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Outstanding Titles

The following titles received ratings of "Outstanding" (O) by members of the 2004 University Press Books Committee. "Outstanding" titles are defined as having exceptional editorial content and subject matter. They are essential editions to most library collections.


Daniell, David

The Bible in English

Yale University Press

"This work is an extensively researched account of the earliest translators of the Bible into English. It is well researched and belongs in theology collections."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Holifield, E. Brooks

Theology in America: Christian Thought from the Age of the Puritans to the Civil War

Yale University Press

"Brooks has written a comprehensive and thoroughly researched book on Christian thought. This book will make an excellent reference source. The extensive index and notes section will also help researchers."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Doss, Joe Morris

Let the Bastards Go: From Cuba to Freedom on God's Mercy

Louisiana State University Press

"Let the Bastards Go is a captivating and intriguing account of the Mariel boat lift. The lives of two priests along with émigrés give insight into the suffering and cruelty in Cuba. The book reads like a novel."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Marsden, George M.

Jonathan Edwards: A Life

Yale University Press

"Marsden writes a beautifully in depth biography of Jonathan Edwards, an important figure in Christianity. The reader will also experience the world of colonial New England."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Lännström, Anna (Ed.)

Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat

University of Notre Dame Press

"This volume of essays addresses topics such as religious threats and fundamentalism in a clear, concise, and thought provoking manner. Tough questions are asked making the reader question his own beliefs. With religious turmoil in the world this is a timely written book."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Woff, Richard

A Pocket Dictionary of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses

Getty Publications

"Small book with great color photos of art from the British Museum depicting the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. Each one page entry gives a clear, succinct description of the actions and attributes of the god or goddess pictured."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Rubin, Steven J. (Ed.)

Celebrating the Jewish Holidays: Stories, Poems, Essays

Brandeis University Press/University Press of New England

"A collection of Jewish poetry, memoirs, and fiction to celebrate Jewish holidays comprise this volume. The writings are from great Jewish authors and give perspective to six holidays. This collection can be used for religious and school functions in helping to understand the holidays."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Hochschild, Arlie R.

The Commercialization of Intimate Life: Notes from Home and Work

University of California Press

"Seventeen brilliant and accessible essays explore the ever-present issues of family, intimacy, gender and careers in a society characterized by consumerism and globalization." --Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Tichi, Cecelia

Exposés and Excess: Muckraking in America, 1900-2000

University of Pennsylvania Press

"The author combines felicitous writing and perceptive observation to create a wise and wide-ranging study of muckraking journalists at both ends of the Twentieth Century from two eras characterized by excess and instability." --Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Farmer, Paul

Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor

University of California Press

"The author Tracy Kidder, commenting about this book, says it all: "Pathologies of Power is an eloquent plea for a working definition of human rights that would not neglect the most basic rights of all: food, shelter, and health." The author is a physician who knows firsthand whereof he speaks and he speaks with authority and vision."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL)


Levine, Stephanie Wellen

Mystics, Mavericks and Merrymakers: An Intimate Journey Among Hasidic Girls

New York University Press

"A delightful and most readable account of teenage girls growing up within the traditions of Hasidic life; a welcome addition to the growing body of work about young women. How refreshing that the author chose to focus on the Lubavitch community for her subjects!"--Susan T. Berlin (AASL)


Sigerman, Harriet (Ed.)

The Columbia Documentary History of American Women Since 1941

Columbia University Press

"This book consists of a "far-ranging collection of public and private sources" (many not previously anthologized) that chronicle "a revolutionary period" for American women."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL) "This superbly edited collection includes primary sources in women's studies from job want ads to speeches. Public libraries should consider adding this fine resource." --Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Schwarz-Bart, Simone and André Schwarz-Bart

In Praise of Black Women, Volume 3: Modern African Women

The University of Wisconsin Press

"One volume in a series of four, Volume Three focuses on African woman from the 19th century to the present. Gorgeous photographs complement the eloquent text."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL) "A perceptive blending of words and images, this oversized volume offers a magnificent and moving appreciation of modern African women from Buchi Emecheta to Winnie Mandela." --Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Djao, Wei

Being Chinese: Voices from the Diaspora

The University of Arizona Press

"Huayi or "Chinese overseas" have settled all over the world from Canada and the United States to Zimbabwe and Peru. In the poignant, witty, and very personal volume, twenty-two ordinary Chinese living and working outside China tell the fascinating stories of their lives and what it means to live in non-Chinese societies." --Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Simon, Paul

Our Culture of Pandering

Southern Illinois University Press

"Building our future based on ethical conduct rather than political compromise is the challenge faced by all citizens. Will complacency reign or will the majority see to it that their leaders rise to the occasion? An important premise that, if heeded, may foreshadow the difference between a strong and just future or chaos."--Susan T. Berlin (AASL)


Bermanzohn, Sally

Through Survivors' Eyes: From the Sixties to the Greensboro Massacre

Vanderbilt University Press

"In 1979, black and white demonstrators marched legally against the Ku Klux Klan in Greensboro, North Carolina. In a horrifying turn of events, Klansmen and others opened fire on the marchers, killing five and wounding ten. The author, a survivor of the massacre, tells the moving and inspiring story of a significant event in the history of the Civil Rights Movement." --Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Thompson, Cooper, Emmett Schaefer, and Harry Brod (Eds.)

