E-Readers Connect the Data

Say a university press publishes a runaway bestseller. Say that while said bestseller is a well-written and insightful scholarly book, it's also the lastest on a long-established list of equally brilliant but more moderately-selling titles. What is the press to make of the singular phenomenon? How does it interpret and understand the sales numbers, and translate them into future success? Full article >


Planning a (R)evolution

The 600-plus attendees at this summer's Annual Meeting in New Orleans experienced firsthand what goes into the strategic planning process for an association—or, what can go into it, with inspired and tech-savvy leadership and a receptive, responsive membership. Full article >


AAUP Supports Net Neutrality

On September 10, a number of major websites and online services—including Netflix, Boing Boing, Kickstarter, and Vimeo (host to a variety of AAUP content)—purposefully displayed the "spinning wheel of death." Normally, such sites would never want their visitors to experience the load-time lag indicated by the cheerfully spinning rainbow wheel. The one-day "Internet Slowdown" campaign was designed to draw attention to the expected result of a future without net neutrality protections on the public Internet. Full article >


Humanities Stay Strong, Prefer Print

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences released its second Humanities Departmental Survey Report in early September. The survey, undertaken in 2012-13 and initially administered in 2007-08, collects and analyzes information from humanities departments in a broad sample of four-year colleges and universities. Full article >


AAUP 2014 Takeaways

Before summer swings all the way into fall momentum, take some time to revisit—or visit for the first time—ideas and inspiration from June's Annual Meeting. Full article >



Full article >