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Outstanding Titles

The following titles received ratings of "Outstanding" (O) by members of the 2005 University Press Books Committee. "Outstanding" titles are defined as having exceptional editorial content and subject matter. They are essential editions to most library collections.


Newton, Keith (Ed.)

The Columbia Granger's® Index to Poetry in Collected and Selected Works 2nd Edition

Columbia University Press

"As part of the 100th anniversary celebration, Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Collected and Selected Works, 2nd Ed. has just been released. Its comprehensive scope provides an excellent index to poetry. Featuring some 266 poets and more than 65,000 poems, the new edition comprises works of key 20th-century American and British poets as well as foreign-language poets in translation. Over 500 new books of poetry have been added, among them Robert Pinsky's The Figured Wheel, Seamus Heaney's Opened Ground, and Langston Hughes's The Collected Works of Langston Hughes, Vols. 1 & 2."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Roberts, John R.

John Donne: An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism, 1979-1995

Duquesne University Press

"Roberts' annotated reference work on John Donne is an excellent, readable bibliography with entries that reflect years of research. They are organized chronologically by year as well as by author. Unlike most bibliographies, Roberts' work is substantive with comprehensive and current information on the great poet and writer John Donne. This reference work will be utilized heavily by teachers and students. An excellent choice for any academic library."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Feinberg, Barbara

Welcome to Lizard Motel: Children, Stories, and the Mystery of Making Things Up

Beacon Press

"This fresh examination of young adult literature from a mother's perspective is inspired when Feinberg's son, once an avid reader, begins to dread reading books assigned to him at school. Part critique of "problem novels" in young adult literature and part personal memoir, teachers and parents will be drawn in by Feinberg's frank style and conversational voice."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Angeletti, Norberto and Alberto Oliva

Magazines That Make History: Their Origins, Development, and Influence

University Press of Florida

"In this museum-quality historical and photographic account of eight magazines, considered to be the most successful in the western world, the reader is introduced to cultural history through 2000 rich color and black-and-white photographs. The book's content covers the magazines' beginnings, trends, and impact on the world of journalism and cultural history. An excellent addition to historical studies of the 20th-century as well as studies in journalism and communications. A must for any library looking for a new approach to the study of cultural history."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Campion, Nardi Reeder

Everyday Matters: A Love Story

University Press of New England

"Writer Nardi Reeder Campion has created an animated memoir that portrays her life growing up in the early twentieth century, growing her own family with her beloved husband starting in the 1940s, and growing old. A feminist from the time she was a child in a crib, Campion's amusing anecdotes emphasize the social, political and economic climates of her time."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Lynch, Michael P.

True to Life: Why Truth Matters

The MIT Press

"In a style that is accessible to general readers, Lynch puts forth four claims supporting his argument that truth is objective and relevant to our daily lives. Using timely examples and a lively narrative voice, the author brings color to a topic that is normally dull and tedious."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Holder, Jennifer Sutton and Jann Aldredge-Clanton

Parting: A Handbook for Spiritual Care Near the End of Life

The University of North Carolina Press

"Brief chapters hold powerful, personal stories with comforting and empowering words for those tending to the end-of-life needs of a loved one. Practical wisdom with application in all faiths, this work speaks to the needs of anyone who has or is about to accompany a terminally ill friend or relative."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Allitt, Patrick

Religion in America Since 1945: A History

Columbia University Press

"Allitt presents the contemporary religious seen in America with detailed, witty, and concise writing. His equitable coverage of religious groups describes the results that politics, social issues, and national disasters have on religion. This book should be on public library shelves."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Campbell, Joseph

The Hero With a Thousand Faces: Commemorative Edition

Princeton University Press

"This edition of one of the most significant books of the twentieth century commemorates what would have been Joseph Campbell's 100th birthday. It merits shelf space in almost any library, next to the original if you still have it. Professor Campbell's goal was "to uncover some of the truths disguised for us under the figures of religion and mythology by bringing together a multitude of not-too-difficult examples and letting the ancient meaning become apparent." His work has been admired and used since the book first appeared in 1948. It was an inspiration for both Bill Moyers in his PBS series The Power of Myth and George Lukas of Star Wars fame."--Judith McGowan (AASL) "A timeless book recommended for public libraries' mythology collection. This re-released edition will continue to be an inspiration for many people."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Sarna, Jonathan D.

American Judaism: A History

Yale University Press

"An authoritative yet readable "synthesis of 350 years of the history of American Judaism." This book is not only a "smart, sophisticated, learned, even witty-but an eloquent testimony to Judaism's importance to American religion, as well as American Judaism's critically important role for Judaism throughout the world."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL)


Marcus, Ivan G.