White Men Challenging Racism: 35 Personal Stories

Duke University Press

"A stunning "collection of first person narratives that chronicles the compelling experiences of 35 white men whose efforts to combat racism and fight for social justice are central to their lives. Inspirational!"--Susan T. Berlin (AASL) "From elder statesmen Herbert Aptheker and Stetson Kennedy to a retired police officer in Emerald Island, NC, thirty-five white men--organizers, activists, teachers, and lawyers--tell the inspiring and practical stories of their struggles for social justice."--Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Bezanson, Randall P.

How Free Can the Press Be?

University of Illinois Press

"Although the legal examples in this assessment of the limits of freedom of the press in the United States can not be called "easy" reading, they are engaging, approachable, well-researched and particularly relevant at this time. Especially pertinent are investigations into the role of various court opinions in what has become the evolution of the Constitutional bases for press freedoms in this country. Questions about such issues as publishing monopolies, privacy, fairness, national security and truth are all examined in a thorough, thoughtful style."--Donna T. Brumby (PLA)


Banish, Roslyn

Focus On Living: Portraits of Americans with HIV and AIDS

The University of Massachusetts Press

"Full page photographs with candid, personal accounts of 40 individuals and their experiences, both physical and emotional, living with the HIV virus. A stunning book that reveals the destructive path of an epidemic and the transformation of lives through hope, courage and will to survive. Intimate stories with real faces that shine through the barriers of misunderstanding and anonymity."--Antoinette Negro (AASL)


Puleo, Stephen

Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

Beacon Press

"Books about great disasters, both natural and man-made, and the people who faced them, remain popular with public library readers. Dark Tide outlines the history of one of America's more unusual disasters, the 1919 molasses flood in Boston. Photographs of the destruction caused by the collapse of a giant molasses storage tank add interest to the description of the catastrophe and the subsequent legal battles. Also examined are farther-reaching influences into fields such as public safety standards, the political power of ethnic immigrant groups and the regulation of industry."--Donna T. Brumby (PLA)


Burns, Eric

The Spirits of America: A Social History of Alcohol

Temple University Press

"Elegantly written and packed with sobering facts, Eric Burns's book examines the impact that America's thirst for strong drink has had on the history of the republic."--Jamie S. Hansen (PLA)


Bailey, Carole Sue and Kathy Dolby

The Canadian Dictionary of ASL

The University of Alberta Press

"This dictionary is well defined and illustrated. The words contain definitions along with example sentences and detailed sign descriptions. It also includes alternate signs and same sign references."--Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf (PLA)


Barton, Miles, Nigel Bean, Stephen Dunleavy, Ian Gray, and Adam White

Prehistoric North America: A Journey through the Ice Age and Beyond

Yale University Press

"Computer graphics and video create a picture of the past that leaves our natural history museums in the last millennium. Prehistoric North America is outstanding on it's own, but the Discovery Channel and the BBC released a six part televised series that makes the content of this 13,000 year-old history even more accessible than the book. The text is well organized and indexed with references to modern life in the Americas that help the reader understand the birds and beasts who's bones we study and reassemble today in order to create a history of a past that is unrecorded. This publication belongs in all school libraries."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Riley, John J., and David P. Banks

Orchids of Australia

Princeton University Press

"Each orchid in this pristine, strikingly detailed book of native orchids has a full page spread with text, including range, distinctive features, etymology, habitat, flowering time, and conservation status on one side; and superb full color illustrations opposite. Genera are arranged alphabetically and species within each genus ordered chronologically by date of scientific descriptions. A beautiful addition to any high school or arboretum library."--Kathleen Riley (AASL) "Simply beautiful! The colored botanical drawings are exquisite and the accompanying text is clear and concise. This is the first volume of a proposed series. A downside for public libraries though, this book could attract art print thieves."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Smith, Nathan P., Scott A. Mori, Andrew Henderson, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, and Scott V. Heald, (Eds.)

Flowering Plants of the Neotropics

Princeton University Press

"This is an authoritative reference to plant families in tropical America intended for both amateur and professional biologists. One hundred and fifty specialists describe the plant families of the neotropics. This Princeton University Press book has over 300 color illustrations and 250 botanical line drawings that accompany the clear and concise text. Time will tell if this is a definitive source."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Pianka, Eric R. and Laurie J. Vitt

Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity

University of California Press

"Well researched with many hours of field observation by the authors, interesting text and numerous color photographs make this an important book on lizards."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Wheeler, Brian K.

