The AAUPWiki

In 2006, the planners of the electronic publishing workshop decided to create an AAUPWiki to house the knowledge that would be shared and created at the event. The moderators edited the wiki on the fly, demonstrating the power of the tool to attendees as session notes became wiki articles.

After the workshop and the 2006 Annual Meeting were completed, additional meeting session notes and presentations became the backbone of what is intended to be a long-standing and dynamic resource for all AAUP members. As the AAUPWiki founders wrote on its main page, "The goal of this wiki is to be a living encyclopedia of best practices in scholarly publishing."

Since its launch, the conference knowledge of two more annual meetings has been added to the AAUPWiki. In addition to the contributions of the wiki's original developers and meeting attendees, the AAUP Business Handbook editors recently decided to post the Handbook articles on the wiki site, and the Marketing Committee is now considering posting the Marketing Handbook.

The AAUP community has a rich tradition of sharing advice, experience, and ideas. Not-for-profit publishing is for the most part a collaborative and supportive, rather than competitive, endeavor. The wiki platform allows for community editing and content creation, and it is the association's hope that members and committees will continue to take advantage of this great tool.

I encourage you to go explore, learn from, and add to the resources now available at While the AAUPWiki is publicly accessible to search and read, AAUP members must register at the site in order to edit content. (This is a light layer of security to balance both access for the AAUP community with protection from spammers.) If you presented at a session at the Montreal meeting and would like to post PDFs or slide presentations for the wiki, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to have that posted and linked. Thanks must go to Chuck Creesy and Princeton University Press for hosting and administering the AAUPWiki.

Brenna McLaughlin
Electronic & Strategic Initiatives Director, AAUP