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600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences)

600-619 Medical Science

640-649 Home Economics

620-639 Engineering, Agricultural


650-699 Business and Manufacturing



600-619 Medical Science


Hansen, Bert

Picturing Medical Progress from Pasteur to Polio: A History of Mass Media Images and Popular Attitudes in America

350 pp., 7” x 10”, 22 color and 108 b&w photographs, index, $75.00 cloth, $37.95 paper, CIP included

May 2009

Rutgers University Press

Picturing Medical Progress from Pasteur to Polio offers a refreshing portrait of an era when the public excitedly anticipated medical progress and research breakthroughs. This unique study with 130 archival illustrations drawn from newspaper sketches, caricatures, comic books, Hollywood films, and LIFE magazine photography analyzes the relationship between mass media images and popular attitudes. Bert Hansen considers the impact these representations had on public attitudes and shows how media portrayal and popular support for medical research grew together and reinforced each other.

LC 2008038707, ISBN 9780813545264 (c.), ISBN 9780813545769 (p.)



West, Darrell M. and Edward Alan Miller

Digital Medicine: Health Care in the Internet Era

183 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliographic references, index, $34.95 cloth, CIP included

April 2009

Brookings Institution Press

“West and Miller’s exploration of the costs, concerns, and possible benefits of digital medicine is both thoughtful and timely. Librarians, health advocates, and policymakers on both sides of the issue will chew on this food for thought.”—Library Journal

LC 2009006454, ISBN 9780815702764 (c.)



Patterson, Gordon

The Mosquito Crusades: A History of the American Anti-Mosquito Movement from the Reed Commission to the First Earth Day

270 pp., 6” x 9”, 11 b&w photographs, index, $49.95 cloth, CIP included

April 2009

Rutgers University Press

Among the struggles of the twentieth century, the one between humans and mosquitoes may have been the most vexing. As vectors of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, and dengue fever, mosquitoes forced open a new chapter in the history of medical entomology. Based on extensive use of primary sources, The Mosquito Crusades traces this saga and the parallel efforts of civic groups in New Jersey’s Meadowlands and along San Francisco Bay’s east side to manage the dangerous mosquito population.

LC 2008038705, ISBN 9780813545349 (c.)




Wooten, Heather

The Polio Years in Texas: Battling a Terrifying Unknown

256 pp., 6” x 9”, 28 b&w photos, 2 maps, 1 graph, 6 tables, 3 apps, $45.00 cloth

October 2009

Texas A&M University Press

In The Polio Years in Texas, Heather Green Wooten draws on extensive archival research as well as interviews conducted over a five-year period with Texas polio survivors and their families. This is a detailed and intensely human account of not only the epidemics that swept Texas during the polio years, but also of the continuing aftermath of the disease for those who are still living with its effects.

LC 2009010425, ISBN 9781603441407 (c.)




Bell, Susan

DES Daughters: Embodied Knowledge and the Transformation of Women’s Health Politics

232 pp., 6” x 9”, 4 halftones, $74.50 cloth, $24.95 paper, CIP included

August 2009

Temple University Press

From the 1940s to the 1970s, millions of women were exposed prenatally to the synthetic estrogen DES, a “wonder drug” intended to prevent miscarriages. However, DES actually had damaging consequences for the women born from DES mothers. The “DES daughters” as they are known, were found to have a rare form of vaginal cancer or were infertile. They were also at risk for miscarriages, stillbirths, and ectopic pregnancies. In DES Daughters, Susan Bell recounts the experiences of this generation of “victims.” In moving, heartfelt narratives, she presents the voices of those women.

LC 2009006203, ISBN 9781592139187 (c.), ISBN 9781592139194 (p.)



Eisenberg, Mickey S.

Resuscitate!: How Your Community Can Improve Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

288 pp., 7” x 10”, 38 illustrations, index, $29.95 paper, CIP included

January 2009

University of Washington Press

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any time. But there is an astonishing and completely preventable variance in survival rates depending upon where you are when cardiac arrest occurs. In Resuscitate!, Mickey S. Eisenberg, an expert in emergency medical services (EMS), identifies fifty factors associated with the likelihood of surviving cardiac arrest and twenty-five specific steps to raise a community’s cardiac arrest survival rate. He offers recommendations for immediate and long-term improvement of EMS services, with actions that can be taken at local and national levels that will ultimately benefit anyone who needs emergency care, for any reason.

LC 2008050108, ISBN 9780295988894 (p.)