Raptors of Eastern North America: The Wheeler Guides

Princeton University Press

"For the amateur and expert birdwatcher alike, this guide is exquisite. It has numerous color, high-quality photographs; range maps; and other details, including plumage specifics, of each North American raptor species found east of the Mississippi. Essential for public libraries."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Wheeler, Brian K.

Raptors of Western North America: The Wheeler Guides

Princeton University Press

"Highly detailed with superb color photographs and range maps as well as thorough glossaries and descriptive information for the North American raptors found west of the Mississippi. Impressive guide that is essential for public libraries."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Gibbons, Diane K

Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast

University Press of New England

"Amateur and experienced trackers and naturalists will find this book extremely useful. Relevant information for field tracking is included for each mammal along with comparison descriptions and examples that clearly distinguish differences from similar animal tracks such as domestic dogs versus coyotes or wolves and domestic cats versus foxes or bobcats. Essential title for any size public library in the Northeast."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Sullivan, Barbara J.

Garden Perennials for the Coastal South

The University of North Carolina Press

"Over 1,000 plants addresses the unique challenges of gardening in the Coastal South. Between the text and photographs, this book should be on all gardener's shelves."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Boisard, Pierre

Camembert: A National Myth

University of California Press

"How could a book about cheese, a very common soft cheese, create enough interest to entice a reader to continue reading for 254 pages? Storytelling and cooking blend together in Camembert: A National Myth, for hours of interesting reading. Pierre Boisard examines 150 years of food history, with the gastronomic pride and fascination imbued in all Frenchmen, to give us a sophisticated book on one single item of fine food, Camembert cheese."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Delacampagne, Ariane and Christian Delacampagne

Here Be Dragons: A Fantastic Bestiary

Princeton University Press

"The cross-cultural and chronological presentation of the five basic structures (unicorn, human-headed animal, animal-headed human, flying quadruped, and dragon are presented through text and lavish illustrations. Both sociological and psycho-analytical aspects of man's creation of the imaginary are depicted."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Hill, Grant

Something All Our Own: The Grant Hill Collection of African American Art

Duke University Press

"Former NBA star, Grant Hill has amassed a collection of art by African Americans. The forty-six pieces include the great Romare Bearden and Elizabeth Catlett's lithographs. Other artists include Phoebe Beasley, Arthello Beck Jr., John Biggers, Malcolm Brown and John Coleman among others."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Walden, Sarah

Whistler and His Mother-An Unexpected Relationship: Secrets of an American Masterpiece

University of Nebraska Press

"The artist's life was an enigma, and his most famous painting, of his mother, in some ways may have been a self-portrait. How did this most famous of American paintings find its way to the French museum, the Louvre? This is a fascinating biography of the artist, the era, and the painting."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Fraiser, Jim and West Freeman (photography)

The French Quarter of New Orleans

University Press of Mississippi

"In 160 color photographs by West Freeman evokes the romance of the Vieux Carre through beautiful images of the Quarter's historical buildings. Jim Frazier creates a fascinating chronicle of the memorable sites and its people--Spanish, French Creole, Native American, African and American."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Scott, Robert A.

The Gothic Enterprise: A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral

University of California Press

"None of the cathedrals of Europe is classified as one of the wonders of the world, however, this book explains that these buildings are among the most astonishing achievements of Western culture. What served as the inspiration to undertake a project of this magnitude? How did the builders acquire the materials? How did they overcome the problems of climate, politics, and rudimentary technology? The author provides a wealth of details concerning life in medieval times."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Lee, Molly, and Gregory A. Reinhardt

Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure in the Early Historic Period

University of Alaska Press

"This is the first book length descriptive study of a remarkable architecture. Readable text is expanded with photographs, drawings, and maps that illustrate how a diverse culture coped with the severe climate conditions. The authors also summarize certain beliefs, rituals, and customs as they relate to architecture."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Heeney, Gwen


University of Pennsylvania Press

"The author shows, through excellent photographs, the many uses of clay. The simple brick becomes an artistic and decorative statement. The process, the history, and the labor required to create massive and beautiful works of art is explained in detail and in language that is accessible to many levels of interest."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


McDonald, Marie A. and Paul R. Weissich (photographs by Jean Cote)

Na Lei Makamae: The Treasured Lei

University of Hawai'i Press

"The authors have collected oral and written information to reveal the significance of making and wearing lei and their role in Hawaiian ritual and dance. The stunning photographs covers 88 flowers and plants used in making leis."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Lane, Peter

Contemporary Studio Porcelain, 2nd Ed.

