Frankfurt Report 2009

Everyone expected that this year's Frankfurt Book Fair would be slower than usual, but no one knew by how much. As it turned out, it was slow, but not nearly as bad as the 2001 Fair that took place a month after 9/11, when there were significant last-minute cancellations and many empty booths. Full article >


The Entrepreneurial University Press: An Australian Perspective

How does a university press stay solvent, with resources to fulfill its mission, when it receives no funding in cash or kind from its parent university, has no foundation support, and operates in a relatively small and highly competitive market? Full article >


The Charleston Conference: Usage and Innovation

For the past 29 years, academic librarians and academic publishers have gathered in Charleston, SC, in early November to discuss common "Issues in Book and Serials Acquisition." In 1980, it was an informal group of 20 sharing problems and brainstorming solutions—now, the Charleston Conference hosts more than 1,000 attendees every year. Full article >


A View from Ithaka: An Interview with Kate Wittenberg

Early in 2009, Kate Wittenberg was appointed to the position of Project Director, Client and Partnership Development at Ithaka. A longtime member of the AAUP community, she had previously served as Editor-in-Chief at Columbia University Press, and went on to found and direct the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC) at the university. Full article >


Amended Google Settlement Submitted

The parties to the Google Book settlement submitted a revised version of the settlement to the court late on November 13. Full article >


University Press Books Honored

Books published by university presses were much lauded this fall, with five National Book Award nominations, one of which went on to win in its category. Full article >


Books for Understanding Updates

In October, AAUP released a newly revised version of its Books for Understanding New York City bibliography. Now featuring more than 300 titles from 34 presses, this extensive list includes books on the city's history and culture, as well as guides and reference works. Full article >


U.S. v Stevens Argued Before Supreme Court

US v. Stevens, a case that raised First Amendment concerns about a federal statute intended to outlaw the animal cruelty, was argued in front of the Supreme Court on October 6. The justices generally seemed skeptical of the statute, asking questions and presenting hypotheticals that pointed to possible overbreadth of the law's language. Full article >


Green Press Initiative Publisher Toolkit

The Green Press Initiative (GPI), of which AAUP is an industry member, makes available a Book Publisher Toolkit, which details steps and guidelines for responsible paper use. The toolkit also features brief case studies from publishers of various sizes, and a breakdown of the various Forest Certification Schemes.