Logo & Brand Guide for Members

Members often use the Association's name and logo, either to indicate a publisher's membership status or in representing the Association through board, committee, or other volunteer service. Below is a condensed guide to the current brand and visual identity; a more comprehensive guide is also available.


Since 2017, the full name of the organization is the Association of University Presses

As a secondary or short reference, please use AUPresses. The organization does not use the initialization "AUP," in order to avoid confusion with several members and other organizations. 

For the first 80 years of its work, AUPresses was known as the "Association of American University Presses" or "AAUP." Materials that originated prior to 2017 may still contain that name, although updates are made whenever possible.

Visual Identity

A new logo and visual identity was launched along with the new organizational name. This includes an approved type family, color palette, member "badges" for online use, publication and presentation templates, as well as guidelines for reproducing the logo. View a short video about the design process and see a shory slideshow of the Association's visual history. If you have problems downloading any file, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


AUPresses logo RGB adjGrab this image file for online use of our primary brandmark. [See below if you would like to use a "Member Badge" on your website(s).]

Four-color print uses, please click here to download an EPS file.

The primary logo colors are:
R-183, G-59, B-59; C-20, M-90, Y-80, K-10
R-247, G-166, B-62; C-1, M-40, Y-86, K-0

The primary typeface used is Acumin. 

Member Badges

We have developed a set of images that presses can use to indicate their membership in the Association. A set for both Regular and Affiliate Members is available. Introductory Members are welcome to use the primary brandmark (above) when indicating membership in the Association. 

These versions are available in both member-category sets; select which version will work best for the intended use:

AUPresses members badge

Click on the appropriate category below to view the list of images and download the required files:
(See information here about the three membership categories. Not sure of your press's member category? Here is a searchable PDF.)

Regular Members

Affiliate Members

Brand Guide 

The full brand guide is more than most logo users will need. The document will provide in-depth guidance for committees, task forces, and individuals preparing reports and presentations under the aegis of AUPresses, as well as those members looking to incorporate the logo in a wider variety of materials. 

Should you need any of the templates or image files noted in the brand guide but not offered here, please contact Brenna McLaughlin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Read and download the AUPresses Brand Guide.