AAUP Celebrates 75 Years: The Founding of AAUP

February 8 marked the 75th anniversary of the founding of AAUP. In honor of the anniversary, Brenna McLaughlin dove into the archives and compiled a history of AAUP's founding years. Read the whole story here.


Rediscovering History: Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement

"It's an entrepreneurial kind of experimental project," says Sylvia Miller, considering the four-year arc of "Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement." "It's about publishing—about coming together and publishing in new and innovative ways." Full article >


Whiting Week-in-Residence 2011

Support from the Mrs. Giles F. Whiting Foundation allows a number of press staff to travel to other presses for a week of investigation, learning, and collaboration each year. In 2011, four AAUP colleagues spent a week "abroad" as part of this professional exchange program. Full article >


University Press E-Aggregators Test the Waters

The coming year will be a step forward in the evolution of e-book distribution, with three university press-only platforms newly launched and another arriving this summer. The four platforms are the first to exclusively aggregate university press e-books and journals. Full article >


Legislative Update: SOPA and PIPA

Users of the Internet may have noticed something happening last month, as Wikipedia went voluntarily blank and other popular websites used "censored" logos to protest Congressional consideration of two bills. Full article >



Full article >