Required Reading

A Review of the MLA Report on Evaluating Scholarship By now, most of you will have read — or at least read about — the report of the Modern Language Association's Task Force on Evaluating Scholarship for Tenure and Promotion. If not, you can find it at It is well worth reading in full, all 80 pages of it. Full article >


The 15th Edition of the 21st Century

The Chicago Manual of Style Online Books and e-books may sound like rivals, but it doesn't mean they always are. The text of The Chicago Manual of Style went digital in late 2006 and is one of the latest electronic resources on the web courtesy of university presses. Although still a work in progress, the project has been well received and proven complementary to its hardcover-cousin. Full article >


The Future is Now (Still)

A Report from Digital Publishing Forums Unbound: Advancing Book Publishing in a Digital World What felt at times like a motivational fête for the publishing industry was hosted by Google this January in one of America's temples to book culture, the New York Public Library. Publishers were addressed by web-savvy authors and gurus such as Chris Anderson (The Long Tail) and Cory Doctorow (Boing Boing) as well as innovative publishers such as Tim O'Reilly and Michael Holdsworth (formerly of Cambridge University Press). Full article >


dcbooks Tests the Digital Waters

The New Imprint of the University of Michigan Press As digital technologies transform traditional business, publishers of all walks are being swept up in the shift. It is against this backdrop that current debates over the future of scholarly publishing are set. In the words of Phil Pochoda, Director of the University of Michigan Press, "We are on the verge of a paradigm shift in publishing.... Although difficult to forecast concretely, it's important that presses play a significant role in this transformation, otherwise we'll be left out of building our own future." This thinking is the impetus behind the University of Michigan's latest online project—digitalculturebooks. Full article >


Cross-Country Workflows

The 2006 Whiting Week-in-Residence Reports Each year mid- and upper-level staff, supported by the AAUP and Mrs. Giles White Foundation, visit other AAUP members to learn from an expert in their field. This year, many of the grantees were interested in the workflow at their host presses, hoping to compare approaches and test methods. After all, it's only through others that we come to better know ourselves. Full article >


Boot Camp for Professional, Scholarly, and Academic Books

On Friday, May 11, 2007, Michael McCutcheon and I attended Professional, Scholarly & Academic Books: The Basic Books Boot Camp. Organized by PSP (the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers), the Books Boot Camp is a one-day intensive overview of the book industry intended for people with less than three years of experience in the professional and academic publishing sector. Full article >


News from the 2007 AAUP Annual Meeting

The 2007 AAUP Annual Meeting was a great success, bringing approximately 600 scholarly communications professionals together in the Twin Cities. While the cocktail parties are long over, the knowledge-sharing that the annual meeting is known for continues. Full article >


2007 AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show

Since 1965, the AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show has honored the design and production teams who further a long tradition of excellence in book design, and—through the traveling exhibition and catalog—has visually taught the tenets of good design. Of the 293 books, 335 jackets and covers, and 6 journals that were entered, the 2007 jurors chose 51 books, 32 jackets/covers, and 2 journals as the very best examples of university press design. Full article >


AAUP Statement on Open Access

Discussions of the concept of open access to scholarly information are increasingly marked by highly charged rhetoric and an unfortunate polarization of opinion. In late February 2007, AAUP released a statement outlining the association's perspective on what has become known as open access, in hopes of steering the debate towards productive solutions that will best serve the entire scholarly community. Full article >


2007 Constituency Award

Paul Murphy, Associate Director for RAND Publications, received the 2007 AAUP Constituency Award. Murphy was selected for his dedicated work on the AAUP Electronic committee, his leadership in organizing the 2006 E-Publishing Workshop, and his generous mentoring of colleagues around the country.


Environmental Benchmarking Survey

The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and the Green Press Initiative (GPI) have launched the first survey of the environmental impact of the full U.S. publishing industry. AAUP is a supporter and sponsor of this effort. The survey results are scheduled to be published in December 2008.


The Ithaka Report

Ithaka, a nonprofit research group affialted wiith JSTOR and ARTstor, has released a new report, "University Publishing in a Digital Age," authored by Laura Brown (formerly of Oxford USA), Rebecca Griffiths, and Matthew Rascoff. Based on extensive surveys of and interviews with press directors, librarians, and university administrators, the report argues that universities must renew their commitment to publishing in order to maintain a strong role in the creation and distribution of scholarship. Full article >


2007 London Book Fair

For the first time, an AAUP Pavilion was home to more than ten AAUP member presses at the London Book Fair, held April 16-18. Representatives from seven presses attended in person, ensuring that the meeting tables were almost constantly in use. Foot traffic was steady, but the tables in the well-laid-out booth made it feel more like a mini-rights center than a static display area. After positive reviews from Pavilion attendees, AAUP and Reed Exhibitions are planning to continue the AAUP Pavilion exhibiting option for LBF 2008.