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200-299 Religion


Abu-Nimer, Mohammed, Amal I. Khoury, and Emily Welty

Unity in Diversity: Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East

336 pp., 6” x 9”, appendices ,bibliog., references, index, $19.95 paper, CIP included

June 2007

United States Institute of Peace Press

After briefly introducing Interfaith Dialogue (IFD), the authors go on to discuss the intricate relationships between interfaith activities and religious identity, nationalism, violence, and peacemaking in four very different settings: Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. The authors take on the perennial dilemma faced by IFD proponents: avoid politics and risk irrelevance, or take up the political questions and risk “politicizing” the dialogue, with all the disruptive effects this implies. Above all, Unity in Diversity demonstrates the desire for interfaith dialogue in these polarized societies, and the extent to which, against strong odds, religious communities are connecting with each other.

LC 2007020273, ISBN 978-1-601270-13-9




Gardella, Peter

American Angels: Useful Spirits in the Material World

296 pp., 6” x 9”, 18 photos, notes, bibliog., index, $29.95 cloth, CIP included

October 2007

University Press of Kansas

This book explores the rich history of angels in America, from Spanish colonialism and Puritan culture to modern incarnations. “Gardella has written one of 2007’s most provocative and original books on spirituality. Angels, once the impersonal bearers of God’s will, have mutated steadily into clichéd and honey-sweet decorative accessories in every American home. This wide-ranging book both surveys the immense range of angelic and pseudo angelic images and places them in a thoughtful historical and national context. Gardella suggests, with good reason, that angels have transformed into a symbol of a future of fulfilled dreams and are perhaps even the most potent metaphor for American culture. Highly recommended.”—Library Journal

LC 2007028197, ISBN 978-0-7006-1537-7




Mandel, David

Who’s Who in the Jewish Bible

550 pp., 6” x 9”, $30.00 paper, CIP included

November 2007

The Jewish Publication Society

Who’s Who in the Jewish Bible is the most thorough and comprehensive book of its kind, and an invaluable reference! Arranged in an encyclopedic A to Z format, this comprehensive book offers biographical information, fascinating facts, and intriguing stories about every person in the Hebrew Bible, written in a contemporary narrative style. Entries include name meanings and origins, the dates each person lived (if known), and the person’s first appearance in the Bible by book, chapter, and verse.

LC 2007027288, ISBN 978-0-8276-0863-4




Launderville, Dale F.

Spirit and Reason: The Embodied Character of Ezekiel’s Symbolic World

475 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $34.95 paper, CIP included

October 2007

Baylor University Press

By comparing and contrasting the pictures gained from Greek and Mesopotamian cities with Ezekiel’s Jerusalem, Launderville masterfully shows how Ezekiel fosters a type of symbolic thinking focused on making the Israelites into living symbols of God. The Spirit is the reality that connects humans with the cosmic order and so undergirds the workings of the human heart—the place within which reason functions, according to ancient Israelite anthropology. Ezekiel’s symbolic thinking is an integrative rationality in which the reason is regarded as operating within the heart through the empowerment and guidance of the Spirit.

LC 2007028563, ISBN 978-1-60258-005-3



Warner, Laceye

Saving Women: Retrieving Evangelistic Theology and Practice

320 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $39.95, CIP included

September 2007

Baylor University Press

Saving Women is a much-needed study of women’s contributions to the theology of evangelism. Through a careful consideration of the primary sources of six Protestant women ministering in America from 1800-1950, this historical and theological study demonstrates that these women combined verbal proclamation with other historic Christian practices in their roles as preacher, visitor, missionary, educator, activist, and reformer.

LC 2007014015, ISBN 978-1-932792-26-3




Thatcher, Tom

What We Have Heard From the Beginning: The Past, Present and Future of Johannine Studies

425 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $34.95 paper, CIP included

November 2007

Baylor University Press

The past fifty years have seen powerful shifts in the methods and objectives of Biblical Studies. Johannine Literature in particular has seen a proliferation of new approaches, as well as innovative exegetical and theological conclusions. This volume surveys the emerging landscape from the perspective of scholars who have shaped the field. Written in a conversational and reflective tone, the articles offer an excellent overview of major issues in the study of the Fourth Gospel and 1-2-3 John.

LC 2007028561, ISBN 978-1-60258-010-7



Hopkins, Dwight N.

Black Faith and Public Talk: Critical Essays on James H. Cone’s Black Theology and Black Power

262 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $24.95 paper, CIP included

July 2007

Baylor University Press

When Cone wrote Black Theology and Black Power, he signaled to the world that the American black faith tradition would no longer recognize the confines of the church walls as the extent of its purview in society. Cone liberated the Gospel of Christ from its institutionalized forms, unhinging it from oppressive and racist power structures in American society and releasing it to do its work in the public sphere. Black Faith and Public Talk continues Cone’s theme of power in the public realm and examines the economic, political, cultural, gender, and theological implications of black faith and black theology.

