London Book Fair 2011

As if to make up for the Eyjafjallajökull-enforced quiet of the 2010 London Book Fair, in 2011 Earls Court was bustling with international publishers and trade partners. While many appointments were made with a "barring volcanoes!" caveat, the AAUP Pavilion at LBF 2011 was host to ten member presses and the site of continual business meet-ups and foot traffic.

Participating presses included Amsterdam University Press, Athabasca University Press, Brookings Institution Press, Duquesne University Press, Fordham University Press, MoMA, Northern Illinois University Press, University of Notre Dame Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, and the United Nations University Press. The space is offered to AAUP members with reduced-rate exhibiting packages. Each year, Reed plans the space and handles all reservations and billing; AAUP provides a staff member for organizational support during the fair.