Open Access

The Association of University Presses and its members are deeply engaged in the debate over open access (or OA) models for scholarly communications.

AUPresses and OA

May 2020: AUPresses submits response to US White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) Request for Information. Read AUPresses letter.icon.pdf  See OSTP RFI.

October 2019: AUPresses Board of Directors approves a revised OA position statment 

June 2019: AUPresses charges a new Task Force on Open Access

February 2019: AUPresses responds to cOAlition S

August 2018: AUPresses OA Monograph Case Studies posted to HC Core Repository

March 2017: AUPresses, ARL, and AAU launch TOME: Toward an Open Mongraph Ecosystem

November 2016: The Association launches the Digital Monograph Costing Tool to support research into sustainable funding models.

March 2014: AAUP submitted comments to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission in response to proposed changes in the NHPRC grants program. Read the full AAUP comments.icon.pdf

May 2013: AAUP submitted comments in response to the OSTP memorandum on developing sustainable OA rules for federal agencies issuing extramural grants in excess of $100m/year. These comments were also presented at a DC forum organized by the 14 affected agencies. Read the full AAUP comments.icon.pdf

February 2012: AAUP issues statement on RWA, FRPAA, and America COMPETES Act. Read the full statementicon.pdf.

January 2012: AAUP submitted comments in response to a further OSTP request for information on questions pertaining to long-term preservation of, and public access to, the results of federally funded research. Read the AAUP commentsicon.pdf. View all responses to OSTP RFI.

March 2011: The AAUP Report "Sustaining Scholarly Publishing" looks at a number of new business and funding models that can support new forms of scholalrly publishing and access models. The report includes case studies of several OA-based publishing programs. Read more >

January 2010: AAUP submitted comments in response to the White House's Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) questions about public access policy. Read the AAUP OSTP responseicon.pdf. Go to the OSTP Public Access Policy Forum.

June 2009: Annual Meeting Plenary: Directions for Open Access Publishing

June 2008: Annual Meeting Plenary: Open Access From Budapest to Harvard

February 2007: AAUP issues a statement on Open Access. Read the AAUP OA Statementicon.pdf.

Online OA Resources

The Budapest Open Access Initiative

DC Principles

OA Tracking Project

Oxford Open Access Workshop
Information and slides from a June 2006 workshop presenting information from Oxford Journals' OA experiments.

Open Access Bibliographyicon.pdf
Charles Lowry, ARL, 2005