AAUP Welcomes New Members

AAUP pleased to welcome three presses as new members. The University of Regina Press is now an AAUP Introductory Member. The press formerly operated as Canadian Plains Research Center (CPRC) Press and relaunched in 2013. It publishes books on aboriginal issues, the environment, and other nonfiction trade titles.

The Central European University Press has been accepted as an International Member. The Central European University in Budapest, Hungary established the press in 1993. It initially focused on Central and Eastern European history, economy, society, and culture, and has recently been expanding its lists to include higher education policy, gender studies, media studies, and art history.

The University of Delaware Press has joined as an Introductory Member. The press was initially founded in 1922 and re-established in 1949. It was part of the Associated University Presses distribution consortium in the 1970s and now partners with Rowman & Littlefield to publish literary studies, eighteenth-century studies, French literature, art history, and cultural studies of Delaware and the Eastern Shore.

The press formerly operated as Canadian Plains Research Center (CPRC) Press - See more at: http://www.aaupnet.org/news-a-publications/aaup-publications/the-bulletin/current-issue/1154-april-2014#a

A complete list of AAUP members, with links to websites, blogs, and social media, can be found here.

Annual Meeting Kickoff

AAUP 2014: "Open to Debate" will convene June 22-24 at the New Orleans Marriott. The meeting program is online, with highlights including an opening night address by John Biguenet, poet, author, playwright, essayist, and Robert Hunter Distinguished University Professor at Loyola University; four skill-building pre-meeting workshops; a strategic plan-based plenary on "Reimagining the AAUP"; and numerous sessions on how to make the most of new technologies and workflows, maximizing press advocacy, everyday best practices, and more. Related resources will be posted on the meeting website and AAUPWiki in July.

Book, Jacket, and Journal Tour Launch

The 2014 Book, Jacket, and Journal traveling show, showcasing examples of excellent university press design, will debut at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The show catalog will also be available at the debut. The cross-country member tour will begin in September 2014; a complete schedule of exhibits will be posted on the program website later this summer.

University Press Books at 2014 ALA

AAUP's University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 24th Edition is now available in print. Librarians selected a total of 325 titles from 55 participating presses for this 2014 edition. The bibliography will be distributed at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas in June and complimentary copies will be sent to more than 10,000 middle school, high school, public, reference, and young adult librarians in the fall.

AAUP has coordinated the annual "Best of the Best from University Presses" session for the ALA conference. Four members of the University Press Books Committee will present a featured selection of 11 titles. NetGalley has created a special promotion highlighting the "Best of the Best" featured titles.

Save the Date for University Press Week 2014

The third annual University Press Week will take place November 9-15, 2014. Greg Britton (Johns Hopkins) will lead the task force in planning, with a brainstorming breakfast taking place on June 24 in New Orleans.

AAUP Supports NY State Anti-SLAPP Legislation

On June 6, AAUP joined an ad hoc group of organizations, including the AAP, the New York News Publishers Association, and the New York State Bar Association, in issuing public support for an anti-SLAPP ("Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation") bill in New York state. The bill, Citizen Participation Protection Act (S.7280/A.856), would strengthen protections against frivolous lawsuits intended to intimidate and silence targets. Similar strong anti-SLAPP protections exist in 14 other states, including Texas and California. AAUP is incorporated in New York, roughly 10% of AAUP membership is based in New York; and many authors published by our members reside in New York. As AAUP members publish extensively on matters of public interest and occasionally controversial matters, and as members have been targeted by such SLAPP suits in the past, the legislation would help protect our core value of intellectual freedom.

New Books for Understanding Lists: Ukraine, Brazil, Kittens

Following protests and the ousting of the prime minister in Ukraine this winter, with Russian intervention close behind, AAUP published Books for Understanding: Ukraine in March. The bibliography highlights scholarly titles on Ukrainian history, politics, society, and culture.

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, AAUP published Books for Understanding: Brazil in June, featuring nearly 200 titles from member presses, on everything from colonial history to modern economic challenges to popular music and cinema.

Finally, in celebration of the April 1 holiday, AAUP published Books for Understanding: Kittens, a collection of (real!) member titles about our enigmatic friends.