AAUP at MLA 2009

The Modern Language Association's 125th Annual Convention was held December 27-30 in Philadelphia, PA. The convention attracted just over 7,300 registrants this year. MLA officials also noted that a record number of visitors purchased one-day passes to the exhibit hall.

The 2009 MLA Exhibit was held in Franklin Hall at the Philadelphia Marriot Downtown, and included displays from 114 publishers and related vendors exhibiting a wide variety of scholarly publications and tools. The exhibit hall's location on the same floor as some of the conference sessions provided easy access for attendees, and ensured those after-session bursts of traffic in the aisles.

The AAUP cooperative booth featured titles from 19 member presses, with more than 140 books and 13 journals on display. For the first time this year, all presses participating in the cooperative exhibit were listed individually in the program, making navigation much easier for exhibit-goers looking for works from a specific press.

The AAUP cooperative booth was surrounded by fellow university presses, who made up some of the 34 member presses exhibiting individually at MLA.

The next MLA Convention will be held January 6-9, 2011, in Los Angeles (due to the adjusted time frame, there will be no convention held in 2010). For more information on the convention, please visit MLA's web site.

Meredith Benjamin
Communications Coordinator, AAUP