LC 2007007947, ISBN 978-1-60258-013-8




Witherington III, Ben

Troubled Waters: The Real New Testament Theology of Baptism

135 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $19.95 cloth, CIP included

April 2007

Baylor University Press

Baptism has been a contested practice from the very beginning of the church. In this volume, Ben Witherington rethinks the theology of baptism and does so in constant conversation with the classic theological positions and central New Testament texts. By placing baptism in the context of the covenant, Witherington shows how advocates of both believer’s baptism and infant baptism have added some water to both their theology and practice of baptism.

LC 2007009701, ISBN 978-1-60258-004-6




Witherington III, Ben

Making a Meal of It: Rethinking the Theology of the Lord’s Supper

170 pp., 6” x 9”, index, $19.95 cloth, CIP included

November 2007

Baylor University Press

Making a Meal of It explores the background and implications of the Lord’s Supper. Delving into its historical and scriptural origins, Witherington argues that the Lord’s Supper is a sacramental celebration of the community of God, designed to incorporate people of varying backgrounds. Excavating the diverse ways in which Scripture and early Christian tradition speak about the Lord’s Supper, Witherington advocates that the meal is primarily about who the people of God are and how they should thus live together.

LC 2007028564, ISBN 978-1-60258-015-2




Clough, David L. and Brian Stiltner

Faith and Force: A Christian Debate about War

320 pp., 6” x 9”, $26.95 paper, CIP included

June 2007

Georgetown University Press

“This book began in an argument between friends surprised to find themselves on opposite sides of the debate about whether the United States and the United Kingdom should invade Iraq in 2003. Situated on opposite sides of the Atlantic, in different churches, and on different sides of the just war/pacifist fence, we exchanged long emails that rehearsed on a small scale the great national and international debates that were taking place around us. We discovered the common ground we shared, as well as some predictable and some surprising points of difference.” (from the Preface)

LC 2006031181, ISBN 978-1-58901-165-6




Ayo, Nicholas C.S.C

Gloria Patri: The History and Theology of the Lesser Doxology

144 pp., 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, $20.00 paper, CIP included

September 2007

University of Notre Dame Press

“Anyone who seriously reads this exposition of the Gloria Patri will never again be able to recite this doxology in worship without giving thought to its meaning.”—Christian Century. “Nicholas Ayo’s latest book on prayer reflects both his command of the literature and his profound personal commitment to the patrimony of Catholic spirituality. This work is an exemplary successor to his earlier works on the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Apostle’s Creed. Gloria Patri is a work not just to be read but to be savored.”—Lawrence S. Cunningham, University of Notre Dame

LC 2007019521, ISBN 978-0-268-02029-3




Reed, Esther D.

The Ethics of Human Rights: Contested Doctrinal and Moral Issues

225 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $29.95 paper, CIP included

October 2007

Baylor University Press

In The Ethics of Human Rights, Esther Reed constructs a Christian theology of “right,” “rights,” and “natural rights” and does so in constant awareness of and conversation with the public and political implications of such a theology. Reed’s reading of Genesis 9:1-17, God’s covenant with Noah, enables her critical Christian engagement with the issue of rights and her application of this Christian theology of rights to the contemporary moral dilemmas of animal rights, the environment, and democracy.

LC 2007026452, ISBN 978-1-932792-97-3


PLA: not reviewed


Frawley-O’Dea, Mary Gail

Perversion of Power: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

320 pp., 6 1/8” x 9 1/4”, bibliog., index, $59.95 cloth, $24.95 paper, CIP included

March 2007

Vanderbilt University Press

In this sweeping account of the dynamics of sexual abuse by priests and its cover-up by the Catholic Church, clinical psychologist Frawley-O’Dea comes to the incendiary conclusion that aspects of the Catholic theology of sexuality set the stage for the abuse of minors and its tolerance by Church fathers. Drawing on twenty years of clinical experience, she imagines the dynamics of sexual abuse both from the victim’s point of view and from the priest’s, and she probes why the Church hierarchy, fellow priests, and lay people were silent for so long.

LC 2006029442, ISBN 978-0-8265-1546-9 (c.), ISBN 978-0-8265-1547-6 (p.)




