University Press Week 2014

In early November, the third annual University Press Week continued to break new ground for the recognition and appreciation of scholarly publishing.

The theme for the 2014 week was "Collaboration," as championed by a digital Collaborative Projects Gallery showcasing more than 75 various collaborative projects from member publishers and their partners.

collaborative gallery

An online Google+ panel on "Collaboration in Scholarly Publishing" drew some 70 participants into a conversation between moderator Jennifer Howard of The Chronicle of Higher Education and panelists Barbara Kline Pope, executive director for the National Academies Press and AAUP President; Peter Dougherty, director of Princeton University Press; and Ron Chrisman, director of the University of North Texas Press. Each panelist discussed a collaborative project spearheaded by his or her press.

Highlights included: what makes a good collaboration? Where do you find them? When should you not collaborate? A write-up in Library Journal ensured that the session reached a truly collaborative audience.

Equally popular was a new Twitter initiative: a daily book giveaway centered on the tags #upweek #book. Each day brought a new topic of discussion: do you prefer print or ebooks? Share a "UP shelfie" picture! Share a new University Press Week slogan. Which university press book changed your life? Which press, scholar, or scholarly trend is worth following on Twitter?

upweek book cmos

Respondents were entered to win that day's featured title, and with the help of our member presses, AAUP was able to give away 60 examples of great—and varied—university press publishing. Giveaway titles included the latest Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago), Juke Joint (Mississippi), the latest edition of The Copyright Book (MIT), The Founders on the Founders (Virginia), and New York's Golden Age of Bridges (Fordham).

upweek book twitter

This year included another successful blog tour, digitally traveling among member blogs, featuring a group of postings on a new topic each day.

blog tour stanford

And a collection of testimonials were once again posted on the event website, featuring scholars, authors, university administrators, librarians, and booksellers endorsing the important work of university presses.

Our cheerleading has been reaching a widening audience. NPR listeners in Boston, Chicago, and DC heard University Press Week messaging—including our hook of a slogan, "Great Minds Don't Think Alike"—during the week. Bookstores received promotional materials in their monthly American Booksellers Association mailing. The London Review of Books featured a six-page branded spread of member titles—an alluring centerfold! NetGalley sent out a special email promotion encouraging recipients to request, read, and review featured university press titles. The ACRL Insider blog posted details including the 2014 Press-Library Collaboration Report. And Independent Publisher featured an informative interview with AAUP Director of Marketing & Communications Brenna McLaughlin.

Finally, we ended the week with the unveiling of an "AAUP At a Glance" infographic, detailing the staff, history, and work of our membership as illustrated by the creative team at Oxford University Press.

aaup upw14 fade

Thanks and congratulations go to the University Press Week Task Force, headed this year by Michael Roux at the University of Illinois Press. For the latest in University Press Week, stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to the new University Press Week Roundup. Happy University Press Week!


Regan Colestock
Communications Strategist, AAUP