AAUP 2014 Takeaways

Before summer swings all the way into fall momentum, take some time to revisit—or visit for the first time—ideas and inspiration from June's Annual Meeting.

A great place to start is the AAUPWiki. The wiki is the central place for meeting materials, such as presentation files, notes, or handouts, and you can find sections for 2014 and many years back. (Hint: 2014 panels marked with an asterisk include shared meeting materials.) Being a wiki, it's open to editing from any approved user (any member staff who requests an account), so feel free to add your own notes or materials to the pages. Or post them This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Many 2014 panelists have shared via the wiki:

Measuring Your Marketing (Workshop)

Advice for Ebooks (Workshop)

Not Just Open Access (Plenary)

Experiments in Free and Freemium

The Birth and Death of Lists: Changing the Shape of a Press

State of the Nation(s): Facing Challenges Posed by International Open Access Mandates

Audiences and Analytics: Data for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Altmetrics and Social Media: Beyond the Impact Factor

Open Access: Success and Sustainability

Manuscript Editors Roundtable

PressxPress: New Directions in Collaborative Marketing

Managing the Modern Press

For a quick, fun refresher, skim through the #aaup14 tweets:

Or immerse yourself in the video stream from New Orleans. Selected sessions were recorded, and the videos are coming online. The central office will be posting video clips throughout the coming weeks; first up, see Colleen Lanick (MIT), Amy Harris (Kentucky), and Krista Coulson (Chicago), moderated by Dean Blobaum (Chicago), in:

"Experiments in Free & Freemium"

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If revisiting the summer 2014 meeting inspires you to contribute to AAUP 2015, reach out to the 2015 Program Committee.