Long, D. Stephen and Nancy Ruth Fox

Calculated Future: Theology, Ethics, and Economics

245 pp., 6” x 9”, $29.95 paper, CIP included

November 2007

Baylor University Press

Calculated Futures examines the ethical and theological underpinnings of the free-market economy, investigating not only the morality of corporations and exchange rates, but also how the politics of economics shape people as moral agents. It does this less by insisting on the unfavorable effects of capitalism, and more by drawing on theological virtues, Christian doctrines, and liturgical practices to discover what they might show us about economic exchanges. Calculated Futures seeks a way forward by engaging economics as a social scientific discipline without subordinating theology to it.

LC 2007026449, ISBN 978-1-60258-014-5


PLA: not reviewed


O’Brien, George Dennis

Finding the Voice of the Church

264 pp., 6 1/8” x 9 1/4”, index, $25.00 cloth, CIP included

September 2007

University of Notre Dame Press

“This is a contemporary and passionate revisioning of authority in the Roman Catholic Church from the perspective of a committed layman. O’Brien (president emeritus, Univ. of Rochester, author of The Idea of a Catholic University) articulates two viewpoints, or ‘voices,’ that seemingly encapsulate the debate in modern Catholicism regarding faith and ecclesiology...Somewhat philosophical, the text, complete with eight pages of endnotes, is easily understood and devoid of much theological jargon. Recommended for all libraries interested in theological titles.” —Library Journal

LC 2007019493, ISBN 978-0-268-03727-7

AASL: not reviewed



Mahaffey, Jerome Dean

Preaching Politics: The Religious Rhetoric of George Whitefield and the Founding of a New Nation

310 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $39.95 cloth, CIP included

October 2007

Baylor University Press

Preaching Politics traces the surprising and lasting influence of one of American history’s most fascinating and enigmatic figures—George Whitefield. In this volume, Jerome Mahaffey explores George Whitefield’s role in creating ”rhetoric of community.” Using a rigorous method of rhetorical analysis, Mahaffey cogently argues that George Whitefield directed the evolution of an American collective religious identity that lay underneath an emerging political ideology that fueled the American Revolution.

LC 2007026450, ISBN 978-1-932792-88-1



Schroth, Raymond A.

The American Jesuits: A History

368 pp., 6” x 9”, $29.95 cloth, CIP included

October 2007

New York University Press

With infectious energy and a genuine gift for storytelling, Raymond A. Schroth recounts the history of Jesuits in the United States. For more than 450 years, Jesuit priests have traveled the globe out of a religious commitment to serve others. Jesuits have played an important part in Americanizing the Catholic Church and in preparing Catholic immigrants for inclusion into American society. The American Jesuits offers a broad and compelling look at the impact of this 400-year-old international order on American culture and the culture’s impact on the Jesuits.

LC 2007016965, ISBN 978-0-8147-4025-5




Marker, Gary

Imperial Saint: The Cult of St. Catherine and the Dawn of Female Rule in Russia

327 pp., 6” x 9”, 15 illus., works cited, index, $42.00 cloth, CIP included

August 2007

Northern Illinois University Press

Historian Gary Marker draws upon extensive and often rare sources, including service books, saints’ lives, sermons, public ceremonies, pilgrims’ accounts, laws, and personal correspondence to trace the Russian veneration of St. Catherine of Alexandria from its beginnings in Kievan times through the onset of female rulership in the 18th century. Two narratives emerge. The first focuses on St. Catherine within Christendom and, specifically, within Russia. The second shifts attention to Catherine I, who became Russia’s first crowned female ruler. Marker then explores the evolution of divine queenship and the Catherine cult through the reigns of Elizabeth and Catherine the Great.

LC 2007013001, ISBN 978-0-875-80375-3




Young, Julie

A Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin

182 pp., 7 1/4” x 8 3/4”, illus., bibliog., index, $17.95 cloth, CIP included

March 2007

Indiana Historical Society Press

This youth biography explores the life of the woman who would become Indiana’s first saint. Born Ann-Thérèse Guérin in France, she joined the Sisters of Providence and in 1840 came to the United States to found an establishment near Terre Haute, Indiana. Despite poor health, primitive frontier conditions, and opposition from church officials, she founded Saint Mary-ofthe-Woods College, the oldest Catholic women’s liberal arts college in the United States, and opened schools in Jasper, Madison, and Vincennes. A Belief in Providence also examines the process leading to Guérin’s canonization on October 15, 2006.

