Books for Understanding News

In the wake of two tragic mine disasters in West Virginia and China during the month of April, AAUP has created Books for Understanding: Mining. This online resource offers a guide to scholarly resources on miners and mining, with more than 100 relevant titles from 25 AAUP member presses.

A number of Books for Understanding bibliography topics have been in the news of late.

Updates to these lists ensure that Books for Understanding includes the most recent and up to date scholarship published by university presses on these subjects.
Immigration: New laws aimed at illegal immigration in Arizona have caused much controversy.
Terrorism: An attempted bombing in New York City’s Times Square has raised concerns about terrorism.
Emergency Management: Severe flooding caused much of Nashville, TN, to shut down earlier this month.
• April was National Poetry Month. The U.S. Poets Laureate bibliography includes work by some of nation’s most celebrated poets.