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100-199 Philosophy, Psychology, and Ethics


Marcel, Mary

Freud's Traumatic Memory: Reclaiming Seduction Theory and Revisiting Oedipus

231 pp., 6" x 9", index, $56.00 cloth, $24.95 paper, CIP included

February 2005

Duquesne University Press

This study is a comprehensive analysis of both the original Oedipus myths and the Greek myths of father-daughter incest. Marcel applies the most recent clinical work on trauma and recovered memory to Freud's own memories and uncovers why Freud turned away from the seduction theory, misconstrued Oedipus, and was unable to cure his own neurosis.

LC 2004023891, ISBN 0-8207-0364-8 (c.), ISBN 0-8207-0365-6 (p.)



Bulkeley, Kelley and Rev. Patricia Bulkley

Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions

160 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", bibliog., $24.95 cloth, $14.00 paper

July 2005

Beacon Press

Drawing from a rich understanding of dreaming in culture, history, psychology, and modern dream study, Kelly Bulkeley and Patricia Bulkley's Dreaming Beyond Death explicitly addresses three common aspects of pre-death dreams and offers interpretations that will aid both dying persons and their caregivers. A final chapter provides resources and concrete methods for caregivers to respectfully guide a dying person through the dreaming process to a sense of peace.

LC 2004024186, ISBN 0-8070-7720-8 (c.), ISBN 0-8070-7715-1 (p.)

AASL: not reviewed



Ascione, Frank R.

Children and Animals: Exploring the Roots of Kindness and Cruelty

220 pp., 6" x 9", 7 photos, index, $49.95 cloth, $21.95 paper, CIP included

March 2005

Purdue University Press

Animal abuse has been an acknowledged problem for centuries, but only within the past few decades has scientific research provided evidence that the maltreatment of animals often overlaps with violence toward people. This book presents the current scientific and professional wisdom about the relation between the maltreatment of animals and interpersonal violence directed toward other human beings. Frank R. Ascione, a noted expert in these areas, presents his findings in language understandable to parents, teachers, counselors, clergy, animal welfare professionals, law enforcement professionals, and anyone else whose work or interest crosses into the lives of children and animals.

LC 2004013476, ISBN 1-55753-377-6 (c.), ISBN 1-55753-383-0 (p.)




Terris, Daniel

Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation

168 pp., 6" x 9", $24.95 cloth, CIP included

July 2005

University Press of New England

Terris has developed this rich case study of Lockheed Martin's formal ethics and business conduct program through two years of researching material and interviewing Lockheed Martin's ethics officers and ordinary employees. While Terris admires the ambitious scope of the program, he notes that the corporation's definition of "ethics" focuses on individual behavior rather than on the impact of the corporation's broader policies on local, national, and global communities. The ultimate effect of such programs may be to create more ethical business practices-but, ironically, at the expense of the public good.

LC 2005000917, ISBN 1-58465-333-7




Pinchevski, Amit

By Way of Interruption: Levinas and the Ethics of Communication

302 pp., 6" x 9", index, $28.00 paper, CIP included

December 2005

Duquesne University Press

Drawing mainly on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, Pinchevski explores the status of alterity in prevalent communication theories and Levinas's philosophy of language and communication. With a strong interdisciplinary spirit, By Way of Interruption proposes an intellectual adventure of risk, uncertainty and the possibility of failure in thinking through the ethics of communication as experienced by an encounter with the other.

LC 2005021246, ISBN 0-8207-0376-1



Bulliet, Richard W.

Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers: The Past and Future of Human-Animal Relationships

264 pp., 6" x 9", bibliog., index, $27.50 cloth, CIP included

October 2005

Columbia University Press

Richard W. Bulliet has long been a leading figure in the study of human-animal relations, and in his newest work, Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers, he offers a sweeping and engaging perspective on this dynamic relationship from prehistory to the present. By considering the shifting roles of donkeys, camels, cows, and other domesticated animals in human society, as well as their place in the social imagination, Bulliet reveals the different ways various cultures have reinforced, symbolized, and rationalized their relations with animals.

LC 2005041381, ISBN 0-231-13076-7

AASL: not reviewed



Barré, Jean-Luc

Jacques and Ra•ssa Maritain: Beggars for Heaven

528 pp., 6" x 9", 43 halftones, index, $50.00 cloth, CIP included

October 2005

University of Notre Dame Press

This award-winning book, written at the request of the Maritain Archives in Kolbsheim, France, and published in 1995, was the first biography of French philosopher Jacques Maritain and his wife Ra•ssa. Drawing from materials at the Kolbsheim archives, Barré offers a clear and objective account of the remarkable lives and intellectual pursuits of the Maritains. Scholar and translator Bernard Doering has now made this essential work available for the first time in English. Beggars for Heaven focuses not only on the Maritains' philosophical work, but also on their pursuit of social justice, their opposition to the Vichy, their battle against intellectual repression in the church, and their contemplative life of prayer and devotion.

LC 2005019756, ISBN 0-268-02183-X




Smith, Micahel B.

Toward the Outside: Concepts and Themes in Emmanuel Levinas

282 pp., 6 1/4" x 9 1/4", index, $58.00 cloth, $26.95 paper, CIP included

April 2005

Duquesne University Press

Toward the Outside provides a systematic exposition of the essential concepts and themes that circulate throughout the thought of Emmanuel Levinas. Smith gives attention to both Levinas's philosophical and confessional (religious) writings.

LC 2004023893, ISBN 0-8207-0368-0 (c.), ISBN 0-8207-0369-9 (p.)



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