MLA 2011

The Los Angeles Convention Center, where most of the MLA sessions were held, was also the site of the Exhibit Hall where the AAUP Cooperative Exhibit displayed 168 books and 15 journals from nineteen member presses. Within the AAUP double booth space, which was arranged as one large display, each press's titles and journals were grouped together with the name of the publishing press identified. The names of the 19 participating presses were also listed individually in the MLA Program, and the MLA website included active links to each press's website. Book browsers and buyers commented favorably on the MLA's linking of each participating press with the AAUP booth number in that this information made it easier to locate the presses they were seeking.

The 127th MLA Annual Convention will take place in Seattle, January 5-8, 2012.

Linda McCall
Administrative Manager, AAUP