LC 2006049723, ISBN 978-0-87195-255-4




Connelly, Joan Breton

Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece

456 pp., 8” x 10”, 27 color illus., 109 halftones, bibliog., index, $39.50 cloth, CIP included

March 2007

Princeton University Press

A full and vivid picture of how priestesses in the Ancient Greek World lived and worked, from the most famous and sacred of them to basket bearers and handmaidens. “...Greek religion is a vast and complex subject, and Portrait of a Priestess, by concentrating on one of its most concretely human aspects, offers an engrossing point of entry...Connelly’s style is clear, often elegant and occasionally stirring.”—The New York Times Book Review. “[T]he first full-length work to take the Greek priestess specifically as its subject...Portrait of a Priestess is a remarkable triumph against heavy odds.”—The New York Review of Books

LC 2006013073, ISBN 978-0-691-12746-0




Matt, Daniel C.

The Zohar 4: Pritzker Edition, Volume Four

592 pp., 7” x 10”, $49.95 cloth,

September 2007

Stanford University Press

This fourth volume of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition covers the first half of Exodus. Here we find mystical explorations of Pharaoh’s enslavement of the Israelites, the birth of Moses, the deliverance from Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, and the Revelation at Mount Sinai. Throughout, The Zohar probes the biblical text and seeks deeper meaning-for example, the nature of evil and its relation to the divine realm, the romance of Moses and Shekhinah, and the inner meaning of the Ten Commandments.

ISBN 978-0-8047-5712-6




Neusner, Jacob and Bruce D. Chilton (Editors)

In Quest of the Historical Pharisees

548 pp., 6” x 9”, bibliog., references, index, $34.95 paper, CIP included

May 2007

Baylor University Press

This work sketches the many portraits of the Pharisees that emerge from ancient sources. Based upon the Gospels, the writings of Paul, Josephus, the Mishnah, the Tosefta, and archeology, the volume profiles the Pharisees and explores the relationship between the Pharisees and the Judaic religious system foreshadowed by the library of Qumran. A great virtue of this study is that no attempt is made to homogenize the distinct pictures or reconstruct a singular account of the Pharisees; instead, by carefully considering the sources, the chapters allow different pictures of the Pharisees to stand side by side.

LC 2007001713, ISBN 978-1-932792-72-0


PLA: not reviewed


Ahmed, Akbar

Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization

323 pp., 6” x 9”, 25 b&w photos, appendix, notes, index, $28.95 cloth, CIP included

June 2007

Brookings Institution Press

Dedicated to bridging the gap between Islam and the West, internationally renowned Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed led a team of American students to the major regions of the Muslim world. Their mission was to foster dialogue and promote understanding. As Western leaders wage a war on terrorism, Ahmed offers insightful suggestions on how the United States can improve relations with Islamic nations and peoples. “A fascinating account of how [Ahmed] and his students braved danger to build mutual understanding” —Publishers Weekly. “The most important book published this year on the topic of avoiding a clash of civilizations” —The American Muslim

LC 2007010770, ISBN 978-0-8157-0132-3




Garoutte, Claire and Anneke Wambaugh

Crossing the Water: A Photographic Path to the Afro-Cuban Spirit World

280 pp., 9” x 10 1/2”, 39 color and 118 b&w photos, notes, glossary, bibliog., index, $89.95 cloth, $24.95 paper, CIP included

November 2007

Duke University Press

In the summer of 2000, two award-winning photographers, Claire Garoutte and Anneke Wambaugh, were researching Afro-Cuban religious practices in Santiago de Cuba, a city on the southeastern coast of Cuba. A chance encounter led them to the home of Santiago Castañeda Vera, a priest-practitioner of Santería, Palo Monte, and Espiritismo, a Cuban version of nineteenth-century European Spiritism. Santiago opened his home and many aspects of his spiritual practice to Garoutte and Wambaugh. Describing the powerful intensity of human-spirit interactions, and evoking the sights, smells, sounds, and choreography of ritual practice, Crossing the Water takes readers deep inside the intimate world of Afro-Cuban spirituality.

LC 2007015031, ISBN 978-0-8223-4020-1 (c.), ISBN 978-0-8223-4039-3 (p.)

AASL: not reviewed

PLA: G, S, R


Haldeman, Bonnie (as told to Catherine Wessinger)

Memories of the Branch Davidians: The Autobiography of David Koresh’s Mother

220 pp., 5” x 8”, bibliog., references, index, $24.95 paper, CIP included

September 2007

Baylor University Press

The 1993 event at Mt. Carmel shocked all of America and has since spawned a plethora of books regarding the “truth” about the Branch Davidians. Memories of the Branch Davidians is the story told from the inside. An oral history of Bonnie Haldeman, the mother of the infamous cult leader David Koresh, it offers an intimate, first-hand account of how a boy named Vernon Howell became David Koresh. Haldeman paints a picture of Koresh that could only be told by one who knew both his greatest strengths and deepest faults.

LC 2007022395, ISBN 978-1-932792-98-0



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