AAUP Webinar: XML Workflow Case Study

The University of Michigan Press

Presented April 29, 2010

Due to admin difficulties, the first portion of the presentation was not recorded. Here is a recording of the presentation starting at slide 11.

Above are the slides from the April 29, 2010, AAUP webinar presenting the story behind the University of Michigan Press’s decisions to implement an XML workflow. Karen Hill, assistant director and digital manager, reviewed the discussions had at the press as she and her colleagues considered their goals for publishing their content electronically and then considered their strategies for getting there.

The Press started actively looking at XML in 2008 by hiring an outside consultant to bring some order to the XML landscape. Now in the implementation stage for both an XML-first and an XML post-production workflow, and doing much of this on its own, Karen discussed the effect of XML implementation on the Press, from acquisition to production.

The experiences of the University of Michigan Press should be valuable to other presses that are considering their options for XML. This webinar was intended for generalists; the focus on why and how the press decided to do what it does, the challenges and discoveries made along the way, next steps, and on how implementation of XML can be done using internal resources.

About the Presenter
Since 2008, Karen Hill has been the assistant director and digital manager for the University of Michigan Press. Prior to this, she worked in commercial publishing operations. She holds a degree in biological sciences from the University of Michigan–Dearborn and an MBA from Universitas Global 21, an international business program sponsored by 17 universities across the globe and based in Singapore. Karen has worked in publishing for over 20 years, with an emphasis on managing digital and electronic processes.