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200-299 Religion


Allitt, Patrick

Religion in America Since 1945: A History

384 pp., 6 1/2" x 9 3/4", 20 illus., $30.00 cloth, CIP included

January 2004

Columbia University Press

"...Tracing the varieties of religious experience in the United States from the dropping of the atom bomb in 1945 to '9/11,' Allitt offers a thoughtful and provocative account of all manner of American belief and religious space-from Billy Graham to Timothy O'Leary, from Eero Saarinen's M.I.T. chapel to Levittown's ticky-tacky suburban "church gymnasiums,"...Allitt's narrative brilliantly explores how and why the U.S. is both the most religious and the most secular of the industrialized nations in the world. This is a scholarly work of the first order that is a rollicking good read!"--Mark S. Massa, S.J., co-director of the Center for American Catholic Studies at Fordham University

LC 2003055288, ISBN 0-231-12154-7



Campbell, Joseph With a new introduction by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Commemorative Edition (Bollingen Series)

496 pp., 6" x 9", $29.95 cloth, CIP included

February 2004

Princeton University Press

This beautiful new edition commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Campbell. "I have returned to no book more often since leaving college than this one, and every time I discover new insight into the human journey. Every generation will find in Hero wisdom for the ages."--Bill Moyers, host of the PBS special The Power of Myth. "Campbell's words carry extraordinary weight, not only among scholars but among a wide range of other people who find his search down mythological pathways relevant to their lives today."--Time Magazine

LC 2003066084, ISBN 0-691-11924-4




Lännström, Anna (Editor)

The Stranger's Religion: Fascination and Fear

216 pp., 6" x 9", author index, subject index, $45.00 cloth, $25.00 paper, CIP included

April 2004

University of Notre Dame Press

This timely book brings together distinguished scholars who reflect on the fascination and fear that humans inevitably experience when confronted with diverse religious beliefs and practices. Contributors argue that fear of the "stranger" and his or her religion can only be overcome through education, and they suggest ways in which we can better understand one another and the world in which we live.

LC 2003025375, ISBN 0-268-03366-8 (c.), ISBN 0-268-03367-6 (p.)



Massé, Mark H.

Inspired to Serve: Today's Faith Activists

256 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 12 b&w photos, index, $45.00 cloth, $19.95 paper, CIP included

October 2004

Indiana University Press

Profiles of social activists of the1960s who continued their activism in the context of a religious commitment to help the poor and the disenfranchised. Massé explores a social movement and an era in American life, examining how these individuals try to balance their secular and spiritual lives in the face of challenging work.

LC 2004004469, ISBN 0-253-34455-7 (c.), ISBN 0-253-21714-8 (p.)

AASL: not reviewed



Falk, Marcia

The Song of Songs: Love Lyrics from the Bible

128 pp., 5 1/2" x 8", $15.95 paper, CIP included

November 2004

University Press of New England

Striking in its appeal to the senses, the Song of Songs-the Bible's only book of love poems-is remarkable for its lack of sexual stereotyping and its expression of mutuality in relationships between men and women. Marcia Falk's lyrical translation, praised by poets and scholars alike, is paired here with the original Hebrew text. "Marcia Falk's translation is a beautiful and sensual poem in its own right...one of the great classics of the art of translation. It's always a thrill when (as rarely happens) the scholar's mind and the poet's soul come together."--Adrienne Rich

LC 2004110313, ISBN 1-58465-423-6




Dokecki, Paul

The Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis: Reform and Renewal in the Catholic Community

224 pp., 6" x 9", index, $26.95 paper, CIP included

March 2004

Georgetown University Press

Through the scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston as well as the earlier, if less well known but momentous, case in the Diocese of Nashville, Dokecki reports on and analyzes what is ultimately an abuse of power--not only by the clergy but by church officials. As distasteful as these instances may be, they are compelling reading, enlightened by the author's abilities to contextualize these events through the lenses of professional ethics, the human sciences, and ecclesiology.

