University Press Week 2013 Wrap-Up

This November 10-16 marked the second annual University Press Week. While the task force once again worked hard brainstorming event ideas and online resources, members far and wide put extra effort into a variety of events to celebrate university press publishing, broaden their audiences, and engage with their local communities. Full article >


The Digital Digest: The Listening Tour Lands in Indiana

Since the beginning of his tenure in March 2013, AAUP director Peter Berkery has been visiting member presses as part of a "listening tour" to introduce himself to the community, accelerate his learning curve, and create an opportunity for in-depth exploration of the ways in which the organization might help university presses embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing landscape—in publishing and in the academy. While it appeared the tour would wind down in the summer, it has continued ... Full article >


Supporting Early Career OA: The Liverpool University Press Authors Fund

University presses have a duty to experiment with new models of scholarly communication—but also an obligation not to be profligate. I have no wish to add to the endless verbiage on one such model, open access, but colleagues may find something of interest in the Liverpool University Press Authors Fund. Full article >


Choose Your Own Adventure: Acquisitions and Marketing in the Modern University Press

This fall, I joined the AAUP for a semester as Social Media and Marketing Intern. I went into this position with limited knowledge of how the publishing industry functions and which publishing path I want to pursue after graduation. AAUP has allowed me to explore different areas of publishing in order to determine which positions are the most appealing to me. The two areas of publishing that have stood out are marketing and acquisitions. For this article, I recently spoke with Fredric Nachbaur, Director of Fordham University Press, and Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director of MIT Press, both of whom have valuable experience in each of these fields, and inquired about their roles within their presses and how they got to their positions. I hope this article is as beneficial to those who are new to university publishing as talking with them was for me. Full article >


International Publishing Report: Frankfurt 2013

The Frankfurt Book Fair this year was, as it is for everybody, crammed with meetings. Unlike most others, though, my meetings were not with other publishers to review forthcoming title and negotiate rights, but with other publishing associations: primarily the International Publishers Association (IPA), but also the International Association of Science, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) and the International Federation of Scholarly Publishers (IFSP). Some highlights. Full article >



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