The Jewish Life Cycle: Rites of Passage from Biblical to Modern Times

University of Washington Press

"Solid, historic research paired with modern traditions make this guide an important tool for exploring Jewish rites and traditions across the centuries. Haircutting rituals, historic wedding traditions and death rites are some of the possibly lesser-known topics discussed by Marcus."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Best, Joel

More Damned Lies and Statistics: How Numbers Confuse Public Issues

University of California Press

"'School shootings in America have become an epidemic," reported Dan Rather on the CBS Nightly News in 2001. Does the data support the statement? Not according to Joel Best author of this enjoyable book that is designed to help the general public use critical thinking skills as statistics are tossed out in the public arena. Best reflects on different types of numbers used to build a viewpoint ---missing, confusing, scary, authoritative, magical, and contentious numbers. An excellent addition to any public library collection."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Marling, Karal Ann

Debutante: Rites and Regalia of American Debdom

University Press of Kansas

"The debutante tradition comes alive in Marling's book as it never has before. The history of the debut is traced from its ancient roots in Babylon where daughters of the aristocracy where auctioned off to the highest bidder, to the present day United States where proms and quinceanera have replaced the coming out rituals of old. Readers fascinated with this quaint tradition or American culture in general will relish the smart commentary and photograph illustrations."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Bayor, Ronald H. (Ed.)

The Columbia Documentary History of Race and Ethnicity in America

Columbia University Press

"A chronology of racial and ethnic events, from 1655 to the present. Includes attitudes toward European migration. Primary source documents present a first hand historical record of ways in which the introduction of racial and ethnic groups have shaped American society. Essays provide an analysis of the prevailing views and the background for the social, economic and political events of each period. This reference is a unique look at the past that has most shaped today's American identity."--Antoinette Negro (AASL) "Who are we as a country and a people who call ourselves "Americans"? This book helps clarify the importance of immigration, race and ethnicity in our nation's events and development. It is a complex story that is still being shaped. This title is an essential resource in sharing and analyzing it. A valuable resource for public libraries."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Sammon, Mark J. and Valerie Cunningham

Black Portsmouth: Three Centuries of African-American Heritage

University Press of New England

"To Venus-a Black-$1". This notation began the extensive research by the authors to highlight the fact that there is a rich Black heritage in New England, an aspect of New England history missing in schoolbooks. The individual stories of African Americans included here describe small town life, which also reflects the regional and national landscape. An excellent addition to regional New England history."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Han, Arar and John Hsu (Eds.)

Asian American X: An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices

The University of Michigan Press

"Who am I and where do I belong? We all ask these questions. This evocative book shares experiences of young Asian Americans as they grapple with their identities in our diverse society. Ultimately American in their ideals, the essays describe their often conflicting feelings about both of their cultures-Asian and American. Poignant!"--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Frumkin, Howard, Lawrence Frank, and Richard Jackson

Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities

Island Press

"Sarah Susanka followers--read more about it! Read why the way our communities are designed is just as important as the design of our individual homes. This important book by three renowned experts share the growing body of research that indicates that urban sprawl along with current public policies and practices for designing communities is killing us. If you are stuck in traffic regularly, obese or in poor health--read up!"--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Clayton, Cornell W., Lance T. LeLoup, and Nicholas P. Lovrich (Eds.)

Washington State Government and Politics

Washington State University Press

"Washingtonians have a marvelous book available to them! Topics covered in a very accessible format include - public opinion and political culture in the State; the branches of state government; Washington State budgeting and public finance; and environmental and natural resource policy."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


White, Richard Alan

Breaking Silence: The Case That Changed the Face of Human Rights

Georgetown University Press

"Thorough research combined with friendship and the need for justice come together to make this a very readable, heart-wrenching story of a landmark decision that fundamentally changed the fight for human rights. This book puts a personal face on our global fight for human rights."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Graham, Thomas Jr.

Common Sense on Weapons of Mass Destruction

University of Washington Press

"WMDs is an all too common acronym in the news today. Former Ambassador Graham, an expert on this issue, clearly and concisely explains why the general public needs to demand better public policies regarding chemical and biological weapons, land mines and small arms, and missile defense and WMDs in the Middle East, and Asia and in outer space. This is must reading for all citizens of our country-and it is a short one!"--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)

327.12-dc 22

Lathrop, Charles E.

