The Last Interesting Cultural Institution: Peter Berkery at AAUP 2013

Good afternoon! And thank you, Peter, for that generous introduction. I'll do my best to live up to it—and not just today. Full article >


Campus Advocacy: Reaching Our University and Local Constituents

Through a variety of marketing efforts and partnerships, books published by the University of Arizona Press reach customers nationally and internationally, but they also reach another integral constituency: our campus community. Full article >


The Digital Digest: Say Yes First, Figure it Out Later

Our consumer health editor, Jackie Wehmueller, had turned up a promising opportunity. She had contacted a prominent dermatologist about writing a book on chronic itch, a condition that affects millions of individuals. The market potential for the book was enormous and the dermatologist was renowned. Full article >


Making Books Open Access: The Wellcome Trust's New Policy

"Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) scholarship, by contrast, is created and consumed in fundamentally different ways, and sustainable Open Access publishing models in HSS need the flexibility to evolve in ways that will accommodate such scholarship's substantially longer half life. Similarly, the majority of Open Access publishing models to date have evolved in the context of journal articles; the impact of Open Access principles on the publishing of monographic length content remains more of an unknown." Full article >



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