University of Pennsylvania Press

"Porcelain is prized for its vivid whiteness. The author provides a history and celebration of the development of porcelain. Porcelain is prized for its vivid whiteness. He describes the technical achievements, working practices and aesthetic concerns of an international field of ceramicists. This classic is a must not only for any potter working in porcelain but also for collectors of fine ceramics."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


Wheat, Joe Ben

Blanket Weaving in the Southwest

The University of Arizona Press

"Exquisite blankets, sarapes, and ponchods handwoven by southwestern peoples are admired throughout the world. The evolution of southwestern textiles from the early historic period to the late nineteenth century, establishes a revised chronology for their development, and traces significant changes in materials, techniques and design."--Dr. Terri Maggio (PLA)


de Waal, Frans

My Family Album: Thirty Years of Primate Photography

University of California Press

"In this book, Waal shares not only many fine photographs of the primates with which has worked over the past thirty years, but also some of the significant insights into primate society he has gained over that time. There are not many highly illustrated books for adults that address this subject; this book will help fill what has been an information need in many public libraries."--Donna T. Brumby (PLA)


Grout, Donald J. and Hermine Weigel Williams

A Short History of Opera, Fourth Ed.

Columbia University Press

"This rather lengthy fourth edition of a library standard continues to be a serviceable, thorough one-volume history of musical drama. Reaching from the music of ancient Greek theatre through the great European traditions and on around the world to include American stage musicals, this book offers a scholarly, yet approachable examination of this important subject."--Donna T. Brumby (PLA)


Blue, Carroll Parrott

The Dawn at My Back: Memoir of a Black Texas Upbringing

University of Texas Press

"Artists and writers seem to love to search for new, even experimental, materials and styles for expressing their personal visions to others. Carroll Parrott Blue's memoir of growing up as an African American woman in Texas approaches being just such a new medium of expression. This book mixes real images from popular media, facsimiles of personal correspondence, vivid description and reprints of her own professional photographs to offer an unusual, amazing glimpse into this author/artist's life and world."--Donna T. Brumby (PLA)


Reynolds, Nancy and Malcolm McCormick

No Fixed Points: Dance in the Twentieth Century

Yale University Press

"Reynolds and McCormick offer here a devotedly researched and agreeably reported history of Western performance dance. This sizeable book focuses mainly on ballet, but also covers dance in theatre and movie musicals. Numerous black and white photographs of many original cast performers accompany the text. No Fixed Points is an appealing mix of scholarly reference and popular information. Most public library readers will enjoy browsing this tome instead of reading it through from cover to cover."--Donna T. Brumby (PLA)


Myers, Jack and Don C. Wukasch

Dictionary of Poetic Terms

University of North Texas Press

"A concise and comprehensive dictionary of poetic terms, which goes beyond the simply practical functions of providing definitions. Teachers, students, librarians and poets will enjoy the many concise and illuminating essay entries, and the cogent examples and quotations drawn from poems ranging from ancient Greek to contemporary American."--Lisa Von Drasek (AASL)


Harmon, William

Classic Writings on Poetry

Columbia University Press

"Excellent examples of the rich tapestry poetry gives to our literature. Thirty-three influential critical essays form the heart of the first major anthology of criticism devoted exclusively to poetry. A brief biography for each poet begins with Plato and concludes with Laura (Riding) Jackson."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Williams, Norman

One Unblinking Eye

Ohio University Press

"A life, perhaps lived in desperation, or that of a fish are described with word combinations that make the reader pause and reflect on the simplicity used by the poet to bring people, things, and events into sharp focus."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Alexander, Robert

Five Forks: Waterloo of a Confederacy

Michigan State University Press

"An original and introspective account of the last major fight between the Armies of the Potomac and Northern Virginia. Alexander moves beyond the usual battle descriptions found in most military histories. Through first person commentary and the skillful use of excerpts from memoirs, official reports and other primary documents he evokes the subjective nuances of a fraternal conflict that still haunts the American psyche."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


Hemphill, Paul

Lost in the Lights: Sports, Dreams, and Life

The University of Alabama Press

"A treat for Hemphill fans. Lost in the Lights is a collection of newspaper and magazine articles written by one of the best sports writers ever. For Hemphill, the struggles inherent in sports and the inherent struggles of life are one and the same. Each story is about characters and the character of those who played in the bush leagues of baseball, basketball, football and such peripheral sports as roller derby and walking the tightrope. His articles flow from the heart and connect the reader with times that seem long ago."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


Chapman, C. Stuart

Shelby Foote: A Writer's Life

University Press of Mississippi

"A biography that matches the intellectual integrity of its subject. Chapman provides a riveting portrayal of the South's greatest living author. In the process he also reveals the richness of the southern literary landscape in the late 20th Century. Foote achieved fame with his monumental trilogy The Civil War: A Narrative, and his commentary on Ken Burn's memorable documentary of that conflict. Yet Chapman emphasizes that Foote is first and foremost a novelist whose relentless struggles to perfect his craft served as the basis for his lofty stature as one of the greatest nonfiction writers of American Literature."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