The Literary Spy: The Ultimate Source for Quotations on Espionage & Intelligence

Yale University Press

"Real and armchair spies will find this collection of 3000 quotes a revelation of the "clandestine arts." From the Biblical reconnaissance of Joshua in Jericho, to Rumsfeld's quest for intelligence in the dog pound. A "Bartlett's for Spooks" and quotations about the "second oldest profession," the collection is an A to Z compilation from assassinations to WMDs. 9/11 has made intelligence more pervasive in life, literature and the media. A reference that is both entertaining and informative."--Antoinette Negro (AASL)


Rabasa, Angel et al.

The Muslim World After 9/11


"Comprehensive study of the Muslim World including countries of the Mahgreb, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Central and South Asia and Nigeria. A post 9/11 examination of the trends and historic factors that contribute to the Islamic extremism and divisions between the Arab Muslim and non-Arab Muslim communities as well as the world wide diaspora. This book presents the results of innovative research and in-depth assessment of a diverse and complex people and ideology little understood in the U. S."--Antoinette Negro (AASL)


Hamilton, Lee H.

How Congress Works and Why You Should Care

Indiana University Press

"The subtitle of this book is what makes this book interesting as well as important. More than a listing of Congressional duties and powers, the author calls for civic participation and for communication with elected representatives. A readable and objective view of the "First Branch" of government, which the author sees as the basis of representative democracy. More importantly, the book is a guide to getting involved as a means of overcoming apathy and skepticism of the political process. Based on thirty fours of experience, the author is a respected Congressional leader."--Antoinette Negro (AASL) "'...Congress reflects us in all our strengths and all our weaknesses. It reflects... our shadings on everything from the value of war to the war over values....In our system, the president is entitled to propose legislation, but Congress is equally entitled to dispose of it.' Clearly, concisely and eloquently, former U.S. House of Representative Lee Hamilton explains the role of Congress, how it works, its impact, public criticism of it and key ways it could work better. Essential for all public library collections."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Glennon, Robert

Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh Waters

Island Press

"A series of case studies on groundwater use in America; and its impact on our land and policy. A timely topic focusing on the strain placed on the demands for freshwater in America."--Richard Hulsey (PLA)


Wolf, Martin

Why Globalization Works

Yale University Press

"Wolf, an international economist, argues with true depth of thinking that the biggest obstacle to global economic progress has been the failure not of the market place but of governments. In this second edition he rebukes the idea that globalization is the cause of impoverishment and corporate dominance. A book that is accessible to all readers."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Ehrlich, Paul R. and Anne H. Ehrlich

One with Nineveh: Politics, Consumption, and the Human Future

Island Press/Shearwater Books

"One with Nineveh is a poetic reference to an ancient civilization that vanished because the environmental signs of unsustainable irrigation and deforestation were ignored. The well-respected Ehrlich's give an up to date cautionary summary of their Crafoord winning views concerning the world's continued population growth and unchecked material consumption. They also address with wit and insight, the need for new forms of energy production, and analyze the "resource wars" in Afghanistan and Iraq."--Kathleen Riley (AASL) "An interesting analysis of power, hubris, and consumption from the author (and his spouse) of The Population Bomb. These issues will increasingly influence international politics in a world Environment of resource inequality."--Richard Hulsey (PLA)


De Pree, Julia K.

Body Story

Ohio University Press

"Body Story is one woman's attempt to help others understand eating disorders by chronicling her own struggles. Although truly a story of a woman, not a girl, the author begins her tale by writing about the teenage roots of her starvation."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Theoharis, Athan

The FBI and American Democracy: A Brief Critical History

University Press of Kansas

"The FBI's role and impact in our nation's history is reviewed from 1908 to post 9/11 times. Written in a concise and clear manner, students and interested citizens will gain insight into the wielding of power in the name of security behind the scenes in government."--Karen M. Perry (AASL) "This book is highly critical of the FBI's frequent and historic abuse of power. The author is critical of the FBI's failures in espionage during both the Cold War and current terrorist era and provides documentation on how this law enforcement agency withholds information or misleads other government agencies. This is a very worthwhile addition to public library collections."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle and Donald Theodore Sanders

Earthquakes in Human History: The Far-Reaching Effects of Seismic Disruptions

Princeton University Press

"Detailed accounts of the most damaging earthquakes in recorded human history. Includes quakes in the Holy Land, Sparta, England, Lisbon, San Francisco, Missouri, Japan, Peru, and Managua."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Speth, James Gustave

Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment

Yale University Press

"An unabashed attempt to motivate the common US citizen to respond to the impending global environmental crisis."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Dolin, Eric J.

Political Waters: The Long, Dirty, Contentious, Incredibly Expensive but Eventually Triumphant History of Boston Harbor-A Unique Success Story

The University of Massachusetts Press

"An entertaining and very readable book about the environmental clean-up of Boston Harbor."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Ainslie, Ricardo C.

