read "The Mysteriously Knowledgeable Sales Director" (link coming soon), by Fredric Nachbaur (The Exchange, Fall 2006).

AAUP Member Discount

Publisher Alley offers AAUP members the following benefits:

  • 20% off the list price nonprofit subscription fee. Subscription rates are annual and based on a press's net sales through YBP Library Services and Baker & Taylor over the preceding twelve months. Subscriptions for nonprofit presses are discounted, and AAUP members receive this additional discount.
  • Free training online, by phone.
  • Extensive product support through online tutorials organized by functional areas that include editorial, sales, marketing, and management.

Contact Publisher Alley

To learn more about Publisher Alley or to arrange for a free two-week trial, please give us a call at 800-258-3774 x8958 and ask for Lisa Parker, or email lparker AT

To view an audio/visual Flash demonstration, go to:

Publisher Alley is a Division of EBSCO, located at YBP Library Services at 999 Maple Street, Contoocook, NH 03229.