Crowl, Samuel

Shakespeare at the Cineplex: The Kenneth Branagh Era

Ohio University Press

"These critical essays comprise a Shakespeare-on-film for 1989-2001 - "The Age of Branagh." Branagh's Shakespeare productions are here, with equally strong offerings on Hamlet (Zefirelli and Almereyda versions), Nunn's Twelfth Night, Parker's Othello, Loncraine's Richard III, Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, Edzard's As You Like It and The Children's Midsummer's Night's Dream, and Taymor's Titus. Professor Crowl's introduction praises Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier for paving the way to "the mature successful Shakespeare film." Recommended for most school libraries. Index, bibliography, footnotes."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Shakespeare, William (Introduction by Burton Raffel)


Yale University Press

"Yale University Press offers this is impressive addition to modern stand-alone editions of Shakespeare's plays. Professor Raffel's introduction will command study. Explanatory footnotes will aid students and general readers. Early reviewers have called it "invaluable" and "a teacher's and student's dream." An edition of Romeo and Juliet is scheduled for release this fall."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Perrin, Noel

A Child's Delight

University Press of New England

"Noel Perrin's essays will interest booktalk-seeking librarians, parents and an occasional precocious child. The thirty-three sometimes overlooked children's books, wonderful but little-known, include The Story of Doctor Doolittle, The Borrowers, The Rescuers, The Railway Children, Watership Down, The Planet of Junior Brown, and Z for Zachariah. An essay on The Pushcart War, a classic whose theme emphasizes the small and powerless against the big and strong, is especially noteworthy."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Regis, Pamela

A Natural History of the Romance Novel

University of Pennsylvania Press

"High school readers may delight in an academic study that uses feminist and literary analysis to shows parallels between Harlequin novels and E.M. Forster's Room With a View. Also discussed are the first best seller, the romance novel Pamela, (1740) and the best romance novel ever Pride and Prejudice, (1813). Jane Eyre's heroine pursued "goals of affective individualism", as do Nora Roberts' heroines. Professor Regis asserts that popular romance novels, no matter their quality, are not reviewed in the New York Times because they are stories of freedom and joy "written by women and read by women...to attack (them) is to discount, and perhaps even to deny, the most personal hopes of millions of women around the world."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Bell, Andrea L. and Yolanda Molina-Gavilan

Cosmos Latinos: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Latin America and Spain

Wesleyan University Press

"Short science fiction stories translated from Spanish and Portuguese and selected to represent the chronological development of science fiction in the Latin world. Excellent source for world literature pieces for high school English classes of all ability levels."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Simpson, William Kelly (Ed.)

The Literature of Ancient Egypt: An Anthology of Stories, Instructions, and Poetry

Yale University Press

"This updated reissue, may have an outdated typeface but the anthology has 25 new entries in Part 5 on the scribal tradition. This is a straightforward uncomplicated translation of middle and late Egyptian literature."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Mostow, Joshua

The Columbia Companion to Modern East Asian Literature

Columbia University Press

"The best writers from the literary heritage of our immigrant Chinese, Japanese, and Korean school children is collected in this impressive volume, akin to a college literature text, with an emphasis on the dynamic interrelationships between the cultures as they progress through modernization. This is an extraordinary book on the burgeoning field of Asian literature."--Kathleen Riley (AASL)


Verdon, Jean (translated by George Holoch)

Travel in the Middle Ages

University of Notre Dame Press

"An original work of scholarship by a renowned French scholar and ably translated by George Holoch. Verdon's skillful weaving of primary and secondary sources provides a fascinating picture of the Middle Ages. He provides overwhelming evidence that the people of the Middle Ages did not spend all their lives in communities insulated from the rest of the world. Verdon proves that everyone from clerics to the lowly peasant journeyed outside their domains for a variety of reasons. Verdon offers a fresh perspective on the Middle Ages and has made an important contribution to Medieval Studies."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


MacGregor, Greg

Lewis and Clark Revisited: A Photographer's Trail

University of Washington Press (with The Center for Documentary Studies)

"After 200 years, photographer Greg MacGregor's camera traces the path of the Corps of Discovery with present day images of the Lewis and Clark route taken in 1804-1806. Full page black and white photos with segments from the original journals and notes fir historical context, creates an arresting experience for today's explorer to realize the challenges of the journey and the legacy of its unique mission. This is a stunning book for its visual record and the transformation made to the landscape by decades of settlement and industrial development."--Antoinette Negro (AASL) "A photographic journey that follows the path of the Corps of Discovery. Of course "civilization" has changed the landscape Lewis and Clark passed over 200 years ago and MacGregor's black and white photographs document the changes. Yet his inclusion of the explorers' journal entries and his commentary provide a link with the past that evokes s sense of historical continuity shared by all Americans."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


Moulton, Gary E. (Ed.)