LC 2003019464, ISBN 1-58901-006-X



Pope, Stephen J. (Editor)

Common Calling: The Laity and Governance of the Catholic Church

280 pp., 6" x 9", index, $26.95 paper, CIP included

October 2004

Georgetown University Press

By first providing compelling historical precedents of the roles and status of the laity as it functioned during the first millennium, Common Calling compares and contrasts those to the place of the laity today. Distinguished contributors examine the distinction between laity and clergy in regard to the power of church governance; explore the theological interpretation of clergy-laity relations and governance in the teachings of the Second Vatican Council; look at how church officials interpret the role of the laity today and address the weaknesses in that model; and speak clearly in outlining the ways governance may be improved, and how the role of the laity can be enhanced.

LC 2004005621, ISBN 1-58901-027-2



Maag, Karin and John D. Witvliet (Editors)

Worship in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

368 pp., 6" x 9", 12 halftones, index, $60.00 cloth, $30.00 paper, CIP included

May 2004

University of Notre Dame Press

Worship in Medieval and Early Modern Europe offers readers a chance to understand better the societal and confessional norms that motivated late medieval and early modern Christians to maintain or change traditional Catholic worship practices. Featuring some of the most outstanding scholars in the field, this volume will be invaluable to academics interested in the Reformation, early modern studies, theology, and liturgical studies, as well as to general readers who wish to learn how their worship life was shaped in the sixteenth century.

LC 2003025294, ISBN 0-268-03474-5 (c.), ISBN 0-268-03475-3 (p.)



Pelton, Robert S., C.S.C. (Editor)

Monsignor Romero: A Bishop for the Third Millennium

136 pp., 6" x 9", $22.50 cloth, CIP included

September 2004

University of Notre Dame Press

"Nearly twenty-five years after his martyrdom the witness of Monsignor Oscar Romero continues to serve as a reference point for thousands of Latin Americans and people all around the world who model their lives after the Gospel ideals he lived out so fully and faithfully. Father Robert Pelton, our premier Latin Americanist, has shown once again his gifts for highlighting the life of one of the church's true heroic figures with this superb collection of lectures that keep the spirit of Romero alive for future generations."--Rev. Stephen P. Judd, M.M., Director of the Maryknoll Language Institute, Cochabamba, Bolivia

LC 2004011376, ISBN 0-268-03883-X




Goldstein, Warren

William Sloan Coffin Jr.: A Holy Impatience

400 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 16 illus., $30.00 cloth, CIP included

March 2004

Yale University Press

This revealing biography--based on unparalleled access to family papers and candid interviews with Coffin, his colleagues, family, friends, lovers, and wives--tells for the first time the remarkable story of Coffin's life. "The tale of a profoundly influential yet tragically flawed public figure. This honest and compelling account, based on in-depth interviews with all the principals, captures the excitement and drama of Coffin's public and private life. Highly recommended."--Library Journal

LC 2003019754, ISBN 0-300-10221-6




Sarna, Jonathan D.

American Judaism: A History

512 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 44 illus., $35.00 cloth, CIP included

April 2004

Yale University Press

"Marking the 350th anniversary of Jewish settlement in New Amsterdam (now New York), this outstanding survey emphasizes the religious history of Jews in America [and] provides a sweeping overview of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of American Jews from 1654 to the present. Sarna writes in sprightly prose [and is] one of the great deans of American Judaism."--Publishers Weekly. Winner of the 2004 Everett Family Foundation Jewish Book of the Year Award given by the Jewish Book Council

LC 2003014464, ISBN 0-300-10197-X




Green, Arthur

A Guide to the Zohar

192 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", $35.00 cloth, $14.95 paper, CIP included

January 2004

Stanford University Press

The Zohar is the great medieval compendium of Jewish esoteric and mystical teaching, and the basis of the kabbalistic faith. It is, however, a notoriously difficult text, full of hidden codes, concealed meanings, obscure symbols, and ecstatic expression. This illuminating study, based upon the last several decades of modern Zohar scholarship, unravels the historical and intellectual origins of this rich text and provides an excellent introduction to its themes, complex symbolism, narrative structure, and language. A Guide to the Zohar is thus an invaluable companion to the Zohar itself, as well as a useful resource for scholars and students interested in mystical literature.

LC 2003021735, ISBN 0-804-74907-8 (c.), ISBN 0-804-74908-6 (p.)




Marcus, Ivan G.

