Books for Understanding Updates

AAUP recently published Books for Understanding: Financial Crisis, the latest addition to the online resource for scholarship on current events. As the financial crisis and its effects continue to dominate headlines and politics, the demand for knowledge on the issues is high. This comprehensive bibliography features scholarship published by member presses providing historical perspective, analysis of financial markets, and insight into possible solutions.

A link to the list was featured in The New York Times' "Times Topics: Credit Crisis" resource.

Additionally, the Books for Understanding: Enron list has been updated to reflect new publications in its topic areas. Many of these titles overlap with the "Financial Crisis" list, and are therefore of renewed relevance.

Books for Understanding is a free, easy-to-use resource to help readers find books on current events. New bibliographies are compiled when a major news story breaks or public debate heats up.

The program highlights one of the highest values of university presses: to publish top research and scholarship in all fields regardless of immediate commercial potential. Often the most complete and illuminating background research and knowledge for a breaking news story is only available in scholarly books from presses committed to the public interest.