The Lewis and Clark Journals: An American Discovery

University of Nebraska Press

"Here is an outstanding abridgement of the two-volume definitive Nebraska Edition of the Louis and Clark journals. Editor Gary E. Molton treads lightly over the original entries in the journals. Spelling and grammar are mostly left intact and editorial commentary is kept to a minimum. Excellent maps accompany the text and the reader is transported back to the riveting events of that momentous American Odyssey."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


Nelson, W. Dale

Interpreters with Lewis and Clark: The Story of Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau

University of North Texas Press

"The Corps of Discovery had little chance of success without the help of interpreters and scouts to negotiate with native inhabitants for supplies and shelter and navigate into the unknown territory. Most notable is Sacagawea, but overlooked is the assistance of her husband Canadian husband, a fur trader and friend of Shoshone tribes, who afforded protection and continued to help in settlement of the new territory. This book is extraordinary for its "family" history and new perspective of an historical event."--Antoinette Negro (AASL) "W. Dale Nelson provides an in depth account of an often maligned member of the Corps of Discovery. Charbonneau served as an interpreter and was the husband of Sacagawega. Nelson thoroughly documents Charbonneau's contributions to the survival and success of the epic exploration of the American West."--Susan Cooley (PLA)


Wisseman, Sarah U.

The Virtual Mummy

University of Illinois Press

"Fascinating and very readable account of mummy research using newer technologies and non-destructive methods. Even fans of forensic science novelists Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs will be drawn in to the evidence of flesh eating beetles and details of CT scan and Cray Supercomputer techniques used to study the Spurlock mummy. These 50+ pages are clear and concise providing a great deal of information in a short read."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Woolf, Greg (Ed.)

Cambridge Illustrated History of the Roman World

Cambridge University Press

"Excellent support for the student of Roman history, includes a variety of information--from daily life as a Roman, to political decisions, to the far reaches of the empire. Fine color illustrations."--Karen M. Perry (AASL)


Lalor, Brian

The Encyclopedia of Ireland

Yale University Press

"This is a definitive, monumental, landmark work that belongs on the reference shelves of almost any public, academic or secondary school library that serves those of Irish lineage or those in any way interested in 'Things Irish.' This single 1,218-page volume, covers arts, people, history, government, geography, sports, religion, etc. Scholarship simply radiates from the book! With 16 consultant editors, 50 consultant contributors, and more than 5,000 signed articles by more than 900 (predominantly academic) contributors, it is unrivaled in scope and quality and should remain so for some time to come. Good quality paper stock enhances the abundant, well-reproduced, color and black and white illustrations and the numerous maps and charts. Cross-referencing within and at the end of articles is supplemented by a 4,600 line (mostly personal name) subject index that groups individuals and topics according to broad topics, as well as a general index of some 5,600 terms."--Judith McGowan (AASL) "Comprehensive for sure! History, culture, the arts and sciences, people and places that contribute to all that is Ireland and the Irish."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Wood, Frances

The Silk Road: Two Thousand Years in the Heart of Asia

University of California Press

"As long ago as Alexander the Great, merchandise passed from Central Asia to Europe over a variety of routes known collectively as The Silk Road. Historians recognize that the act of travel helped to spread the cultural and religious movements that began or flourished along the routes. This art history, by the head of the Chinese {art} section of the British Library, is generously illustrated with artworks now scattered around the world. Students can appreciate the preservation of these magnificent antiquities, but ponder why some people consider them to be examples of plunder."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Hayward, Joel

For God and Glory: Lord Nelson and His Way of War

Naval Institute Press

"Horatio Hornblower enthusiasts take note: this excellent thematic approach to popular military hero Horatio Lord Nelson's career serves as a wonderful accompaniment to the fictional series by C.S. Forester and A&E's recent film versions of the stories. An innovative and well researched addition to military studies and, because of the clear examples from primary sources that discuss Nelson's leadership, management and command style, for instance, this book is useful for business studies too."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Vincent, Edgar

Nelson: Love and Fame

Yale University Press

"An impressive biography of English Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, the hero who led the fleet in glorious victories and was mortally wounded by a simple musket at the Battle of Trafalgar. He motivated his captains to serve more from loyalty than fear--not the norm in those days. His romance with Lady Emma Hamilton is as fascinating as his naval exploits. A passionate letter writer he once wrote her three times in one day! He referred to her as his wife, disparaged her husband, and urged her, among other things, not to sleep with the Prince of Wales. "...My love, ... my heaven given wife, ... I know you will never let that fellow or any one come near you..." Military specialists may want more technical detail but the full life recounted here will hold the interest of romantics, history buffs and students."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Larzelere, Alex R.

