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100-199 Philosophy, Psychology, and Ethics


Lynch, Michael P.

True to Life: Why Truth Matters

224 pp., 6" x 9", index, $27.95 cloth, CIP included

October 2004

The MIT Press

Lynch explains that the growing cynicism over truth stems in large part from our confusion over what truth is. True to Life defends four simple claims: that truth is objective; that it is good to believe what is true; that truth is a goal worthy of inquiry; and that truth can be worth caring about for its own sake-not just because it gets us other things we want. He explains why we should care about truth, arguing that truth and its pursuit are part of living a happy life, important in our persona relationships and for our political values.

LC 2003070640, ISBN 0-262-12267-7



Vining, Joseph

The Song Sparrow and the Child: Claims of Science and Humanity

216 pp., 6" x 9", 1 halftone, notes, index, $25.00 cloth, CIP included

March 2004

University of Notre Dame Press

"A powerful indictment of the impulses toward intellectual imperialism that have arisen in the wake of the fragmentation of the human and natural sciences. Vining has given us an important book, illuminating as only he can the hidden connections among seemingly unrelated phenomena."--Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard University. "This is an amazingly learned, unpretentiously cultured meditation on a moral, spiritual, and cultural problem. It emerges as a deeply felt and beautifully written provocation to think and respond to what Vining calls 'total theory.'"--George Levine, Rutgers University

LC 2003020902, ISBN 0-268-04362-0



Holder, Jennifer Sutton and Jann Aldredge-Clanton

Parting: A Handbook for Spiritual Care Near the End of Life

80 pp., 5" x 7 1/2", $8.95 paper, CIP included

March 2004

The University of North Carolina Press

This handbook shows families and friends of the terminally ill how to provide meaningful companionship and how to help make their loved ones' transition from this life as peaceful as possible.

LC 2003021553, ISBN 0-8078-5529-4



Zaner, Richard

Conversations on the Edge: Narratives of Ethics and Illness

168 pp., 5" x 8", $21.95 cloth, CIP included

March 2004

Georgetown University Press

At the edge of mortality there is a place where the seriously ill or dying wait--a place where they may often feel vulnerable or alone. For over forty years, bioethicist cum philosopher Richard Zaner has been at the side of many of those people offering his incalculable gift of listening, and helping to lighten their burdens--not only with his considerable skills, but with his humanity as well. The narratives Richard Zaner shares in Conversations on the Edge are informed by his depth of knowledge in medicine and bioethics, but are never "clinical."

LC 2003019459, ISBN 1-58901-348-5

AASL: not reviewed



Somerville, Margaret

The Ethical Canary: Science, Society, and the Human Spirit

366 pp., 6" x 9", index, $22.95 paper, CIP included

April 2004

McGill-Queen's University Press

Margaret Somerville, a leading international authority on medicine, ethics, and the law, demonstrates that society must set ethically acceptable limits on scientific advances. In this controversial and timely book Somerville sheds light on the urgent ethical and legal questions that vie for our attention. Along the way, she calls upon us to recognize the mysteries that lie at the heart of our lives and the metaphysical reality that gives meaning to life.

C2004-900717.3, ISBN 0-7735-2784-2




Atterton, Peter, Matthew Calarco, and Maurice Friedman

Levinas and Buber: Dialogue and Difference

423 pp., 6" x 9", bibliog., index, $60.00 cloth, $24.95 paper, CIP included

November 2004

Duquesne University Press

The diverse viewpoints and interpretations of the 15 essays presented in this volume offer an exceptionally lively and spirited debate over how we might read Levinas and Buber in light of each other, skillfully ranging over philosophical topics and examinations of Judaic issues.

LC 2003023594, ISBN 0-8207-0349-4 (c.), ISBN 0-8207-0351-6 (p.)



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