graphics webinar futureofxml 20160224

The Future of XML


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Presented: Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Time: 1:30 PM EST


XML continues to be at the center of discussion about the future of publishing and the digital life of our content. Many university presses have adopted XML workflows, but others still question the value of an XML workflow in light of financial and logistical obstacles. This webinar brought together panelists from different-sized presses who shared how they arrived at their respective workflows. Topics of discussion included:

  • What is an XML workflow, and is it really worth the investment?
  • Alternatives to an XML workflow
  • Digital workflows adopted by Princeton, Chicago, Duke, New Mexico, and West Virginia

The panelists advised on the practicality of their models for others presses, and they offered tips for assessing whether an XML workflow is appropriate based on a press's size and resources.


  • James Ayers, Senior Production Editor, University of New Mexico Press
  • Nancy Hoagland, EDP Manager for Books and Journals, Duke University Press
  • Ken Reed, Manager of Digital Production, Princeton University Press
  • Than Saffel, Art Director and Production Manager, West Virgina University Press


  • Jill Shimabukuro, Design & Production Director, The University of Chicago Press