The Jewish Life Cycle: Rites of Passage from Biblical to Modern Times

376 pp., 6" x 9", illus., bibliog., index, $45.00 cloth, $24.95 paper, CIP included

November 2004

University of Washington Press

"A work of true distinction: authoritative in its research, masterful in the elegance of its simplicity and unified by a richly illustrated thesis of laudable sophistication."--Ismar Schorsch, Chancellor, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. "If you have ever sought to take a fascinating journey into Jewish history and folklore-then Ivan Marcus's feat of scholarship and literary pleasure is the next book you should read."--Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D., author of How We Die and Lost in America: A Journey with My Father

LC 2004053599, ISBN 0-295-98440-6 (c.), ISBN 0-295-98441-4 (p.)




Etkes, Immanuel

The Besht: Magician, Mystic, and Leader

400 pp., 6" x 9", $39.95 cloth, CIP included

December 2004

University Press of New England

Now available in English, this provocative biography of the Ba'al Shem Tov (known in acronym form as the BeSHT)-the purported founder of the Hasidic movement-has fascinated scholars, Jewish philosophers, and laypeople interested in Jewish mysticism in general and the contemporary Hasidic movement. Etkes enters a rich and heated debate over the origins of the Hasidic movement, as well as the historicity of its mythic founder. Etkes illuminates the personality of the Besht, his mysticism, and his circle of followers, but also challenges the popular myth of the Besht as a childlike mystic.

LC 2004019243, ISBN 1-58465-422-8

AASL: not reviewed



Fluehr-Lobban, Carolyn

Islamic Societies in Practice Second Edition

272 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 28 b&w photos, 3 maps, glossary, bibliog., suggested readings, $29.95 paper, CIP included

June 2004

University Press of Florida

Originally written in the wake of the Gulf War, this book introduced the West to how Islam is lived and practiced in daily life. Revised and expanded in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the book now includes new material on Islam in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States, as well as the Middle East. "An accessible primer on Islamic society, providing a good historical overview with a focus on how Islam is practiced."--Publishers Weekly. "A wonderful contribution to the field."--International Journal of Middle East Studies

LC 2004042563, ISBN 0-8130-2721-7




Robinson, Neal

Discovering the Qur'an: A Contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text Second Edition

360 pp., 6" x 9", photos, illus., index, $26.95 paper, CIP included

February 2004

Georgetown University Press

Used by students around the world as a reliable guide to reading a translation of the Qur'an, Discovering the Qur'an shows how the Qur'an is experienced by Muslims, describing the rhythmic and rhyme scheme structures, the context in which it is heard, the part played by learning by heart, and the importance of calligraphy. It is also about the Qur'an and its relationship to Muhammed, as well as helping to divine the ordering of the surahs or chapters. Includes a new preface by the author.

LC 2003019870, ISBN 1-58901-024-8



Ward, Martha

Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau

224 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 3 halftones, 2 maps, 1 genealogy chart, bibliog., index, $26.00 cloth, CIP included

March 2004

University Press of Mississippi

"Ward, an indomitable researcher and inspired interpreter, not only tells the entire astonishing and moving story of the two Marie Laveaus, but also offers a fresh perspective on Creole culture.... Ward brilliantly deciphers evidence of the shrewd strategies the Laveaus employed in order to conduct the Voodoo gatherings so essential to practitioners and so feared and demonized by the white establishment, and, most critically, to help free slaves. Citing numerous sources new to history books, Ward brings tumultuous nineteenth-century New Orleans vividly to life."--Booklist (starred review)

LC 2003018292, ISBN 1-57806-629-8




Pike, Sarah

New Age and Neopagan Religions in America

256 pp., 6 1/4" x 9 1/4", 25 illus., $40.00 cloth, CIP included

July 2004

Columbia University Press

This book introduces the beliefs and practices behind the public faces of these controversial movements, which have been growing steadily in late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century America. It offers a general introduction to the varieties of New Age and Neopagan religions in the United States today as well as an account of their origins and development. The book also provides a rich description and analysis of the spiritual worlds and social networks created by participants in these two movements. "A sympathetic yet critical treatment of religious practices often marginalized yet soaring in popularity-from their nineteenth-century roots to their full flowering in the 1960s counterculture to today".--Professor Stephen J. Stein

LC 2003061844, ISBN 0-231-12402-3



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