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100-199 Philosophy, Psychology, and Ethics


Sayre, Kenneth M.

Adventures in Philosophy at Notre Dame

408 pp., 6" x 9", 8 halftones, $38.00 paper, $26.60 ebook, CIP included

April 2014

University of Notre Dame Press

"This detailed account offers an inside view of Notre Dame's Department of Philosophy and the challenges, difficulties and tensions that accompanied its development into one of the most distinguished philosophy departments in the world today. The author, who has been on the Notre Dame faculty for more than 50 years, focuses on the people of the department, describing their relationships and personalities, and how their ambitions affected department affairs overall."—Notre Dame Magazine Online

LC 2013044544, ISBN 9780268017842 (p.), ISBN 9780268092856 (e.)




Friedman, Lawrence J.

(Assisted by Anke M. Schreiber)

The Lives of Erich Fromm: Love's Prophet

410 pp., 6" x 9", 15 b&w photographs, $29.95 cloth, $19.95 paper, $18.99 ebook, CIP included

August 2014

Columbia University Press

Erich Fromm was a political activist, psychologist, psychoanalyst, philosopher, and one of the most important intellectuals of the twentieth century. Known for his theories of personality and political insight, Fromm dissected the sadomasochistic appeal of brutal dictators while also eloquently championing love—which, he insisted, was nothing if it did not involve joyful contact with others and humanity at large. Taking full stock of the thinker's historical and global accomplishments, Friedman portrays a man of immense authenticity and spirituality who made life in the twentieth century more humane than it might have been.

LC 2012024631, ISBN 9780231162586 (c.), ISBN 9780231162593 (p.), ISBN 9780231531061 (e.)



Langerak, Edward

Civil Disagreement:Personal Integrity in a Pluralistic Society

184 pp., 6" x 9", $29.95 paper, $29.95 ebook, CIP included

March 2014

Georgetown University Press

Civil Disagreement...shows how we can cope with diversity and be appropriately open toward opponents even while staying true to our convictions. This accessible and useful guide discusses how our conversations and arguments can respect differences and maintain personal integrity and civility even while taking stances on disputed issues....Civil Disagreement offers a concise yet comprehensive guide for students and scholars of philosophical or religious ethics, political or social philosophy, and political science, as well as general readers who are concerned about the polarization that often seems to paralyze national and international politics.

LC 2013024838, ISBN 9781626160330 (p.), ISBN 9781626160347 (e.)



Feder, Ellen K.

Making Sense of Intersex: Changing Ethical Perspectives in Biomedicine

278 pp., 6" x 9", 1 b&w illustration, $80.00 cloth, $28.00 paper, $23.99 ebook, CIP included

April 2014

Indiana University Press

A persuasive moral argument for collective responsibility to children with intersex conditions and their families and the proposition of a philosophical framework for the treatment of these children. Putting the ethical tools of philosophy to work, Ellen K. Feder seeks to clarify how we should understand "the problem" of intersex. Adults often report that medical interventions they underwent as children to "correct" atypical sex anatomies caused them physical and psychological harm. Proposing a philosophical framework for the treatment of children with intersex conditions—one that acknowledges the intertwined identities of parents, children, and their doctors—Feder presents a persuasive moral argument for collective responsibility to these children and their families.

LC 2013042005, ISBN 9780253012241 (c.), ISBN 9780253012289 (p.), ISBN 9780253012326 (e.)



D'Souza, Mario O. with Jonathan R. Seiling (Editors)

Being in the World: A Quotable Maritain Reader

328 pp., 6" x 9", $35.00 paper, $35.00 ebook, CIP included

October 2014

University of Notre Dame Press

"Fr. Mario O. D'Souza's careful selection from the works of Jacques Maritain provides the reader with an invaluable sampling of Maritain's extensive philosophical work. In it, we find examples of Maritain's almost lyrical gift of expression as well as of his trenchant wit. More than a scholarly contribution, the volume also ably serves as an introduction and entrance into Maritain's corpus."—William Sweet, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

LC 2014028629, ISBN 9780268008994 (p.), ISBN 9780268077846 (e.)


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