Digital Publishing in the AAUP Community

Nearly 80% of AAUP members offer some form of free content on their web sites, and 35% offer full text of books. More than 90% work with the Google Books Partners program. Almost 44% are incorporating XML into some point of the production workflow. And approximately 83% of AAUP publishers find the lack of proven business models to be a serious concern in pursuing e-publishing, but 63% find the specter of online piracy to be at most a mild concern.

These are just a few items we learned from a survey of members in late 2009 on digital publishing. The survey had two goals: 1) to update and expand AAUP's online directory of e-publishing projects; and 2) to gauge the extent to which various digital strategies are being adopted in members' book publishing programs.

The report from the latter part of the survey has now been released and is available for download.