Social Networking: University Presses in a 140-Character World

We live in a time where we ask a new acquaintance to "friend" us rather than exchanging phone numbers. National news programs routinely receive tweets containing questions from viewers during news segments and baseball mascots hold up signs that say "Follow me" and list a Twitter handle. Social networking sites have become a powerful source for virtually all of our news and entertainment needs. Full article >


The Mellon Collaborative Publishing Grants: Reports from the Presses

In May 2007, when the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation announced its plan to fund collaborations among university presses, excitement about the possibilities of the program abounded. Just over two years later, fourteen grants have been awarded, and some have reached the stage of having published works to show for their progress. Full article >


View from an Introductory Member Press

At the opening banquet of the 2008 AAUP Annual Meeting in Montréal, Peter Givler announced what came as very welcome and long anticipated news to this editor: that the University of Rochester Press had become an introductory member of AAUP. This recently established membership category for not-for-profit scholarly presses that have yet to meet full membership requirements created an opportunity for our small press to gain access to an organization of our peer presses and the professional benefits offered by that organization. Full article >


Managing Metadata: Common Issues for Publishers and Librarians

Half a million. That is the number of additional records per year major book wholesalers Baker & Taylor and Ingram estimate they are processing in these days of digitization format proliferation: half a million records on top of the approximately 200,000 new books each year. That is a lot of metadata, and it is more important than ever at every step of the book supply chain. Full article >


AAUP 2009 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

Despite tough economic times and tightened travel budgets, nearly 500 members of the scholarly publishing community turned out in Philadelphia for the 2009 AAUP Annual Meeting. As always, the sense of collegiality and community that is a hallmark of AAUP pervaded the meeting from the first plenary sessions through till the late night receptions. Full article >


2009 Annual Meeting Grant Recipient Reports

The Carol Franz Memorial Grants, Whiting Diversity Grants, and Whiting Newcomer Grants were awarded to staff at AAUP member presses to facilitate their attendance at the 2009 Annual Meeting. Upon returning to their home presses, the grant recipients prepared reports describing their experiences and what they took away from attending the meeting.


Kathleen Keane Assumes AAUP Presidency

On June 20, 2009, John Hopkins University Press Director Kathleen Keane assumed leadership of AAUP. Keane will serve a one-year term, and succeeds Alex Holzman, director of Temple University Press. Full article >


Tony Crouch Honored with 2009 Constituency Award

The 2009 AAUP Constituency Award was presented to Tony Crouch, Design and Production Director at the University of California Press, on June 18, 2009, at the AAUP Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The award was established in 1991 to honor staff at member presses who have demonstrated active leadership and service to the association and the university press community. Full article >


AAUP-Impelsys Program Offers New E-Publishing Solutions

Earlier this summer, AAUP was very pleased to announce a new membership benefit under an agreement with iPublishCentral, a self-service e-content platform from Impelsys. Full article >


2009-2010 Committees and Chairs Announced

The 2009-2010 AAUP committees and their respective chairs have been announced and may be viewed on the AAUP website. Two new task forces have been formed for the upcoming year to address various issues within the association. They include: the Task Force on Changing the AAUP By-Laws and the Task Force on the AAUP Crisis Management Toolkit. Full article >


AAUP Joins Amici in US v. Stevens

AAUP has joined librarians, publishers, writers, and other media groups in an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional a federal statute that they assert creates an overbroad exemption to the First Amendment. U.S. v. Stevens has been characterized as potentially the most dangerous First Amendment challenge of the past decade. Read the AAUP statement.


Jim Leach Confirmed as NEH Chair

Former Representative Jim Leach was confirmed by the Senate as Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) on August 7, 2009. Nominated in June for the position by President Obama, Leach was the co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Humanities Caucus.


Latest Ithaka Report

Released in July, the latest report from Ithaka is entitled "Sustaining Digital Resources: An On-the-Ground View of Projects Today." The report came out of the Ithaka Case Studies in Sustainability project, which explores the "strategies being used to support digital initiatives over the long term."


Books for Understanding Updates

Following the controversial results of the June election, Iran has been much in the international spotlight. AAUP's latest Books for Understanding bibliography offers insight into the political, social, and historical background that shape the country and its international relations. Full article >


2009 Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Exhibit

The 2009 Book, Jacket, and Journal Show will begin traveling to member presses for exhibition this month. The show debuted at the 2009 AAUP Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, June 18-21. Between September and May, the selected entries will travel throughout the United States and Canada as they are exhibited at 34 presses, visually teaching the tenets of good design. Full article >