New Directions for AAUP

In June 2005, the Association of American University Presses began the process of examining its present services, scholarly communications' likely future, and its' members ongoing needs. A new strategic plan for the association, to insure that the association's goals and programs match the mission and activities of university and scholarly presses, developed. In late 2006, the AAUP Board and the Strategic Planning Committee distributed the approved strategic plan to its members. Full article >


Frankfurt Report 2006

In addition to being the top international venue for the buying and selling of rights, the Frankfurt Book Fair is also the locus for meetings of several international publishing organizations with which AAUP has been strengthening its ties. Full article >


A Level Playing Field: International Publishing Update 2006

The following is adapted from Ms. Cabanellas' address to the IPA in Frankfurt, October 6, 2006. Full article >


The Mysteriously Knowledgeable Sales Director

Or, Using Publisher Alley and Neilsen BookScan Every Day Soon after joining NYU Press, I subscribed to the sales databases Publisher Alley and Neilsen BookScan as a way to help me better perform my job. The information that both these systems provide has helped me on various levels—from analyzing proposals for weekly acquisitions meetings, to projecting sales for forthcoming books, to determining reprint decisions. I find these services extremely useful and will briefly go though the different functions they provide. Full article >


Recent Reports on Copyright in Scholarly Art Publishing & Digital Learning

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has consistently been the only foundation that for decades has taken a keen interest in the evolution of the system of scholarly communication. Some credit for encouraging that interest is owed to my mentor in publishing, Herbert S. Bailey Jr., who was director of Princeton University Press for over thirty years (1954-1986). During the tenure of William G. Bowen as Princeton's President (1972-1988), who in that capacity was an ex officio member of the Press's Board of Trustees, Bailey engaged Bowen in an ongoing dialogue about the challenges facing university presses, which were heralded in a series of articles in Scholarly Publishing beginning with an essay co-authored by Bailey with then AAUP Executive Director John Putnam in April 1972 titled "The Impending Crisis in University Publishing." Full article >


Review of the ACLS Cyberinfrastructure Report

This report poses an important challenge to the non-profit publishing community, forcing us to consider and explain our role in an increasingly digital culture. The report is nominally a survey of the changing information landscape in the humanities and social sciences, and a proposal for building a new technological infrastructure. But for anyone trying to negotiate between the worlds of print and digital culture, the report's pastiche of techno-optimism, open-access rhetoric, and general indifference to the interests of non-profit publishers will be a bitter pill. Full article >