Long Dark Road: Bill King and Murder in Jasper, Texas

University of Texas Press

"In 1998, a black man was dragged to death behind a pickup truck in East Texas. Investigation into the murderer's background reveals that Bill King spent time in the explosively racist prison system of the US and was converted from a young man with African American friends to a powder keg of violence."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Mauldin, Barbara (Ed.)


University of Washington Press

"Beautiful photography and informative discussion about Mardi Gras festivals around the world. Carnaval! is an excellent resource for the study of world cultures."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Martinez, Esther

My Life In San Juan Pueblo: Stories of Esther Martinez

University of Illinois Press

"Esther Martinez, a storyteller for the National Parks Service, recalls her rich childhood memories and customs of the people of San Juan Pueblo in the early 20th century. Customs like corn grinding and weddings, and values of respect and sharing are presented in Martinez's conversational prose. In the second half of the book and on the accompanying CD, Martinez shares the stories she learned as a child listening to elders of San Juan Pueblo."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Peters, Pam

The Cambridge Guide to English Usage

Cambridge University Press

"This title is "designed to support both global and local communicators. It identifies regionalized elements of usage, grammar and style...." The alphabetical listing included two types of entries: those which deal with general topics of language, editing and writing, and those dealing with particular words, word sets or parts of words."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Gessner, David

Sick of Nature

University Press of New England

"This semi-biographical book reads like fiction. There is a mix of information on the author's youth, family, and passions mixed with descriptions of Cape Cod and lessons learned from nature. The book is not easily categorized but it makes a good read."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Mathez, Edmond A. and James D. Webster

The Earth Machine: The Science of a Dynamic Planet

Columbia University Press

"This is a companion volume to the 1999 exhibit on the earth that was opened at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. This is an excellent complement to the many textbooks in the field. The many photographs, sidebars, and annotations make this an accessible volume."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Macdougall, Doug

Frozen Earth: The Once and Future Story of Ice Ages

University of California Press

"This is accessible science for the general reader. The author brings to life the story of the scientists who have studied the ice ages for the past 200 years. Entertaining and informative book for those interested in natural history."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Riley, Laura and William Riley

Nature's Strongholds: The World's Great Wildlife Reserves

Princeton University Press

This glossy page reference on wildlife reserves worldwide abounds with up-close photographs, site location maps, facts on habitats, threats to the animals and physical descriptions of the animal and how it behaves. Contact information for each wildlife reserve and an extensive index augment the authoritative and informative text."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


McKay, George et al.

The Encyclopedia of Animals: A Complete Visual Guide

University of California Press

"A sampling of 2,000 animal species overflows this 608 page reference noting behavior, adaptations, and biomes of endangered species, along with diagrams and distribution maps for the animals."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Petersen, Wayne R. and W. Roger Meservey (Eds.)

Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas

University of Massachusetts Press

"The magnificent bird illustrations and extensive research information on bird breeding in Massachusetts makes this reference title a one of the kind bird book for New Englanders looking for exact locations for sighting and nesting of specific birds or for admirers of animal art."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL) "This is an exhaustive and definitive work on breeding birds in the Bay State. There are 198 birds identified along with their probable, possible and confirmed breeding areas. This book is the outcome of a partnership of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the State's Division of Fish and Wildlife, and hundreds of volunteers."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Minkin, Mary Jane and Carol V. Wright

A Women's Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause

Yale University Press

"This outstanding work on health and wellness includes hormone replacement therapy, controlling the symptoms of PMS, treatments for menopause-related hot flashes, insomnia and depression menopause and sexuality, osteoporosis, preventing and detecting cancer of the reproductive organs and healthy lifestyle choices for menopausal women. The question and answer format fits very well as well as the accuracy of the data."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Thaden, Louise

High, Wide, and Frightened

The University of Arkansas Press

"A fascinating reprint of the 1938 autobiography of pioneering female aviator Louise Thaden, whose career is highlighted at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. "--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Cranshaw, Whitney

Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs

Princeton University Press

"This glossy page reference on North American garden insects features illustrations on every other page along with descriptions of the insect, its host, habits, life history, appearance, distribution and means of damage. Contains a glossary, index, and an extensive appendix of host plants."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


O'Gorman, James F. (Ed.)