The Coast Guard in World War War I: An Untold Story

Naval Institute Press

"Excellent and well-researched account of the U.S. Coast Guard's contribution to our country's WWI experience. Readers who enjoyed Homer Hickam's The Keeper's Son and naval history buffs will learn much from this book."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Stillman, Larry

A Match Made in Hell: The Jewish Boy and the Polish Outlaw Who Defied the Nazis

The University of Wisconsin Press

"Morris Goldner's memoir is an exhilarating, memorable, gut-wrenching, coming-of-age tale. Fifteen years old when German soldiers forced his family from their one-room-home in rural Poland, he walked away unnoticed from a town square while Jews were being murdered on the spot. Over time, he escaped death from betrayals, bayonets, bullets, and grenades. A locally notorious outlaw saved his life and trained him for theft, face-to-face killing, sabotage, resistance, revenge, and survival. The gentle young son of a loving family became "tough as nails." Before immigrating to America he accepted one last mission--to find Jews in Hungary and Slovakia who were still in hiding and bring them to safety. Asked if there was anything that really frightened him he replied "Yes--the thought that I might never understand why God let almost all the Jews here perish...And why I wasn't one of them."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Poncio, John Henry and Marlin Young

Girocho: A GI's Story of Bataan and Beyond

Louisiana State University Press

"The niece of Bataan death March survivor, USAF Tech Sergeant John Poncio prepared this detailed, well documented, readable memoir. Unlike many GI's, Poncio found decency and humanity in some Japanese. A 'boss' was "fair and decent in his handling of the prisoners"; a family, "compassionate." A facsimile of a Western Union telegram informing his family that he was "being returned to the United States within the near future," is a welcome, almost jarring primary source, in that it is a change from the norm. Well prepared first-hand accounts of 'The Greatest Generation' merit library shelf space."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Wodnik, Bob

Captured Honor: POW Survival in the Philippines and Japan

Washington State University Press

"Alternating between the war and the home front, gifted writer Bob Wodnik brings life to the stories of some who were young in World War II. Here he quotes an Army medic who survived the hell-ship Haro Maru in 1944. "The body flummoxed against the destroyer's steel hull again and again, until it was sucked into the viscously turning screws." On the homefront he features Ed Fox, bibliophile and hotel night clerk, who left a carbon of almost every letter he wrote, 10,000 hard cover books, and hundreds of thousands of clipped articles. "...He had the heart of a librarian ... {books} for comfort, for knowledge, for their one-way tickets beyond the town he couldn't leave." Later Wodnik meditates on the survivors as they are today. "All that is left are stories--rattling bones from the lips of old men."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Geoghegan, Patrick M.

Robert Emmet: A Life

McGill-Queen's University Press

"Although he led one of many "failed" Irish rebellions against British rule, Robert Emmet, poet and revolutionary, is called the 'Irish Washington.' His 'speech from the dock', is considered one of the best courtroom orations ever; his short life and long image bring to mind the Irish ability to overpower enemies --at least in their rhetoric. Soon after his execution playwrights and romantic poets, including Coleridge and Shelley eulogized the fallen hero; a century later, Yeats named him an Irish 'saint of nationality'; on this second centenary this scholarly but readable work is welcome. Prof. Geoghan even includes the role in Emmet's rebellion of American inventor Robert Fulton!"--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Pryor, Felix

Elizabeth I: Her Life in Letters

University of California Press

"Where there are no calls for Queen Elizabeth I or Shakespeare, this book is not a necessary choice--for the rest of us it should be a first purchase! Most of the manuscripts included herein display Elizabeth's signature--she often 'insisted on signing things herself', but one particular document may become dog-eared--it only illustrates the royal seal, {not an actual signature} but is the record of Shakespeare's purchase of his house in Stratford-on-Avon. Full color facsimiles of sixty Elizabethan manuscripts, or manuscript fragments, are placed in historical context. Some selections are also set in ordinary type to aid those of us who are challenged by 16th Century handwriting. Endnotes give the pedigree of manuscripts and references for further reading. This is a feast of primary sources."--Judith McGowan (AASL) "To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Elizabeth I's death this beautifully rendered book, illustrated in color, combines 60 original letters from or to Elizabeth I with commentary and context along with painted portraits of each letter writer."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Grossman, Victor (Edited by Mark Solomon)

Crossing the River: A Memoir of the American Left, the Cold War, and Life in East Germany

The University of Massachusetts Press

"Very readable memoir of a one man's personal choices and resulting life in the Cold War era. Fills a gap in the record of an important era."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Brown, Judith M.

