AAUP Webinar: Adventures in App-land

Why, Why Not, and How to Create an App


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Presented: Thursday, April 21, 2016
Time: 2:00-3:30 PM EDT


Have you considered creating an app to go along with a book? How do you decide if you've chosen the right book? How should you measure success? How much and what kind of resources might it take? Join us to learn why three UPs decided to create apps for select books, how they did it, and learn whether or not they thought it was a success.


  • Christie Henry is Editorial Director of Sciences, Social Sciences, and Reference at University of Chicago Press. She managed the creation and release of the Gems and Jewels app, codeveloped with Touch Press, and was on the team that published the University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary app.
  • Sara Sapire is New Business and Product Development Manager at Yale University Press. She produced the Interaction of Color app for iPad to accompany the Josef Albers book of the same name. She also was involved in developing The Yale Book of Quotations App and the Encounters Character Trainer App.
  • Clara Totten is Acquisitions Editor, Languages, at Georgetown University Press. She is the team lead for developing the to-be-released app, Yallah, for learning Arabic.


  • Hope LeGro is Director of Georgetown Languages at Georgetown University Press and Assistant Director of the press. She has worked on the team to create the to-be-released app, Yallah for learning Arabic.