Arluke, Arnold and Celeste Killeen

Inside Animal Hoarding: The Case of Barbara Erickson and Her 552 Dogs

238 pp., 6” x 9”, index, $34.95 paper, CIP included

March 2009

Purdue University Press

Inside Animal Hoarding profiles one of the largest and most intriguing cases of animal hoarding in recent history. Killeen’s investigation pries open the door to Erickson’s hidden and closely guarded life, offering an in-depth view of animal hoarding. This comprehensive look at how animal hoarding developed in one woman’s life offers the rich detail and context so important in understanding how to recognize, respond to, and maybe even prevent this compulsive behavior. This integration of investigative journalism and scholarship offers a fresh approach with appeal to a broad audience of readers, those new to learning about the phenomenon and those with firsthand experience in the animal welfare field.

LC 2008050332, ISBN 9781557535115 (p.)



Beck, Aaron T. and Brad A. Alford

Depression: Causes and Treatment, Second Edition

432 pp., 6” x 9”, index, $27.50 paper, CIP included

February 2009

University of Pennsylvania Press

The second edition of Depression: Causes and Treatment provides a contemporary review of the diagnosis, causes, and treatments of depression. Both biological and psychological treatment approaches are described.

LC 2008025522, ISBN 9780812219647 (p.)



Eghigian, Greg

From Madness to Mental Health: Psychiatric Disorder and Its Treatment in Western Civilization

480 pp., 6 1/8” x 9 1/4”, 10 b&w photographs, 4 tables, index, $80.00 cloth, $32.95 paper, CIP included

December 2009

Rutgers University Press

Mental illness has long been one of the most baffling phenomena known to us. It is devastating for the individual suffering from it and incomprehensible for those around him or her. This exquisite volume brings together a number of essential texts in the history of psychiatry, highlighting the changing ideas of physicians and the experience of madness. It is an invaluable aid to students in the history of psychiatry, psychology, medicine, and the humanities.

LC 2009008508, ISBN 9780813546650 (c.), ISBN 9780813546667 (p.)



Kagan, Sarah H.

Cancer in the Lives of Older Americans: Blessings and Battles

120 pp., 6” x 9”, index, $34.95 cloth, CIP included

August 2009

University of Pennsylvania Press

Little has been written to guide clinicians, social scientists, families, and individuals about cancer among the “oldest old.” In Cancer in the Lives of Older Americans, Sarah H. Kagan approaches this problem from the perspective of more than twenty years of practice, inquiry, and education as a nurse.

LC 2009004267, ISBN 9780812241433 (c.)


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620-639 Engineering, Agriculture


Frankel, Felice C. and George Whitesides

No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale

192 pp., 10” x 9 5/8”, 100 color illustrations, $35.00 cloth

September 2009

The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

A small revolution is remaking the world. The only problem is, we can’t see it. This book uses dazzling images and evocative descriptions to reveal the virtually invisible realities and possibilities of nanoscience. This book considers both the benefits and the risks of nano/microtechnology—from the potential of quantum computers and single-molecule genomic sequencers to the concerns about self-replicating nanosystems. An introduction to the science and technology of small things, No Small Matter explains science on the nanoscale.

LC 2009931380, ISBN 9780674035669 (c.)




Wilson, William H.

Shaper of Seattle: Reginald Heber Thomson’s Pacific Northwest

240 pp., 8 1/2” x 11”, photographs, maps, notes, bibliography, index, $29.95 paper, CIP included

November 2009

Washington State University Press

Despite Seattle’s dismal infrastructure upon his 1881 arrival, a young, ambitious, and educated Reginald Heber Thomson recognized the fledgling city’s potential. Throughout the following decades, his dedicated guidance produced a clean, reliable water supply, a workable sewage system, regraded streets, and more. Shaper of Seattle recounts the life and work of an extraordinary man and his devotion to the Emerald City.

LC 2009016161, ISBN 9780874223019 (p.)




Alexander, David E.

Why Don’t Jumbo Jets Flap Their Wings?: Flying Animals, Flying Machines, and How They Are Different

296 pp., 6” x 9”, 32 illustrations, index, $26.95 cloth, CIP included

June 2009

Rutgers University Press

Why Don’t Jumbo Jets Flap Their Wings? offers a fascinating explanation of how nature and human engineers each arrived at powered flight. What emerges is a highly readable account of two very different approaches to solving the same fundamental problems of moving through the air, including lift, thrust, turning, and landing. The book traces the evolutionary process of animal flight—in birds, bats, and insects—over millions of years and compares it to the directed efforts of human beings to create the aircraft over the course of a single century.

LC 2008035425, ISBN 9780813544793 (c.)




