First Annual University Press Week: A Report from the Task Force Chair

The capstone to AAUP’s 75th anniversary year was the first annual University Press Week, “an opportunity to raise awareness of the work of university presses within their communities and around the world” and “to celebrate the value and quality of university presses with one voice.” Full article >


Women in Scholarly Publishing: A History of WISP

To round out our 75th year anniversary theme, enjoy the latest article on AAUP's history: a look back at the history of Women in Scholarly Publishing (WISP), with thanks to many WISP members past for their recollections and insight.


International Publishing Report: Beijing International Book Fair

Various members of AAUP have gone to the Beijing International Book Fair in the past, but as far as I know a representative of AAUP had never gone, and we have certainly never had an official presence. Last year the Board set attendance at the Fair as a priority for AAUP in order to learn about this new and rapidly growing market. Thanks to the generosity of the American Collective and Baker & Taylor, AAUP was offered free booth space at the Fair this year, and so I went. Full article >


ITHAKA Sustainable Scholarship 2012: Peer Review and Other Quality Questions

The theme of this year’s ITHAKA Sustainable Scholarship focused on a central theme of the information age: “The Question of Quality: New Forms of Grading, Credentialing, and Peer Review in the Digital World.” The annual conference of publishing, academia, technology, and information science professionals, held on October 16 at the Hilton New York, drew close to twenty AAUP presses, signifying how vital these meetings have become to the university press community. And, as expected, each panel was fresh and thought-provoking, exploring the latest transformations and future trends of scholarship. Full article >



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