University of Pittsburgh Press Offers Open Access to Select Digital Backlist

Though debate over digital publishing and open access is still far from resolved, university presses are beginning to take bold steps in the hope of innovation. Perhaps out of necessity, and certainly driven by mission statements promoting the dissemination of scholarly research, academic publishers have taken the lead in exploring the implications of open access and the real and perceived differences between web-based and print publications. Full article >


How Going to the AAUP Meeting Paid Off

Chances are, if you're in sales and marketing, no-one from your department went to the AAUP meeting in 2007—less than half of the presses represented sent sales and marketing staff. Perhaps you felt that you just couldn't allocate the time and money. That's why I chose not to go. Full article >


Developing Professionals: The Iowa Press-English Honors Internship

The University of Iowa Press had considered developing an internship program for several years—thinking of what the Press wanted and could offer, planning the logistics of recruitment, and researching other internship programs on and off campus. Yet it wasn't until the spring semester of 2005 that the idea took root. Full article >


2007 Whiting Week-in-Residence Program

Participants in this year's Whiting Week-in-Residence program often found themselves taking a "big picture" approach to professional development. The program, sponsored by the AAUP and the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation, allows mid- and upper-level staff of member presses to spend one week observing another press's operations. Full article >


The Charleston Conference 2007

Long lauded for bringing librarian and publisher partners together to work through common "Issues in Book and Serials Acquisition," as the subtitle goes, the Charleston Conference has grown in its 27 years from an intimate group of 24 colleagues to a sprawling gathering of more than 1000. Librarians, publishers, and vendors crowded the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, making their ways to more than 140 sessions in 5 locations. Session topics ranged from presentations of case studies of approval plans to conceptual discussions of "structured serendipity" in content management and everything in between. Full article >


International Exchange: Guadalajara 2007

A delegation of AAUP representatives attended the 2007 Guadalajara International Book Fair for the fourth year in a row. The fair, known as FIL (Feria Internacional del Libro), is the largest book industry event in Latin America. FIL brings more than 17,000 book professionals from 40 countries, and more than half a million visitors, to the Expo Guadalajara each November. Full article >


Presidential Records Access

Executive Order 13233, which includes provisions to allow former and current U.S. presidents to withhold federal records from the public and extends certain executive privileges to the vice president, continues to face challenges in the courts and in Congress. On October 1, a federal judge struck down the section of the order that allows a former president to indefinitely delay the release of his records. The Bush administration has decided not to appeal. Full article >


FOIA Legislation

On December 31, President Bush signed a bill strengthening the Freedom of Information Act. This bill, S. 2488, will create a system for tracking FOIA requests and compels government agencies to release information unless such information can be shown to do real harm. The legislation seeks to remedy complaints by journalists, researchers, and others who depend upon access to information by facilitating a more efficient and transparent process for FOIA requests. The Washington Post carried news of the bill's approval in Congress, while an AP report on President Bush's signing appears at the First Amendment Center website.


NIH Open Access Policy Now Law

Omnibus spending bill H.R. 2764, which includes a passage requiring that research funded by the National Institutes of Health be made available on an open-access basis, has been signed into law. The legislation mandates that "peer-reviewed manuscripts upon acceptance for publication [are] to be made publicly available no later than 12 months after the official date of publication: Provided, That the NIH shall implement the public access policy in a manner consistent with copyright law." The manuscripts will then be posted electronically on the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Central.


“Books for Understanding” Voting and Elections list updated

In time for the primary season, AAUP has recently updated its Voting and Elections list on the Books for Understanding site. The list will undergo further additions before the general election in November. Books for Understanding, which also includes publications by member presses on topics such as Pakistan, Global Climate Change, and Iraq, is linked from AAUP's homepage or accessible at


New “Books of Note” Features

In Canada, questionable dealings between former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and a German businessman relating to the sale of Airbus jets continues to receive significant media attention. The Airbus scandal, or Mulroney-Schreiber affair, was the subject of 2003's A Secret Trial: Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron, and the Public Trust by William Kaplan, published by member press McGill-Queen. Full article >


News of the Caravan Project

The Caravan Project, an ongoing test distribute books in a variety of digital and non-standard formats, has received a $25,000 grant from the NACS Foundation, the charitable branch of the National Association of College Stores, to sell Caravan's titles through NACS stores. The Caravan Project's homepage is, and news of the grant was featured in Publishers Weekly.


AAUP Central Office Staff News

Shaun Manning has recently joined the staff of AAUP as Communications Coordinator. He now serves as editor of the Exchange and bulletin, and maintains daily updates to the Association's web site, including the press news and prize announcements sections. Full article >