Public Access and Scholarly Publishing

The White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) opened a Public Access Forum in December and January. They posed nine questions relating to public access to archived publications resulting from federally funded research, and solicited comments from interested members of the public and scholarly publishing community.

AAUP submitted comments to the OSTP Forum on January 21.

Earlier in January, the Scholarly Publishing Roundtable, convened by the House Committee on Science and Technology to develop "consensus recommendations for expanding public access," also issued their report. In the association's comments to the OSTP, the Board of AAUP endorsed the shared principles and many of the recommendations in this report. Most especially, AAUP echoed the call that funding agencies should develop public access policies within a coherent set of guiding principles, taking into account the differing needs and scholarly norms of various fields, and "in cooperation with all stakeholders."

Read AAUP's contribution to the OSTP Public Access Forum in full.

Read the Scholarly Publishing Roundtable Report and other relevant materials.