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200-299 Religion


Stein, Stephen J. (Editor)

The Cambridge History of Religions in America

3 Volume Set

2736 pp., 6" x 9", 14 b&w illustrations, $450.00 cloth, CIP included

August 2012

Cambridge University Press

The three volumes of The Cambridge History of Religions in America trace the historical development of religious traditions in America, following both their transplantation from other parts of the world and the inauguration of new religious movements on the continent of North America. This story involves complex relationships among these religious communities as well as the growth of distinctive theological ideas and religious practices. The net result of this historical development in North America is a rich religious culture that includes representatives of most of the world's religions.

LC 2011026109, ISBN 9781107013346 (c.)




Stedman, Chris

Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious

208 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $22.95 cloth, CIP included

November 2012

Beacon Press

The story of a former Evangelical Christian turned openly gay atheist who now works to bridge the divide between atheists and the religious....In Faitheist, Stedman draws on his work organizing interfaith and secular communities, his academic study of religion, and his own experiences to argue for the necessity of bridging the growing chasm between atheists and the religious. As someone who has stood on both sides of the divide, Stedman is uniquely positioned to present a way for atheists and the religious to find common ground and work together to make this world—the one world we can all agree on—a better place.

LC 2012022520, ISBN 9780807014394 (c.)




Patel, Eboo

Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America

224 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $24.95 cloth, CIP included

August 2012

Beacon Press

An inspiring call for Americans to defend the values of inclusiveness and pluralism by one of our best known young American Muslim leaders....In Sacred Ground, author and renowned interfaith leader Eboo Patel says this prejudice is not just a problem for Muslims but a challenge to the very idea of America....Patel offers a primer in the art and science of interfaith work, bringing to life the growing body of research on how faith can be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division and sharing stories from the frontlines of interfaith activism.

LC 2012013687, ISBN 9780807077481 (c.)




Dube, Musa W., Andrew M. Mbuvi, and Dora Mbuwayesango (Editors)

Postcolonial Perspectives in African Biblical Interpretations

546 pp., 6" x 9", indexes, $59.95 paper, CIP included

August 2012

Society of Biblical Literature

This volume offers a spectrum of contemporary African biblical hermeneutics from feminist/womanist, postcolonial, afrocentric, social engagement, creative writing, reconstruction and HIV/AIDS perspectives, reflecting an emerging and thriving community of biblical scholarship from the African continent and African diaspora.

LC 2012006437, ISBN 9781589836365 (p.)




Sumney, Jerry L. (Editor)

Reading Paul's Letter to the Romans

222 pp., 6" x 9", index, $26.95 paper, CIP included

November 2012

Society of Biblical Literature

In this volume, leading scholars in the study of Romans invite students and nonspecialists to engage this text and thus come to a more complete understanding of both the letter and Paul's theology. The contributors include interpreters with different understandings of Romans so that readers see a range of interpretations of central issues in the study of the text. Each essay includes a short review of different positions on a topic and an argument for the author's position, set out in clear, nontechnical terms, making the volume an ideal classroom tool.

LC 2012041814, ISBN 9781589837171 (p.)




Taliaferro, Charles

The Golden Cord: A Short Book on the Secular and the Sacred

216 pp., 6" x 9", $29.00 paper, CIP included

December 2012

University of Notre Dame Press

"In The Golden Cord, Charles Taliaferro again proves to be not only a careful and insightful thinker, but also a wonderfully enjoyable—and widely read—writer. As he tackles big questions of life, he engages the relevant philosophers of our time as well as literary figures from W. H. Auden and Virginia Woolf to Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, Teilhard de Chardin, and J. R. R. Tolkien. As a guide, Taliaferro doesn't merely wander the edges; he plunges into core issues of our human existence, inviting his readers to wade into the great sea of divine love."—Matthew Dickerson, author of The Mind and the Machine: What it Means to be Human and Why it Matters

LC 201203700, ISBN 9780268042387 (p.)




Dunne, John S.

Eternal Consciousness

152 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $25.00 paper, CIP included

May 2012

University of Notre Dame Press

"Dunne provides insights on finding hope in the face of pain, showing us that we are never unloved. He reminds readers that the road to eternity is through contemplation that allows us to meet God in our surroundings."—U.S. Catholic

LC 2012008950, ISBN 9780268026103 (p.)




