AAUP Task Force on Committees

Much of the most important work of AAUP is done by its committees. Made up of volunteers from member presses, these committees run the annual design show, plan the sessions and workshops for the Annual Meeting, keep the board and membership abreast of new developments in copyright law, manage the key statistics programs, and more.

But, as current AAUP president Alex Holzman said in his inaugural address in June, "however hard those committees work, it's time to look at fundamentals." Holzman has formed a task force, chaired by Richard Brown of Georgetown University Press, to examine the responsibilities of the committees and recommend revisions to the committee structure. Questions the task force will address include whether there are new areas in which the association may need the work and guidance of an official committee, whether committees currently have the resources to fulfill their charges, and whether committee charges are clear and appropriate. The task force has interviewed recent committee chairs, and is planning a survey of the membership about these questions for the fall. Please keep an eye out for an online survey link this fall, and share your thoughts and ideas about the AAUP committees with the task force.