Makers of Trinity Church in the City of Boston

The University of Massachusetts Press

"This informative literary work provides the history of the Trinity Church in text and photographs. The first part of the book is in black and white and the last part of book is in color."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Anderson, Mark, Chris Bruce, and Keith Wells

Extending the Artist's Hand: Contemporary Sculpture from the Walla Walla Foundry

Washington State University Press

"Walla Walla Foundry Washington focuses on helping artist who creates art in metal by providing technical support and motivational support. This book provides thirty-three sculptures' brief history and a photograph of the sculptures."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Eldredge, Charles C. et al.

Tales from the Easel: American Narrative Paintings from Southeastern Museums, circa 1800-1950

University of Georgia Press

"This book beautifully designed is a tribute to the narrative stories told through a visual experience. The book is divided into two parts. The first part of book is paintings in black and white. The second part of the book is in color."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


de Capoa, Chiara and Stephano Zuffi

Old Testament Figures in Art (Guide of Imagery)

Getty Publications

"The rich colors provide a visual tour of the biblical text. Each biblical topic has information relating to place, time, figures, and variants. This is an excellent book for an art class."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Lynes, Barbara Buhler et al.

Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place

Princeton University Press

"The literary piece if filled with warm tones of New Mexico. The artist's work interpretation of New Mexico is from 1930 to the 1940's."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Curtis, Dorris and Robert Cochran

Come Walk With Me: The Art of Dorris Curtis

The University of Arkansas Press

"Dorris Curtis paintings are exquisite. The colors are rich in soft warm tones. Each painting is group under different headings."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Herbert, Robert L.

Seurat and the Making of La Grande Jatte

University of California Press

"This book provides letters from Frederic Clay Bartell to the Art Institute Director Robert Harske, June 13,1924, aboard the SS Homeric in route from Europe to the United States. The letter announces the collector's purchase of La Grande Jatte. This book provides photographs and the brief historical elements of the paintings."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Troll, Ray

Rapture of the Deep: The Art of Ray Troll

University of California Press

"Troll's fish bring to mind many of Ashleigh Brilliant's cartoons. The sense of things being slightly off kilter, social commentary, and a wry sense of the absurd are conveyed in Troll's work. This is a highly enjoyable read that should appeal to teen and adults."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Field, Sabra

In Sight

University Press of New England

"Contemporary artist and Vermont native, Fields presents over 100 of her previously unpublished prints in this beautiful, top quality volume."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Ruud, Brandon K. (Ed.)

Karl Bodmer's North American Prints

University of Nebraska Press

"This lavishly illustrated oversized book from the enlightenment, created by 30 engravers from a beautifully executed watercolor notebook of Swiss born Bodmer, documents Native American life from 1832-1834. German scientist Prince Maximilian originally created it as his company toured America in the spirit of Lewis and Clark. Today Rudd, Gallagher, Holland, Tyler, and Joyner collaboratively republish this rich primary source of art prints that captured our American history of one hundred and fifty years ago."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Wu, Norbert and Jim Mastro

Under Antarctic Ice: The Photographs of Norbert Wu

University of California Press

"This absorbing book of photography brings the exotic realm of underwater photography, ice, and marine animals together for a visual delight. Filmmaker Norbert Wu continues to perform at international levels in his newest book about the mysterious Antarctic. Jim Mastro's text pulls everything together from penguins diving deep to billowy purple jellyfish submerged in a frigid untamed ocean."--Kathleen Riley (AASL) "Through Norbert Wu's photo journalism and story-like comments beside them readers discover the tundra, the life of researchers in the arctic, and the marine life under the cold, icy ocean in a way that makes one feel they are right there experiencing life at the McMurdo Sound research station."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL) "At times stunning or heart warming, but always though provoking, this collection of photographs will capture the imagination of readers of all ages as they explore the mysterious beauty of Antarctica with photographer, Norbert Wu."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Goldsmith, Thomas (Ed.)

The Bluegrass Reader (Music in American Life)

University of Illinois Press

"Goldsmith's work is an excellent addition to any HS collection needing materials covering bluegrass music. The work covers three eras of Bluegrass: the early years, 1939-59; the resurgence of Bluegrass, 1959-79; and the foundations of the Bluegrass revival covering periods 1959 to the present day. This anthology is comprehensive, and the subject matter has been given a fresh approach to the Bluegrass Era."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Osborne, Charles

The Opera Lover's Companion: An Informal and Indispensable Guide to the Most Frequently Performed Operas

Yale University Press

"This thorough guide to the 175 most popular operas will augment musical reference collections. Each opera is set within the context of its composer's career. Plot, discussion of music, staging, and an interpretation of the most famous roles are included in the entries. This work covers the most frequently encountered operas as well as five great opera composers: Wagner, Verdi, Mozart, Puccini, and Strauss with an additional fifty-eight composers and their roles in opera."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Citron, Stephen

