University Press Week

The inaugural University Press Week is approaching this fall, November 11-17. A central website and logo have been announced and the task force continues to brainstorm, develop, and deploy member materials. Among those are the Mapping Project: presses can use an online mapping tool to create an Influence Map illustrating their value and impact in the local community, the academy, society, and the world. Member presses, log in here to read more and for full instructions. And continue to watch the bulletin and AAUP website for the latest University Press Week news and resources.

2012-2013 Board and Committees

The 2012-2013 AAUP Board assumed office in June, with Peter Dougherty as the incoming President. New committee chairs and members were also welcomed. The full board list can be found here; full committee rosters will be posted as soon as they are available.

2012 "University Press Books" Bibliography

The 22nd issue of University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries was posted online in June; print copies were distributed at the ALA Annual Conference, and will be sent to more than 12,000 middle school, high school, public, reference, and young adult librarians this fall. (Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for ordering details.)

AAUP coordinated a session entitled "The Best of the Best from the University Presses: Books You Should Know About" for the ALA conference. Video of the session aired on C-Span's BookTV in July, and is now available online as well.

2012 Book, Jacket, and Journal Traveling Show Schedule

The traveling schedule for the 2012 Book, Jacket, and Journal Show is now online. The 2012 show will be on display at member presses from September through May. Thanks to all participating presses for their support and contributions to the annual design competition!

AAP Freedom to Read News

As a member of the Association of American Presses Freedom to Read Committee, charged with "protecting and enhancing intellectual freedom and the rights of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment as they pertain to American publishers," AAUP is happy to report on two significant victories for free speech this summer, along with an amicus brief joined on a third.

United States v. Alvarez concluded with the Supreme Court ruling the 2006 Stolen Valor Act to be unconstitutional, an act which criminalized lying about military honors, and thus suggested false speech should not be protected. And a right of publicity bill pushed by J.D. Salinger's family in New Hampshire was ultimately vetoed by the governor, preventing publicity rights from extending an additional 70 years past a person's death.

Finally, AAUP has joined the amicus brief for People v. Kilpatrick filed with the Michigan Court of Appeals, arguing that income specifically from book profits should not be targeted as a restitution for legal fees, but rather one's assets as a whole, so as to not discourage speech on any topic, including criminal activity.