AAUP Presses at MLA 2008

The 123rd Modern Language Association Annual Convention, which is the largest gathering of teachers and scholars in the humanities, took place December 27-30, 2007, in Chicago. Most of the 8,888 registered attendees at MLA 2007 visited the Exhibits Hall in the Hyatt Regency Chicago where the AAUP Presses Section was bustling with college-level educators and others eager to review the latest language and literature publications. Thirty-five member presses exhibited independently in spaces ranging from one-half of a booth to three continuous booths.

In addition to the 35 independent exhibitors, 22 member presses participated in the AAUP Cooperative Booth, where approximately 175 books and journals were on display. Best selling books included Other South: Faulkner, Coloniality, and the Mariategui Tradition (University of Pittsburgh Press), Routes and Roots: Navigating Caribbean and Pacific Island Literatures (University of Hawaii Press), and Reframing Latin America (University of Texas Press). Several authors with books on display in the cooperative exhibit stopped by, including Wenying Xu, author of Eating Identities: Reading Food in Asian American Literature (University of Hawaii Press), and John T. Shawcross, co-editor of Paradise Lost: A Poem Written in Ten Books: An Authoritative Text of the 1667 First Edition and Paradise Lost: A Poem Written in Ten Books: Essays on the 1667 First Edition (Duquesne University Press).

In order to give recognition to each participating press in the AAUP cooperative exhibit, all of the books and journals were grouped together by press. A special display was setup on behalf of Temple University Press, which was a participant in the cooperative exhibit as well as being one of the collaborators in The American Literatures Initiative with New York University Press, Fordham University Press, Rutgers University Press, and University of Virginia Press. Visitors to the AAUP cooperative exhibit who were interested in learning more about this collaboration were referred to the booths of the other four collaborating presses, which were exhibiting independently.

The MLA 2008 Convention and Exhibit is scheduled for December 27-30 in San Francisco. For more information on the 2008 Convention, visit the MLA web site.

Linda McCall
Administrative Manager, AAUP