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000-099 General Knowledge


Hundley, Richard O., Robert H. Anderson, Tora K. Bikson, and C. Richard Neu

The Global Course of the Information Revolution: Recurring Themes and Regional Variations

218 pp., 6" x 9", 3 figures, 11 tables, summary, acknowledgments, appendix, references, $30.00 paper, CIP included

August 2003


Advances in information technology are heavily influencing ways in which business, society, and government work and function throughout the globe, bringing many changes to everyday life, in a process commonly termed the "information revolution". This book paints a picture of the state of the information revolution today and how it will likely progress in the near-to-mid term future (10 to 15 years). It focuses separately on different regions of the world--North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa.

LC 2003008812, ISBN 0-8330-3424-3



Silber, Irwin

Press Box Red: The Story of Lester Rodney, the Communist Who Helped Break the Color Line in American Sports

248 pp., 6" x 9", 11 figures, 18 b&w illus., $59.50 cloth, $19.95 paper, CIP included

July 2003

Temple University Press

Long before Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to a Brooklyn Dodger contract in 1945, Lester Rodney, the newly hired and first sports editor of the Communist Daily Worker, launched the campaign that proved decisive in eventually breaking baseball's color line. But in the hostile anti-Communist climate of those years after, Rodney's story remained largely unknown. Now this book tells the story of that remarkable 11-year campaign and of Rodney's unique career covering sports for the Daily Worker until he left the Communist Party in 1958.

LC 2003040182, ISBN 1-56639-973-4 (c.), ISBN 1-56639-974-2 (p.)




Hess, Stephen and Marvin Kalb (Editors)

The Media and the War on Terrorism

307 pp., 6" x 9", bibliog., index, $22.95 paper, CIP included

July 2003

Brookings Institution Press

These candid conversations capture the difficulties of reporting during crisis and war, particularly the tension between government and the press. The participants include distinguished journalists-American and foreign, print and broadcast-and prominent public officials, past and present.

LC 2003007527, ISBN 0-8157-3581-2



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