Doyle, Brian

The Wet Engine: Exploring the Mad Wild Miracle of the Heart

128 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $17.95 paper, CIP included

May 2012

Oregon State University Press

In this poignant and startlingly original book, Brian Doyle examines the heart as a physical organ—how it is supposed to work, how surgeons try to fix it when it doesn't—and as a metaphor: the seat of the soul, the power house of the body, the essence of spirituality. In a series of profoundly moving ruminations, Doyle considers the scientific, emotional, literary, philosophical, and spiritual understandings of the heart...First published in 2005, The Wet Engine is a book that will change how you feel and think about the mysterious, fragile human heart. This new paperback edition includes a foreword by Dr. Marla Salmon, dean of the University of Washington School of Nursing.

LC 2005000194, ISBN 9780870716539 (p.)




Swartz, David R.

Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism

384 pp., 6" x 9", 25 illustrations, $47.50 cloth, CIP included

September 2012

University of Pennsylvania Press

In 1973...a group of progressive activists assembled in a Chicago YMCA to strategize about how to move the nation in a more evangelical direction through political action. When they emerged, the Washington Post predicted that the new evangelical left could "shake both political and religious life in America." The following decades proved the Post both right and wrong...How did the evangelical right gain a moral monopoly and why were evangelical progressives, who had shown such promise, left behind? In Moral Minority, the first comprehensive history of the evangelical left, David R. Swartz sets out to answer these questions, charting the rise, decline, and political legacy of this forgotten movement.

LC 2012014396, ISBN 9780812244410 (c.)



Heyer, Kristin E.

Kinship Across Borders: A Christian Ethic of Immigration

208 pp., 6" x 9", $29.95 paper, CIP included

October 2012

Georgetown University Press

An invaluable Christian immigration ethic for the twenty-first century, rooted in migrants' multifaceted experiences and a critical retrieval of fundamental Christian commitments.

LC 2012001502, ISBN 9781589019300 (p.)




Thompson, Augustine

Francis of Assisi: A New Biography

312 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 1 b&w illustration, 2 maps, $29.95 cloth, CIP included

April 2012

Cornell University Press

"This is not a typical biography of Francis of Assisi. Thompson...seeks the historical Francis, not the Francis of legend, and succeeds admirably in this task. Anyone interested in Francis will like the first part: a well-written, straightforward biography. In the second part, which will appeal to scholars and more serious readers, Thompson discusses in some detail the sources for Francis's life, weighing one against another, and makes some judgments on the work of previous biographers....This is accessible to the lay reader and a treasure for historians."—Library Journal

LC 2011037724, ISBN 9780801450709 (c.)




Sullivan, Mary C.

The Path of Mercy: The Life of Catherine McAuley

419 pp., 6" x 9", illustrations, $49.95 cloth, CIP included

February 2012

The Catholic University of America Press

Breaking new ground in presenting the life of Catherine McAuley (1778?-1841), the Dublin woman who founded the Sisters of Mercy, Mary C. Sullivan has written the first full-length, documented narrative of McAuley in more than fifty years. This work places McAuley in her Irish context, particularly in post-penal Dublin, where the destitution, epidemics, and lack of basic education, especially of poor women and young girls, led her to a life of practical mercifulness.

LC 2011044345, ISBN 9780813218731 (c.)




Plekon, Michael

Saints As They Really Are: Voices of Holiness in Our Time

304 pp., 6" x 9", 21 halftones, $30.00 paper, CIP included

May 2012

University of Notre Dame Press

"The most interesting pages—and the reason I would recommend this study to anyone interested in how personal narratives reflect the divine at work—are those in which Plekon shares stories of his own religious disappointment and spiritual aspiration during his years in Carmelite formation as a younger man. This is the bulk of the book's middle. Plekon tells his story with honesty and careful attention—and without regard for self-image....He acknowledges again and again the essential dichotomy of our existence as spiritual people...and yet God is teaching us to be like God. That's sainthood. Or holiness."—Christian Century

LC 2012006670, ISBN 9780268038380 (p.)




Giannone, Richard

Hidden: Reflections on Gay Life, AIDS, and Spiritual Desire

198 pp., 6" x 9", 25 b&w illustrations, $27.95 cloth, CIP included

June 2012

Fordham University Press

A raw, piercing, and courageously open self-scrutiny that merges the author's distinct worlds of being gay, Catholic, and a devoted son and brother to his dying mother and sister.

LC 2011047353, ISBN 9780823241842 (c.)




