Building Capital

Despite the usual narrative, university presses are no strangers to bestsellers. Four years ago the first volume of University of California Press's Mark Twain autobiography reached the top of Amazon's list. Johns Hopkins's The 36-Hour Day is on its fifth edition, having sold more than 2.5 million copies since 1980. And the list goes on. Full article >


The Digital Digest: The Stars Shone Bright

Since the beginning of his tenure in March 2013, AAUP director Peter Berkery has been visiting member presses as part of a "listening tour" to introduce himself to the community, accelerate his learning curve, and create an opportunity for in-depth exploration of the ways in which the organization might help university presses embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing landscape—in publishing and in the academy. While it appeared the tour would wind down in the summer, it has continued ... Full article >


Trends in Digital Book Publishing

The Spring 2014 AAUP Digital Book Publishing Survey Report was published on June 16, just in time for our Annual Meeting. Full article >


NetGalley and University Presses

When NetGalley launched in 2008, its founding vision was to replace the inefficiencies and expense of print galleys with secure digital versions. But "along the way something interesting has occurred," notes President Susan Ruszala. Full article >



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