AAUP Publishes "Books for Understanding: Iran"

Scholarship of Iran Offers Understanding of Today's Political Situation

July 2, 2009: The situation in Iran has been volatile since the June 12 elections in which ultra-conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a controversial claim of victory. The streets of Tehran and other cities saw an uprising of popular protest against the questionable election results and a violent crackdown on protesters and opposition leaders. The international community continues to proceed with caution, trying to avoid the appearance of interference.

The latest Books for Understanding offers international observers insight into the situation. What are the political interests at play? What social currents drive the protests? What are the historical forces that shape Iran’s regional and global relations?

Find information and links to approximately 150 general and specialist books that provide answers to those and other questions here:


From 29 prestigious scholarly publishers, these titles include:

  • The magisterial 8-volume Cambridge History of Iran (1968-1991), as well as Ervand Abrahamian’s authoritative and accessible A History of Modern Iran (Cambridge UP, 2008), a book compared to de Tocqueville’s work on the French Revolution.
  • After Khomeini: Iran Under His Successors, by Said Amir Arjomand, forthcoming from Oxford University Press in November 2009. Arjomand’s other works from Oxford and SUNY Press, dealing with the Iranian Revolution and religion in politics, are also included.
  • John W. Limbert’s Negotiating with Iran: Wrestling the Ghosts of History (U.S. Institute of Peace Press, 2009) offers an assessment of how the United States might re-engage with Iran from the perspective of a distinguished former member of the U.S. Foreign Service.
  • My Sister, Guard Your Veil; My Brother, Guard Your Eyes: Uncensored Iranian Voices, edited by Lila Azam Zanganeh (Beacon, 2005), offers challenges to Western ideas of Iranian culture and people.

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