Jerry Herman: Poet of the Showtune

Yale University Press

"Stephen Citron's extraordinary biography of Jerry Herman allows the reader into the composer/lyricist's inner world by sharing humorous anecdotes of theatrical colleagues and close friends as well as behind-the-scenes details. Citron's work includes photographs and examples of Herman's music and lyrics from great musicals such as Hello Dolly, Mame, and Dear World. Citron's Jerry Herman engages the reader, gently leading the student of musical theater into Herman's unforgettable."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Snelson, John

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Yale University Press

"Andrew Lloyd Webber is the most famous composer of musical theater today. Snelson examines the creative genius of Webber and the influences that have formed his life's work: film noir, rock and pop music, and even his own life experiences which have in turn allowed Webber to shape the world of modern musical theater. An excellent addition to any library's musical and biographical subject areas."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Ehrlich, Matthew C.

Journalism in the Movies

University of Illinois Press

"This work examines the film genre from early films of comedy to the noir. Filmmakers who worked in the journalistic film genre are discussed, identifying their use of journalism as a tool to expose the role of conspiracy in government. The work treats journalistic movies as a distinct film history genre. Such films as The Front Page, Citizen Kane, and Deadline USA have played such an important role in the genre that they earned their own chapter. This work is an excellent selection for the study of film history."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Goudsousian, Aram

Sidney Poitier: Man, Actor, Icon

The University of North Carolina Press

"Goudsouzian's Sidney Poitier: Man, Actor, Icon is more an historical portrait of the era and the sentiments that shaped it. The book examines Poitier's role in civil rights. The first male actor of African descent to win an Academy Award in 1963 for his role in Lilies of the Field, Poitier's impact on film and culture is a grand study of the decades of social unrest and racism that plagued African Americans during this period in American history. An excellent addition to the black history and American civil rights subject areas."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Rollins, Peter C.

The Columbia Companion to American History on Film

Columbia University Press

"This one-volume work examines the methods filmmakers use to depict the past, people, and places. It analyzes screen versions of American icons, people and places while illustrating how filmmakers use historical figures to weave a story as well as project the future for millions of moviegoers. This work is an excellent selection for the study of film history."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL) "With television and films depicting our history and culture, this book is a great asset for high school and college students who may have social studies and humanities projects. It is also appealing to the library user who is a history or film buff. The book has a great index, along with a filmography and bibliography following each essay."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Wlaschin, Ken

Encyclopedia of Opera on Screen: A Guide to More than 100 Years of Opera Films, Videos, and DVDs

Yale University Press

"This book is a comprehensive guide to thousands of films, videos, and DVDs featuring opera and operatic performers from 1896 to the present. With 1900 fully cross-referenced entries, the book covers its subject matter comprehensively and thoroughly. Topics such as operas, operettas, composers, singers, conductors, writers, and film directors are covered as well as under-examined topics such as puppet opera films, silent films, animated opera, and first operas on films. This fascinating book may be considered as an invaluable educational tool."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL) "This book is an indispensable reference source for large public libraries. It is well researched and includes a selective bibliography, DVD/VHS distributors list, and a name index."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Miller, Stephen G.

Ancient Greek Athletics

Yale University Press

"Miller's work is an informative, richly detailed study with many color photographs and beautiful illustrations. Coverage begins with the origin of Greek athletics, Alexander's conquest in the East, and later, the expansion of the Roman Empire across the Mediterranean It is a comprehensive documentation of ancient sports as well as an informative examination of the central role athletics played in Greek festivals, politics, and culture."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Jay, Kathryn

More Than Just A Game: Sports in American Life Since 1945

Columbia University Press

"Jays work, unlike most sports history works, begins with the postwar era of the twentieth century. Topics such as the Olympics during the Cold War era, television's impact on sports, as well as issues of women in sports, race, and the use of drugs have been given a thorough examination. This work offers in depth historical and sociological discussions in the world of sports since 1945."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Ervin, Hazel

The Handbook of African American Literature

University Press of Florida

"This book is an excellent resource and provides history, definitions, and application of the terms used, mostly by African American writers. Terms are listed alphabetically and are cross-references in boldface type. Appendix 1 is a chronological listing of major and minor African American writers and their works. The parallel view of writing from African American, African, and Anglophone Caribbean writers begins with the Colonial Period (1745-1831) and end in 2002. Appendix 2 cites Literary Distinctions from 1950 - 2001. Appendix 3 includes Archives and Research Centers. There is an extensive bibliography, and an index of terms."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Calhoun, Charles C.