Nehru: A Political Life

Yale University Press

"Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India after independence, is the subject of hundreds of biographies. Judith Brown's very detailed political history merits the attention of serious students because the author had access to an archive controlled by the Gandhi family and made excellent use of it. Many well reproduced photos illustrate Nehru's role as a major world leader showing him at various times with Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Mao Tse Tung, Dwight Eisenhower, Chou-En-Lai, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The text is documented with endnotes, and primary and secondary sources."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Van Praagh, David

The Greater Game: India's Race with Destiny and China

McGill-Queen's University Press

"American companies are sending many jobs to Asia. We need to understand the history, current events and the race between India and China to become major Asian powers. Read this insightful book."--Therese M. Feicht (PLA)


Taylor, Jean Gelman

Indonesia: Peoples and Histories

Yale University Press

"Most Americans have limited knowledge of Indonesia even though it is the world's fourth largest country, an archipelago made up of 17,506 islands, and the world's largest Muslim nation. Professor Taylor's mature but accessible overview rewards sustained reading, but the hurried student will be helped by more than ninety short essays --'capsules' of selected topics, e.g. rice, jihad, smallpox and slavery, riding the train in Java, polygamy, the Dutch East India Company."--Judith McGowan (AASL)


Marable, Manning (Ed.)

Freedom on My Mind: The Columbia Documentary History of the African American Experience

Columbia University Press

"This outstanding anthology offers a variety of sources written by African Americans from all time periods in a single volume. High school students and their teachers will find a wealth of literature and source material for cross-curricular studies."--Jane E. Chesney (AASL)


Vidal, Gore

Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson

Yale University Press

"Inventing a Nation is a brief and personal summary of the meaning of the country for one writer whose storytelling skills have been entangled with the history of the United States for over 50 years. He creates crisp and intimate portraits of the three titans of the American Revolution in all their genius and idiosyncrasy creating a nation from whole cloth. In the process, his own hopes and fears; love for and disgust with his country are also clearly drawn. A powerful and unique canvass of one man's lifelong love affair with America."--Rex Miller (PLA)


Gould, Lewis L.

The Modern American Presidency

University Press of Kansas

"Making its appearance just as Americans are sizing up presidential candidates, this insightful and entertaining examination of the modern presidents has much to recommend it. Beginning with McKinley and ending with George W. Bush, Gould assesses individual strengths and weakness of the presidents, while describing the growth of the White House bureaucracy, as well as the origins of the "continuous campaign" and media manipulation characteristic of today's presidency."--Jane E. Chesney (AASL)


Olson, Keith W.

Watergate: The Presidential Scandal That Shook America

University Press of Kansas

"The biggest political scandal in U.S. history is carefully examined in a readable, well-documented description of the complicated events, issues, and personalities surrounding the Watergate Affair. From break-in and cover-up to Nixon's resignation and its aftereffects: a solid summary in 220 pages that would make an excellent addition to the high school library collection."--Jane E. Chesney (AASL)


Steinberg, Michael

Still Pitching: A Memoir

Michigan State University Press

"Steinberg's childhood memoir revolves around baseball, his love for the game and the lore of 50's era New York with its three major league teams competing for the hearts of fans in the city and the nation. Entranced by the game, Steinberg learns the lessons of the diamond only to discover that those same lessons apply in life as well. A passionate account of baseball and the coming of age of one New Yorker, Still Pitching is telling and affirming."--Rex Miller (PLA)


Arnett, Marvin V.

Pieces from Life's Crazy Quilt

University of Nebraska Press

"If you enjoy curling up with a good book, this choice will not disappoint! Characterized by warm and wonderful stories of family and friends, church and community, this personal memoir by an African American woman growing up in Detroit in the 1930s and 1940s, will keep you turning the pages. A truly outstanding title from the "American Lives Series" edited by Tobias Wolff."--Jane E. Chesney (AASL) "From her childhood during the Depression, Arnett tells the tale of her upbringing as an African American girl in pre-Civil Rights Detroit. She weaves an intimate tapestry of home life and urban life in a racially sensitized environment. Told with humor and pathos, it is the story of the humanity and dignity of one family marginalized by society's power structure."--Rex Miller (PLA)


McLaughlin, Castle

Arts of Diplomacy: Lewis and Clark's Indian Collection

University of Washington Press

"Castle McLaughlin here gives us a unique perspective on the Lewis and Clark Expedition by examining the Native American artifacts they collected on their journey. The artifacts themselves, housed at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, have been reproduced in gorgeous color photographs by Hillel S. Burger. The accompanying text provides an account of the expedition, an examination of the artifacts and their meaning both to their creators and to Lewis and Clark, and a portrait of Native American tribal life on the doorstep of America's westward expansion. All in all, a unique look at Lewis and Clark and early Indian society that is both a fascinating cultural history and an engrossing coffee table art book."--Rex Miller (PLA)

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