Johnson, Ann

Hitting the Brakes: Engineering Design and the Production of Knowledge

232 pp., 6” x 9”, 7 illustrations, $79.95 cloth, $22.95 paper, CIP included

October 2009

Duke University Press

In Hitting the Brakes, Ann Johnson illuminates the complex social, historical, and cultural dynamics of engineering design, in which knowledge communities come together to produce new products and knowledge. Using the development of antilock braking systems for passenger cars as a case study, Johnson shows that the path to invention is neither linear nor top-down, but highly complicated and unpredictable. Individuals, corporations, university research centers, and government organizations informally coalesce around a design problem that is continually refined and redefined as paths of development are proposed and discarded, participants come and go, and information circulates within the knowledge community.

LC 2009030094, ISBN 9780822345268 (c.), ISBN 9780822345411 (p.)


Gallentine, Jay

Ambassadors from Earth: Pioneering Explorations with Unmanned Spacecraft

522 pp., 6” x 9”, 50 illustrations, $34.95 cloth, CIP included

November 2009

University of Nebraska Press

Ambassadors from Earth relates the story of the first unmanned space probes and planetary explorers—from the Sputnik and Explorer satellites launched in the late 1950s to the interstellar Voyager missions of the ‘70s—that yielded some of the most celebrated successes and spectacular failures of the space age. Utilizing original interviews with key players, bolstered by never-before-seen photographs, journal excerpts, and primary source documents, Jay Gallentine delivers a quirky and unforgettable look at the lives and legacy of the Americans and Soviets. Of special note is his in-depth interview with James Van Allen, who discovered the rings of planetary radiation that now bear his name.

LC 2009017239, ISBN 9780803222205 (c.)




Hou, Jeffrey, Julie M. Johnson and Laura J. Lawson

Greening Cities, Growing Communities: Learning from Seattle’s Urban Community Gardens

232 pp., 8” x 10”, 130 color illustrations, 10 b&w illustrations, index, $40.00 paper, CIP included

October 2009

University of Washington Press

Seattle is among only a few cities that include community gardens in their urban development plans. Focusing on six community gardens in Seattle, case studies reveal the capacity of community gardens to serve larger community issues, such as food security; urban ecosystem health; demonstration of sustainable gardening and building practices; active living and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods; and equity concerns. The authors also examine how landscape architects, planners, and allied design professionals can interact in the making of these unique urban open spaces, and how urban community gardens offer opportunities for community activism and urban sustainability.

LC 2009005341, ISBN 9780295989280 (p.)




Pedersen, Helena

Animals in Schools: Processes and Strategies in Human-Animal Education

150 pp., 6” x 9”, index, $22.95 paper, CIP included

December 2009

Purdue University Press

Animals in Schools explores important questions in the field of critical animal studies and education by close examination of a wide range of educational situations and classroom activities. How are human-animal relations expressed and discussed in school? How do teachers and students develop strategies to handle ethical conflicts arising from the ascribed position of animals as accessible to human control, use, and killing? These are questions that have profound implications for education and society. They are graphically described, discussed and rendered problematic based on detailed ethnographic research and are analyzed by means of a synthesis of perspectives from critical theory, gender and postcolonial thought.

LC 2009007094, ISBN 9781557535238 (p.)



Stout, Lee

Ice Cream U: The Story of the Nation’s Most Successful Collegiate Creamery

72 pp., 12” x 9”, 41 color, 60 b&w illustrations, $19.95 cloth, CIP included

April 2009

Penn State University Libraries

From a modest start, the Creamery gradually developed into an internationally respected center for dairy education and research. Professional respect for the Creamery across the globe is matched by the enthusiasm of Penn State fans and alumni who consider the Creamery to be home to some of their happiest memories. Local author and historian Lee Stout weaves together stories of the Creamery and Pennsylvania’s agricultural past with a lighthearted and enlightening look at our enduring love affair with milk products and ice cream.

LC 2008043335, ISBN 9780615247809 (c.)



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640-649 Home Economics


Hailman, John

Thomas Jefferson on Wine

457 pp., 6” x 9”, 29 color, 20 b&w images, 1 map, bibliography, appendices, index, $26.00 paper, CIP included

September 2009

University Press of Mississippi

In Thomas Jefferson on Wine, John Hailman celebrates a founding father’s lifelong interest in wine and provides unprecedented insight into Jefferson’s character from this unique perspective. An international wine judge and nationally syndicated wine columnist, Hailman discusses how Jefferson’s tastes developed, which wines and foods he preferred at different stages of his life, and how Jefferson became the greatest wine expert of the early American republic. A new epilogue covers the ongoing saga of the alleged wine swindle involving bottles of Bordeaux purported to belong to Jefferson.

LC 2009015522, ISBN 9781604733709 (p.)




Engelhardt, Elizabeth S. D.