Longfellow: A Rediscovered Life

Beacon Press

"The title reflects the fact that this is the first biography of Longfellow in almost fifty years. The poetry of Longfellow, distinctly American, has produced icons that are easily identified by students and their parents. This is a very accessible biography for the high school reader, and through its content, extensive notes, selected bibliography and index will provide excellent research material for paper on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Valentine, Jean

Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems, 1965-2003

Wesleyan University Press

"K. T. Horning writes: "Since poems are compact, there can be no wasted words. The poet carefully chooses precise, exact words to evoke the desired mood or feeling, or to surprise the reader with an unexpected-but perfect-comparison." These words describe the poems in this title, the winner of the 2004 National Book Award for poetry."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Thoreau, Henry D. (Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer)

Walden: A Fully Annotated Edition

Yale University Press

"In honor of the sesquicentennial of the publication of Walden in 1854 Thoreau's text has been newly edited and annotated. Beautiful paper combined with well-designed pages provide the reader with text and annotations on the same page. This excellent source includes: an extensive bibliography, notes on the text, and a 25-page index."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Cahill, Christopher

Gather Round Me: The Best of Popular Irish Poetry

Beacon Press

"This collection of seventy-eight Irish songs and poems, some of which have been popularized by such as The Clancy Brothers, The Furey Brothers and The Three Tenors, is comprised of traditional and signed pieces that range from the seventeenth century through The Pogues and Shane McGowan. It will be a pleasure for the casual reader/listener to Irish music, useful to an English teacher for a good St. Patrick's Day poem, or fun for anyone who knows a passage but wants to read it in serenity and peace, i.e. away from a singing crowd!"--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Shakespeare, William (Edited by Burton Raffel)

Romeo and Juliet (The Annotated Shakespeare)

Yale University Press

"The volumes in this series will enrich any library that stocks annotated editions of individual Shakespearean plays. For Romeo and Juliet Professor Raffel contributes two introductory essays and on-page annotations that aid the reader in vocabulary, usage of Elizabethan English, pronunciation, alternative readings of phrases and lines, and prosody, i.e. metric structure or accents. Harold Bloom contributes an essay that is specific to the play in both Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Especially helpful are definitions of common words that have changed meanings over the past four hundred years and it's fun to learn from notes that statements that are obscure today were, on the stage of the Globe, really quite bawdy. The series thus far includes Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. Given their scholarly content and academic value, the poor quality of the paper in both the hard cover and paperback editions should be reconsidered."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Urrutia, Matilde (translated by Alexandria Giardino)

My Life with Pablo Neruda

Stanford University Press

"Urrutia and Neruda lived a passionate and heartbreaking life which Urrutia captures with the flow of her words. This autobiography is a page-turner that brings Neruda to life. It's an excellent companion to compliment the works of Neruda."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Liscano, Carlos (translated by Elizabeth Hampsten)

Truck of Fools

Vanderbilt University Press

"Liscano opens his heart and soul concerning the torture he endured as a political prisoner in Uruguay. His honest words bravely describe tragedy, loneliness, and dignity."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Bagg, Robert (Translator)

The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles: Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Kolonos, Antigone

The University of Massachusetts Press

"The poet Robert Bagg gives students and teachers a new informative American translation of Oedipus with the rhetorical power of the original. This volume contains the three House of Thebes Sophoclean plays: Oedipus the King, Antigone, and Oedipus at Kolonos. Included are notes on Athenian cultural life, provided by Mary Baggs, and information on the life of the classic fifth-century BC playwright, Sophocles. We are fortunate to have this translation, after 25 years of contemplation, now available in hardcover and paperback."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Butler, Linda

Yangtze Remembered: The River Beneath the Lake

Stanford University Press

"Journey through pictures of Chinese people and places where the Three Gorges Dam was being built on the Yangtze River. You glimpse life as it once was and is now from the relocation of people from the countryside into apartments or rebuild as the river envelopes their homes and their communities."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


McElrea, Richard and David Harrowfield

Polar Castaways: The Ross Sea Party (1914-17) of Sir Ernest Shackleton

McGill-Queen's University Press

"Readers discover Antarctica as they learn what happened to the Ross relief expedition members who ended up stranded when their ship, the Aurora, came loose of its mooring and was carried away. High adventure and heroic events makes this read like a survival novel set in the far north."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Stafford, Emma J.

