SUNY Offers Student-Centered Digital Editions

Experiments with electronic publishing platforms and business models are proliferating ever faster these days. Some models are intended to serve the needs of specific fields, while others address the needs of a broad general audience. SUNY Press is now experimenting with a new electronic publishing model to serve a very specific time-and-purpose based market gap. SUNY's new "Direct Text" makes e-book versions of new hardcover scholarly titles available to the course adoption market—bridging the gap between the hardcover and paperback editions. Full article >


Penn State Director Launches Book Review Program with Local Newspaper

In an effort to push back against dwindling book coverage in American newspapers, Penn State University Press Director Sanford Thatcher has initiated a program to have university press books reviewed in the Centre Daily Times by the local and college community. After launching the program with his own examination of The Great Risk Shift (Oxford University Press) by Joseph Hacker, Thatcher has selected thirty titles by presses other than Penn State and solicited reviewers from among Penn State's faculty. Full article >


Gutenberg-e Enters New Phase

Gutenberg-e, the digital publishing project started in 1999 by the American Historical Association (AHA) and Columbia University Press, recently made the transition from a paid subscription model to free open access. The shift comes as the final set of scholarly manuscripts nears publication, bringing the total count of born-digital monographs to thirty-six. Full article >


Revising the Library Exemptions in the U.S. Copyright Act

Recommendations of the Section 108 Study Group The full Report of the Section 108 Study Group has been released and is now available at Introduced in 1976, Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act specifies what are known as "the library exemptions," the conditions under and purposes for which qualifying libraries and archives can make copies of copyrighted works without infringing. Full article >


AAUP Production Managers Meeting Report

The AAUP Production & Design Managers meeting was held in Chicago, May 7-10, 2008, at the Hard Rock Hotel, in the beautiful Carbide and Carbon Building. Built by the sons of Daniel Burnham, legend has it that this building was designed to resemble a dark green champagne bottle with gold foil at the top. Full article >


Seetha Srinivasan, Director of Mississippi, Retires

Seetha Srinivasan, a former AAUP President and Constituency Award winner, has announced her retirement from the University Press of Mississippi, effective June 30. She has served as Director of the press for ten years, and has been with Mississippi since 1979. Full article >


AAUP Annual Meeting

The AAUP Annual Meeting was held June 26-29 in Montréal, Quebec. Resources from the meeting, including speeches and Power Point presentations, will be posted to the Annual Meeting web site over the next few weeks. Look for articles the 2008 Annual Meeting in the next Exchange!


AAUP Partners Program

Our community of not-for-profit scholarly publishers has many friends, including corporate and institutional supporters outside of the AAUP proper. In the spring of 2008, the association began the AAUP Partners Program in order to work with such allies more effectively. Full article >


London Book Fair Wrap-Up

The 2008 London Book Fair (LBF) was another success for the AAUP Pavilion. The Pavilion is a space in which AAUP members can reserve discounted space and benefit from the proximity of other university presses. Full article >


Librarians Honor University Press Titles

The American Library Association has selected nearly five hundred university press titles for its annual catalog,  University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries. The books are rated according to audience, such as G for general reader, S for specialists, and RG or RS for Regional-General and Regional-Specialist. Full article >


Books for Understanding Adds Tibet Bibliography

With the recent riots in Lhasa and increased focus on China leading up to the 2008 Olympic games stirring up international interest in the dispute over Tibet's independence, Books for Understanding has created a bibliography of books from member presses on the history and culture of this contested region. Full article >