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Sponsored Webinar: An Update on UK Collective Licensing for AAUP Members

Strategies to make the most of this important revenue stream with UK Royalties Direct


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Presented: Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM EST


For more than 40 years, collective licensing has been an effective way for universities and other educational institutions in the UK to gain lawful access to valuable publishing content for classroom use, generating millions of dollars annually for publishers. But unless publishers engage in collective licensing, this source of revenue will be compromised due to expanded exceptions to copyright for educational use.

An Update on UK Collective Licensing is a practical webcast for university presses and scholarly publishers who want to understand the best ways to make the most from global collective licensing and protect their rights. The webinar is sponsored by the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), who offers UK Royalties Direct, a collective licensing solution for US publishers.

PLS annually distributes nearly $50 million from the use of copyrighted materials by UK universities and other institutions.

An Update on UK Collective Licensing will include:

  • A brief introduction to how collective licensing in the UK works—and, more importantly, how it differs from related practices in the US.
  • Issues and concepts that university presses should understand to get the most from collective licensing in the UK.
  • How UK Royalties Direct makes it easier for publishers to receive and manage their revenues from the copying of their titles in the UK.
  • A look at PLSe, the account management service included with UK Royalties direct that provides publishers with unparalleled data into how and where their content is used.

Following the presentation, your questions will be addressed by PLS Chief Executive Sarah Faulder in an online Q&A.