Story, Ronald

Jonathan Edwards and the Gospel of Love

184 pp., 6" x 9", $80.00 cloth, $22.95 paper, CIP included

September 2012

University of Massachusetts Press

Jonathan Edwards has long epitomized the Puritan preacher as fiery scold, fixated on the inner struggle of the soul and the eternal flames of hell. Story offers a fundamentally different view of Edwards, revealing a profoundly social minister who preached a gospel of charity and community bound by love. Drawing on Edwards's own sermons and notebooks, Story reveals the minister's belief that divine love expressed in the human family should take us beyond tribalism, sectarianism, provincialism, and nationality. Edwards offers hope. Gracefully and compellingly written, this book represents a new departure in Edwards studies, revising the long-standing yet misleading stereotype.

LC 2012026785, ISBN 9781558499829 (c.), ISBN 9781558499836 (p.)




Turner, John G.

Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet

512 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 42 halftones, 4 maps, $35.00 cloth, CIP included

September 2012

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

Brigham Young was a rough-hewn New York craftsman whose impoverished life was electrified by the Mormon faith. Turner provides a fully realized portrait of this spiritual prophet, viewed by followers as their protector and by opponents as a heretic. His pioneering faith made a deep imprint on tens of thousands of lives in the American Mountain West.

LC 2012015555, ISBN 9780674049673 (c.)




Konrad, Anne

(Foreword by Hiroaki Kuromiya)

Red Quarter Moon: A Search for Family in the Shadow of Stalin

368 pp., 6" x 9", 2 illustrations, $80.00 cloth, $35.00 paper, CIP included

January 2012

University of Toronto Press

Anne Konrad's Red Quarter Moon is a gripping account of her search for family members lost and disappeared within the Soviet Union. Konrad's ancestors, an ethno-religious minority, became special objects of Soviet persecution. Her search for these missing extended family members took place over twenty years, on five continents—across muddy roads and lonesome steppes, and in old letters, documents, or secret police archives. Red Quarter Moon is an enthralling journey into the past that offers a unique look at the lives of ordinary families and individuals in the USSR.

LC 2012453635, ISBN 9781442642508 (c.), ISBN 9781442611399 (p.)




Anderson, Robert T. and Terry Giles

The Samaritan Pentateuch: An Introduction to Its Origin, History, and Significance for Biblical Studies

236 pp., 6" x 9", 3 b&w photographs, index, $27.95 paper

October 2012

Society of Biblical Literature

The Samaritan Pentateuch (SP) is the sacred scripture of the Samaritans, a tenacious religious community made famous by Jesus' Good Samaritan story that persists to this day. Not so widely known is the impact of the SP outside the Samaritan community. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in this scripture, as evidenced by several translations of the SP as well as reference in Qumran scroll studies to the SP or an SP-like tradition in an effort to describe some of the textual evidence present in the scrolls. This volume presents a general introduction to and overview of the SP, suitable for a course text and as a reference tool for the professional scholar.

LC 2012951581, ISBN 9781589836990 (p.)




Seager, Richard Hughes

Buddhism in America,

Revised and Expanded Edition

384 pp., 6" x 9", $79.50 cloth, $27.50 paper, CIP included

July 2012

Columbia University Press

This edition updates existing text and adds three new essays on contemporary developments in American Buddhism, particularly the aging of the baby boom population and its effect on American Buddhism's modern character. New material includes revised information on the full range of communities profiled in the first edition; an added study of a second generation of young, Euro-American leaders and teachers; an accessible look at the increasing importance of meditation and neurobiological research; and a provocative consideration of the mindfulness movement in American culture. The volume now concludes with a frank assessment of the challenges and prospects of American Buddhism in the twenty-first century.

LC 2011037596, ISBN 9780231159722 (c.), ISBN 9780231159739 (p.)




Raven, Maarten J.

Egyptian Magic: The Quest for Thoth's Book of Secrets

208 pp., 9" x 9", 160 color illustrations, $34.95 cloth, CIP included

June 2012

The American University in Cairo Press

The ancient Egyptians were...convinced of the importance of magic, which was both a source of supernatural wisdom and a means of affecting one's own fate....Magicians were the indispensable guardians of the god-given cosmic order, learned scholars who were always searching for the Magic Book of Thoth, which could explain the wonders of nature. Egyptian Magic, illustrated with wonderful...objects from European museum collections, describes how Egyptian sorcerers used their craft to protect the weakest members of society, to support the gods in their fight against evil, and to imbue the dead with immortality, and explores the arcane systems and traditions of the occult that governed this well-organized universe of ancient Egypt.

LC 2012372041, ISBN 9789774165320 (c.)



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