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100-199 Philosophy, Psychology, and Ethics


Gómez-Lobo, Alfonso

(With John Keown)

Bioethics and the Human Goods: An Introduction to Natural Law Bioethics

136 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $46.95 cloth, $26.95 paper, $26.95 ebook, CIP included

October 2015

Georgetown University Press

Bioethics and the Human Goods offers students and general readers a brief introduction to bioethics from a "natural law" philosophical perspective. This perspective, which traces its origins to classical antiquity, has profoundly shaped Western ethics and law and is enjoying an exciting renaissance....The book is divided into two sections: Foundations and Issues....The text is completed by appendices featuring personal statements by Alfonso Gómez-Lobo on the status of the human embryo and on the definition and determination of death.

LC 2015001489, ISBN 9781626162716 (c.), ISBN 9781626161634 (p.), ISBN 9781626161641 (e.)



Cohen-Almagor, Raphael

Confronting the Internet's Dark Side: Moral and Social Responsibility on the Free Highway

400 pp., 6" x 9", 1 b&w illustration, 1 table, bibliography, index, $99.99 cloth, $34.99 paper, $28.00 ebook, CIP included

June 2015

The Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Cambridge University Press

Terrorism, cyberbullying, child pornography, hate speech, cybercrime: along with unprecedented advancements in productivity and engagement, the Internet has ushered in a space for violent, hateful, and antisocial behavior. How do we, as individuals and as a society, protect against dangerous expressions online? Confronting the Internet's Dark Side is the first book on social responsibility on the Internet. It aims to strike a balance between the free speech principle and the responsibilities of the individual, corporation, state, and the international community. This book brings a global perspective to the analysis of some of the most troubling uses of the Internet.

LC 2015021256, ISBN 9781107105591 (c.), ISBN 9781107513471 (p.), ISBN 9781316355503 (e.)


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