University Press Advocacy: The Voice of Mississippi Scholars

Advocacy has always been a central function of AAUP. It's one of the three pillars of our mission, along with professional education and cooperative services. It's a significant endeavor: American university presses have been publishing for more than a century, and during that time, publishing has come a long way, universities have changed, and university presses have evolved right along with them. So it's a basic necessity that university presses continuously reiterate their place and importance in the academic world. Full article >


AAUP 2013 Preview: What's Next in Digital Publishing

As publishing progresses further into the digital realm, content is increasingly defined by technical standards. We now need to consider the layout, design, and composition not just on the printed page, but across numerous platforms and devices. How will this book look on an iPad? On a Kindle? On an Android phone? Full article >


Whiting Residency 2012

Through the generous funding of the Mrs. Giles F. Whiting Foundation, five staff from AAUP member presses had the opportunity to visit and learn from others as part of the 2012 Whiting Residency program. The group of 2012 Whiting grantees represent a diversity of roles: editorial, production, business management, and IT. Full article >


Fifty Shades of Leverage in a Cost-Recovery World: O'Reilly TOC 2013

Mick Gusinde-Duffy (Georgia) attended the February 2013 O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference in New York, representing AAUP as a Media Partner. In May, O'Reilly announced the end of their popular conference series. Full article >



Full article >