Republic of Barbecue: Stories Beyond the Brisket

255 pp., 7” x 10”, 108 color and 12 b&w photos, 1 map, index, $21.95 paper, CIP included

October 2009

University of Texas Press

Whether you believe the best comes from Kansas City, Memphis, the Carolinas, or Texas, if you love barbecue, Republic of Barbecue offers a richly satisfying journey into the world of barbecue as food and culture, filled with first-person stories from pit masters, barbecue joint owners, sausage makers, and wood suppliers.

LC 2008053303, ISBN 9780292719989 (p.)




DeAngelis, Jack D.

Living with Bugs: Least-Toxic Solutions to Everyday Bug Problems

240 pages, 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, b&w and color photos, index, $19.95 paper, CIP included

May 2009

Oregon State University Press

Living with Bugs answers every homeowner’s questions about the insects and related critters that share our homes and living spaces. While most are harmless, and even beneficial, a few—the pests—pose risks to our property or health. Jack DeAngelis examines more than fifty of the most commonly encountered household pests, from ants to scabies to vinegar flies, and offers environmentally friendly solutions for managing them. The book includes more than ninety photographs and drawings of fifty species, a guide to identification of the common pests, information about life history, and advice about control.

LC 2009003687, ISBN 9780870714214 (p.)




Nathoo, Tasnim and Aleck Ostry

The One Best Way?: Breastfeeding History, Politics, and Policy in Canada

282 pp., 6” x 9”, 26 b&w illustrations, index, $24.95 paper, CIP included

July 2009

Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Breastfeeding has been profiled in relation to debates on issues such as parental leave policies, work/family balance, public decency, food safety, health care costs, and obesity. Breastfeeding shifted from a private matter to a public concern at the end of the nineteenth century. Over the course of the 1900s, the “best” way to feed infants was often scientifically or politically determined, and guidelines for mothers shifted from one generation to the next. Drawing upon government reports, academic journals, archival sources, and interviews with policy-makers and breastfeeding advocates, the authors trace trends, patterns, ideologies, and policies of breastfeeding in Canada.

C20089065956, ISBN 9781554581474 (p.)



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650-699 Business and Manufacturing


Lunde, Paul (Editor)

The Book of Codes: Understanding the World of Hidden Messages: An Illustrated Guide to Signs, Symbols, Ciphers, and Secret Languages

288 pp., 8 3/4” x 10”, 350 color illustrations, $29.95 cloth, CIP included

September 2009

University of California Press

“A marvelously enlightening book, impressively organized and highly recommended for all curious readers.”—Library Journal. “A comprehensive cryptography reference....the book delves into a world of veiled information ranging from early petroglyphs to the most sophisticated computer algorithms, name-checking not only geniuses like Mozart or Einstein but also more unlikely characters like Mick Jagger, J.R.R. Tolkien and Ian Fleming.” —Kirkus Reviews. Loads of fun, and packed with fascinating details, here is the complete guide to signs, symbols, ciphers, and secret languages. From hieroglyphs and runes to the Enigma machine, from stained glass windows to The Da Vinci Code and DNA, this is the most comprehensive collection available.

LC 2009281679, ISBN 9780520260139 (c.)


PLA: G, O, O


Mathews, Jennifer P.

Chicle: The Chewing Gum of the Americas, from the Ancient Maya to William Wrigley

143 pp., 7” x 8 1/2”, 17 b&w photos, 3 illustrations, 1 map, index, $50.00 cloth, $22.95 paper, CIP included

May 2009

The University of Arizona Press

A compilation of archaeological and historical research detailing the colorful history of the chicle industry from 1890 to the present. Accessible to general readers in food history and popular culture, this book serves as an overview of the historical production of chicle from its use by the Maya to its extraction by global firms. It examines an overlooked piece of history in Mesoamerica that successfully bridges the Colonial and modern epochs. Includes an additional chapter on the Sapodilla tree, written by botanist Gillian P. Schultz.

LC 2008051922, ISBN 9780816526246 (c.), ISBN 9780816528219 (p.)




Zanini De Vita, Oretta (Translated by Maureen B. Fant; with a Foreword by Carol Field)

Encyclopedia of Pasta

395 pp., 6” x 9”, 102 line drawings, 1 map, $29.95 cloth, CIP included

October 2009

University of California Press

“Zanini De Vita knows her pasta and her history....a social history disguised as a food book. A repository of collective memory.” —The New York Times. “The world of pasta is bewilderingly huge, so we’re thrilled with this new, authoritative work, by one of Italy’s leading food scholars.”—Saveur. Tells the history of pasta via the variety of shapes and the abundance of names by which it is known. For each entry she includes the primary ingredients, preparation techniques, variant names, and the locality where it is made and eaten. Illustrated throughout, this will be the standard reference on one of the world’s favorite foods.

LC 2009010522, ISBN 9780520255227 (c.)


PLA: G, G, G

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