Life, Myth, and Art in Ancient Greece

Getty Publications

"Life, Myth, and Art in Ancient Greece is a lavish collection of color photographs and illustrations. The entire work is organized by themes and includes short sections on classic individuals of myth and the significant geographic areas that were important to the ancient Greeks. Included in the book are the adventures and conflicts of heroes from Herakles to Odysseus; the stories of such gods as Apollo and Aphrodite; the Dionysian revels; the noble ideals of the Olympic Games; and the Eleusinian mysteries. An excellent work highlighting the achievements of the ancient Greeks."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


French, Chauncey Del

Waging War on the Home Front: An Illustrated Memoir of World War II

Oregon State University Press

"Some books sneak up on you. A World War II shipyard in Oregon? Not for my collection. But wait! Read a few passages or browse several well-designed pages. A woman worker gives birth in the bowels of a nearly completed ship and is not found until end-of-shift; a crap game crowd passes the hat so a workman can bring his wife's body home for burial; a black foreman yells at his workers to speed up because "This heah ain't no WPA peace wo'k." Fifty years after Chauncey and Jessie Del French wrote their journal of shipyard life, editors Lois Mack and Ted Van Arsdol joined the text with artifacts that are prosaic, and for that reason exciting; photographs that have the depth of field, composition and crispness we grew to expect from Life Magazine; and mid-century-modern paintings, mostly by respected Oregon artists Albert and Alfred Runquist, whose depictions of working life merit a book of their own. The book deserves a wide readership."--Judith McGowan (AASL) "This important work chronicles the profound social and economic impact of the Washington shipyards during World War II. Readers in Washington and surrounding states will become riveted by the personal narratives and fine photos and illustrations."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Madden, Thomas F. (Ed.)

Crusades: The Illustrated History

The University of Michigan Press

"What were the crusades and who were the crusaders? Scholarly analysis has varied from early accounts that they were 'divinely sanctioned wars against the enemies of Christ' to the mid-twentieth century characterization of crusaders as rapacious invaders-with alternative ideas along the way. Today some, but not Professor Madden, believe the root causes of terrorist Islamist attacks on the West lie in the crusades of the Middle Ages. This collection of nine individually written essays offers modern research in an effort to remove confusion about "the most misunderstood phenomena in history." Short mini-essays, boxed throughout the text, provide browsing and answer questions such as: "How did Richard the Lionheart die?" or "What were the causes of the decline of Constantinople from the greatest city in Christendom?" This is a find for historians, artists, students and general readers. Glossy paper enhances exceptional color illustrations-many of them full-page."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Hunt, Swanee

This Was Not Our War: Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace

Duke University Press

"This work provides a poignant look at the lives of 26 Bosnian women who survived the war and are working toward rebuilding their lives and their country. Readers get an intimate look at each of the women's lives with personal accounts of the warfare that devastated the country in the 1990s."--Carla K. Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Thakur, Ramesh and Oddny Wiggen (Eds.)

South Asia in the World: Problem Solving Perspectives on Security, Sustainable Development, and Good Governance

United Nations University Press

"The book can is excellent source for across the curriculum. This book can be used for history, economics, social science, and health issues. This is an excellent book for students and educators."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Farber, David

Taken Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and America's First Encounter with Radical Islam

Princeton University Press

"This book is an outstanding source that reaches back into history and provides the reader with a fact-filled analysis of the 1970's and the Iran hostage crisis. The author provides data through-out the text that enables the reader to understand the conflicts both here in the United States and in Iran."--Dr. Gayles Evans (AASL)


Litalien, Raymonde and Denis Vaugeois

Champlain: The Birth of French America

McGill-Queen's University Press

"This beautifully designed and illustrated documents and maps recount the French settlement in America beginning with Samuel Champlains' exploration of the Americas."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Diner, Hasia R.

The Jews of the United States, 1654 to 2000

University of California Press

"A study of the "interconnected destiny" of Jews and Americans-including the fascinating spectacle of 'ordinary Jews' who wanted at one and the same time to be 'Jews and full Americans'. A fascinating study that rings as true today as it did 350 (1654-2004) years ago when Jews first came to what was then New Amsterdam and what is now New York City."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL)


Ronnick, Michele Valerie

The Autobiography of William Sanders Scarborough: An American Journey from Slavery to Scholarship

Wayne State University Press

"A fascinating book about African-American intellectual life in America after the Civil War combined with the history of Classical Studies in America. Scarborough's belief that black scholars were necessary to his race and the history of America's future was innovative and at least a century ahead of its time."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL)


Perry, Barbara A.

Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier

University Press of Kansas

"Jacqueline Kennedy established a pattern that her successors could adopt to publicize their own less traditional policy agendas. She chronicles Jackie's push to restore the White House, promote the arts and cultural institutions and most importantly her husband's legacy."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)

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